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  1. That is complete BS and one of the biggest misconceptions I see thrown around this message board on a consistent basis. Do you just pull statements like that out of thin air to help your argument? Because it has no factual basis and is just another common Falcons message boarder whining about non-facts. 1st down on a series broken down by play: Steven Jackson rushed the ball TWO times on the first down of a series Matt Ryan passed the ball EIGHT times on the first down of a series Devonta Freeman rushed the ball ONE time on the first down of a series Can we please stick to the facts if we are gonna bash our coordinator. Oh, you want him to pass on the first down of a series??? HOW ABOUT IF HE DOES IT OVER 72% OF THE TIME??? Nah, might as well just spout BS if the stats don't fit whatever convoluted argument we are trying to have.
  2. I agree. I was a huge Tebow fan only because of Gator homerizem, but Manziel honestly has a way better arm and I think he will surprise his critics in the NFL.
  3. Harry Douglas has better hands in traffic? Sorry dude, but I disagree. Harry Douglas is great when the game doesnt matter. Anytime you really need a 1st on 3rd and 12, you can be sure he will drop the ball. I welcome any change at slot receiver, regardless of a fluke 1k season due to injury and no run game, when no game mattered after October.
  4. Points to the Texans taking a QB with the first pick. Lookin good for us. Fitzpatricks days as a starter are long gone. There is no way the Texans would let Schaub go, start Fitzpatrick and not go QB at pick #1. That would be a horrrrrible decision.
  5. Hey homer, how did that work out for you? Anyone that had ANY confidence in our defense not allowing a field goal has been wearing blinders this entire season.
  6. So running the ball in an obvious kneeling situation isnt giving away just as much information, if that is the case? You must think the rest of the NFL is ********...You give away NO additional information by running it in an obvious kneeling situation.. if anything, you give MORE information away about your injury situation.
  7. I am not either. You cannot find one post in my looong history where I have criticized this coaching staff. I am not your normal hater who posts ******** about the coaching staff or our personnel like a lot of people do. However, I know my situational football very well, and we have failed at clock and game management two weeks in a row. I love this team more than anyone, and just don't understand the logic behind the end-game decisions in both games. Against the Saints, when Roddy caught the ball and worked his HARDEST to stay in bounds with 2 plays left and about 50 seconds.. that was the perfect play. You run the clock down, and give Drew NO time left to win it on a field goal. Instead... we take an absolutely unnecessary time out and give Drew the win on a field goal EVEN IF we score the TD on the next two plays..... Drew Brees will easily get in field goal range with time outs and 50 seconds. From the Falcons point of view, the game was over either way after 3rd and 4th down, the timeout did nothing for us but stall the momentum. We made very similar playcalls today at the end of both halves and it just makes me very uneasy about our coaching staff for the first time since the Mike Smith era began... I love this team and hate this feeling...
  8. Please research my post history and show me ONE example when I have EVER called Mike Smith or this team "Conservative." You can make irrational generalizations about posters if you want... but it doesn't help prove your unfounded point if people actually do the research....
  9. Well you are half right... other teams score too. Sadly, you are completely wrong on your first "point," the rams are NOT a good football team. Please name 5 teams worse than the Rams.
  10. How any of you can defend that playcalling is beyond me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_at_the_Meadowlands
  11. We could have easily made another Miracle at the Meadowlands play... just horrible decision making: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wS-Sg0IXY
  12. There is absolutely no reason to run the ball in that situation. You only give yourself a chance to turn the ball over when the game is in the bag. Anyone who thinks that is a good decision in that situation really needs to have their head examined.
  13. What in the world was Mike doing at the end?? 1:40ish left on the clock... 1st down, Rams have no time outs... and you run it 3 times? Horrible decisions by the coaching staff in this game... we almost deserved a fumble for a touchdown return at the end there with Mike's stupidity.
  14. Draft time is one of the worst times to come on the boards. There is always a lot of people complaining about nearly every pick we make, like they have ANY idea what they are talking about. It is usually people with thousands of posts, yet only joined a year or two ago.... young people who don't understand the NFL at all... yet like to excessively push their misguided opinion. There are actually people on here suggesting we take Tyrann Mathieu... that is all you need to know about their "knowledge" and opinion of professional football. Players with that level of character issues almost never workout. He himself said he failed so many drug tests that he didnt even know how many he failed any more. I could care less about someone smoking weed.. but the NFL does, so it really doesnt matter what you did that was against league rules. If it is against league rules, you wont be on the field and will be out of the league, plain and simple. Anyone remember JImmy Williams? Moved up to take a player with character issues... high second round pick... yeah, that worked out great. A lot of you high post number just joined in 2011/2012 posters probably dont even know his name since you were 12 when he was drafted, so there really is no point in even arguing with you. I have been a fan of the team for a LONG time, and was a really active board member a long time ago. Those days are long gone.... I am more of a lurker now. The 1000's of posts just joined "Experts" have taken over, and it just isnt the same. I still read the board daily hoping to see actual fans like yourself, but there is really no point in posting often any more. Back to my cave, and to let the new generation of ******* flood the boards!
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