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  1. Petrino. That guy is the first-sign of the Apocalypse. A torrential rain of venomous feces that persists for eternity.

    The P era did bring a GOOD RW84, he was terrible before...

    Vick. More so regret buying that chump's jersey. That thing is more useless and less fashionable than a merkin. Homeboy squandered his potential- now he's studying film? Thanks, Ron.

    Right coach and you get results... Farve got Holgrem and Brady got Bill, and Vick with Morning and Reed...

  2. I have seen that everyone thinks that Ovie is making too much money. I live in Jacksonville and each year Greg Jones sticks around. As you can see he was kept around each of the last 2 years at a pretty high salary. Koetter does use the fullback more than most think. http://content.usatoday.com/sportsdata/football/nfl/salaries/player/Greg-Jones


  3. Do y'all really think that you're gonna come into the "Dome" (6-0)

    with the division up for grabs, nationally televised (by the way, we shine in primetime), Drew Brees' shattering Marino's record, day after Christmas, and pull out a WIN???? Since 2006 (Payton era), we're 11-2 against the Falcons. Should be 12-1 if Hartley didn't shank the chip shot in OT.

    Y'all ain't got a chance in ****!! Merry Christmas, see you on Monday.


  4. This trade put us ahead of the curve in the logevity of this team. We will be winning for several years so we will have late round picks and when White is slowing down due to age we already have our long time #1 WR on the roster. It was a smart move and could pay off for our team for 10+ years. His value this year has already been felt so it's not like he is a total diamond in the rough he has actually produced well this year. A consistant winning team like us rarely gets to pick in the top 10 and by doing so we threw a loop in the whole team building process.

    I wouldn't say RW is slowing down. He stated something after the Thursday game that I thought was interesting... He said that he wanted to make sure that he shows up in the Playoffs this year. He is playing different in the last few games than he dd earlier in teh season...

  5. I would say now that it seems that JJ and MR are on the same page we are seeing the explosive plays. I wanted to see the 50 yard bombs going for touch downs. But whats eve better are the slants and drags that you see JJ afterbuners take to the house.

    With, the picks that we traded away, we could have addressed line issuse and maybe pushed a few starters more this year. But in the end it would have been a crap shoot, and I love what we have to look foward to with RW and JJ and teh other groups of receivers...

  6. I'm totally unsure we have holes on this team like OL that could have been better addressed. JJ has shown amazing talent but appears to be injury prone and possess questionable hands. Only time will tell.

    The hammy's of JJ may have a little to do to the stopping in mid stride to catch under thrown balls...

  7. I did! I got my email yesterday. I am so excited. I have a 4 year old who is a HUGE Falcons & football fan. We decorated his room in Falcons everything for Christmas, so it will be a perfect addition (when I figure out where to put it without being touched by his 2 year old brother LOL).

    I won also, got my ball today. It's Sharp...

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