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  1. LOVE your handle brah....you work for Williams Street by chance??


  2. I'm rooting for the guy as much as anyone else, but getting excited for a non stater in the preseason on their potential can be disappointing. I'll pass.
  3. good thread... I'd say my biggest whiff was claiming the day before we signed him that there was no way that we were going to get Peerless Price. Also I once claimed that Atlanta got the better deal out of Vick than San Diego did with Tomlinson and Brees. I thought Trevor Gaylor and Kahlil Hill were the solution to our passing woes. Thought we would wipe the floor with Philly in the NFCCG.
  4. LOL looks like Sampson from Half-Baked.
  5. Nostalgia rocks. Started in 2001 as birdwatcher. Lost that moniker on one of the many migrations we've seen since then. When i joined the board Johnnybuc was single handedly starting the Falcons/Bucs rivalry. My favorite thread off all time is a tie between the already mentioned "Kris Jenkins is so fast...." and shannon's infamous spelling error, "Vick is so shellfish" which viraled into ten plus pages of fish puns. The irony though is that he was completely right! I will keep posting here even though I spend most of my time at AFT, because one day I dream of starting a thread where we all s
  6. Just in case anyone was actually going to entertain this ridiculous thesis, you should know that Smith said Julio ran the wrong route. I will find the link and edit this post. This team may have some weak points but to say that any one of them has anything to do with Matt Ryan is baseless and quite frankly tiresome.
  7. I am pretty sure it was just what the defense was giving them. In fact Mike Smith said as much.
  8. That wolfmother song is SO appropriate.... The joker and the theif in the night for sure. **** he was fast....
  9. I believe that Franks will contribute in a big way this year. He got by on mostly talent at Oklahoma, but still really impressed. I think with another camp under his belt and some time to mature he can become a major NFL player. And I've given Owens my fair share of ire over his "performances" over the last year, but I don't think that he's anywhere close too as bad as we've made him out to be. The hard thing is we just have to see how it plays out in the pre-season. I can't wait for the games.
  10. I get the feeling dude just wants money, I mean if he can't get a blockbuster deal I'm sure he'd be happy to box. I don't know what to think about this guy. But I'd be lying if I said I'm comfortable with no FA move to address LDE.
  11. I wonder if Oprah asks him about it... Vick to appear on Oprah
  12. I feel you man, I had an ex with borderline personality disorder.... Nothing like a girl that throws crap at you and screams at you to, "Get Out!" then when you do comes out sobbing asking you why you are leaving. or spends ever dime she has taking a $50 cab ride to your parents house where you are staying just so you will have to take her home to get rid of her. Oh yes and the fake pregnancy "scares" to keep you around... seen it all my friend.
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