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    Love the Falcons!!!
  1. How has Smith not cracked the line-up in 4+ years. Let's put the nail in the coffin
  2. How has Smith not cracked the line-up in 4+ years. Let's put the nail in the coffin
  3. He got in trouble and working on himself for this year...
  4. I didn't go through all treads. The NFL are using the best of the replacements last night and the Sunday night game. They want to make sure that no big blown calls when many are watching???
  5. Superbowl Champs Atlanta Falcons over New England Patriots NFC Championship Atlanta Falcons over San Fransico 49er's AFC Championship New England over Houston Texans
  6. I remember him. Could never remember his first name. I think he played Canadian ball after us.
  7. Last year there was 2 Falcon leagues from the board. Are we doing it again this year?
  8. Right coach and you get results... Farve got Holgrem and Brady got Bill, and Vick with Morning and Reed...
  9. 1) Not drafted JA98, hopefully getting Willis instead. 2) Trade for "I Hate Yall" Guy just didn't pan out here. 3a) Traded TD in the trade up to one for YKW. I thinkk the 2 would/could have been special together. 3b) Stayed putand got LD21.
  10. I'm still down even though 50lbs are added and I'll still hold down QB or RB(Think of Bush if he had went FSU or the Bus). But it would have to be north florida league...
  11. Preseason Jags, Maybe Preseason MIA, live in Florida. Maybe the 30th of September and 30th at Tampa. Wish I could be at all the games!
  12. So I can see MY team every year(work retail)...
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