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  1. The owners backed out of the CBA early... But they just need to come to a compromise and get the thing over... FALCON FAN TILL AST BREATH...
  2. No, I'm in JAX. WILL be at game on 2nd.
  3. Think back to last years game versus 49ers. Jenkins ran down Roddy and escorted him to the endzone... It's sad that he(Jenkins) don't play with that spped every play...
  4. I know a couple of posters have talked about good play of these two. Nice to see that the league does take care of players. My link Cornerback Brent Grimes and safety Thomas DeCoud were in the top 25 players league-wide to receive additional salary as part of the league's "Performance-Based Pay" program. Grimes received an additional $282,484, which ranked 15th in the league. DeCoud received an additional $250,401, which ranked 23rd in the league.
  5. Split with New Orleans, Pitts, Balt and Phily are the only losses I see.
  6. kerney voided his contract. but at a very nice home town discount yes...
  7. koenan hurt before half on blocked kick. bryant hurt??? i think when he punted after half time. i might have to get the beer man jersey..
  8. http://www. goal centre. com/ atlanta-falcons-vs-new-york-giants/ no sound
  9. feels like we've done this believe thing before(Braves)... i have faith, defense and smart footbal and we win...
  10. http://www.vshare.tv/live/Skysports3_NFL_Bengals_VS_Ravens_Falcons_VS_49ers
  11. http://www.vshare.tv/live/Skysports3_NFL_Bengals_VS_Ravens_Falcons_VS_49ers
  12. maybe they only had 2 spots and chose the 2 most important to them..?
  13. wing house or wild wings, they have the nfl ticket... been in jax for the last year, 3 long years in tampa, so i know what you going through...
  14. poutlipper, I may know someone that will buy your 2 tickets if you've not already sold them.
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