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  1. Come on... I swear if half of ya'll were as emotionally invested as you claim to be you would have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was in every single playoff game, like this crap is new for the Falcons? It just happened four years ago only it just happened a game earlier. Don't act like you don't know we're prone to heartbreak... That's what you sign up for with this team... we all knew it when we began rooting for the Falcons. One day maybe that will make things all the more sweeter if we win. Cub fan and Sox fan waited over 100 years, we're at 51.... It doesn't change anything. You think Buc fan is any happier this year because Gruden won a Superbowl? They are still on a journey with their young team... the only difference is a few memes and other peoples validation which isn't worth **** anyway. Deal with it or get another hobby!
  2. Well if KS stays on the 49 carousel long enough we'll get a chance to take out some frustrstion on him.
  3. Dat Julio catch doh....m Should have been the game icer and the best catch in Superbowl history... That's worth another watch
  4. Honestly our lives are pretty out of balance when this becomes more than just a game. I can say it because it does get that way for me. Violent outbursts, swearing at god, despair setting in and the feeling of life's not fair. I used to be worse I used to be one of those fans in chat that wouls bitch and moan and swear it's over after one string of bad drives or losses. I'm over that now and find it annoying when people do it now. Homer said it best in the Odyssey, "in all things balance is better" It's okay to be passionate and love something but a game should never define who you are. I am sad we lost and it hurts badly, but in the end it should never ruin my life or my fandom. Just try to be more balanced guys
  5. It's going to be 99 all over again.... but I'll be here cussing with all of my favorite fans here.
  6. I just mean he doesn't pay guys ****... and it's because of the backroom deal with Brady on TB12. Players health means nothing to him cause he'll just find someone to replace them. I can't wait till he's gone from this league.
  7. So sorry girl. There are only few I hate this more for. Babs first and foremost
  8. Well the O couldn't stay on the field long enough to get a rhythm and frankly if KS had gone conservative and we lost we'd be ripping him for "taking the foot off the gas." It seems to me fans just want to blame somebody and Kyles an easy target... I think the players execution and Dan Quinn's coaching is equally at fault.
  9. They were playing looks in the first half NE hadn't seen, and struggled with then it felt to me like we to same base concepts that allowed Brady to pick us apart in the second half.
  10. Bull**** Quinn switching defensive strategy cost us the ****ing game look at TOP but for Pete's sake people it's a GAME
  11. If we win today there are few Falcons fans I'll be happier for than you Tandy..... One of out greatest fans ever!!!
  12. I know what your talking about they played it in the early superbowl highlights
  13. What do you mean offsides, he warped time with his gravity. Dude WAS anticipation.
  14. Man time has flown by on these boards.... it's almost as fast as Kris Jenkins.
  15. Breadslicer I miss. Atlantafalconstalk.Com was the site Peyton went to that was done by phoics. Only Drathdon is there now.... it's pretty dead. Beef used to post a lot there but I came back here since the adds and **** went away.
  16. Not sure if Godsmith serious or just a fake account setup to make the recurring joke of someone taking an Emmitt post seriously.
  17. Yeah you loved Atlanta so much but you just couldn't watch those DVDs..... I'm glad dude had his cathartic moment but f him, forget the awful reason he went to prison, he never cared enough to hone his craft or get better at Football for us. He may be back in my family, and I may not wish him any more ill will. But I'll never forgive him.
  18. I can't wait until we get our ring and can freaking update the freaking ring meme... Pretty soon only Carolina gonna have the ring pop....
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