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  1. ya, i just thought both DE's met bulger at the same time in the endzone...anyway, that was the loudest i have ever heard the dome.

    I was a season ticket holder for 5 years and I was at that game. i remember being in the lower level and no one was sitting during the whole game and we were chanting "ATL ATL" the whole game. Rossum had that return for TD and I could see the seam like the parting of the Red Sea. Memories.

  2. Its not that he can't run routes, it's that he wasn't asked to run many different ones in college. We don't know what he can do and that's one of his downsides. That said route running can be taught (maclin and harvin didn't run many NFL routes in college) and if he can get that down and stay healthy he will be a probowl wideout. Similar to andre Johnson (just not as talented, but similar measurables and talents) or a bigger anquan boldin.

    Educate the poster.

  3. He's basically had 2 good yrs in his career. One 1,100 yd season and a 800 yd season. Outside of that, he's done nothing. He also only played in 3 games last yr. No thanks.

    In the 1100 yard season almost 300 yards were in one game. He had 200 yds by halftime if i remember correctly.

  4. and i dont give a **** about u giving me a minus 2. ill keep my info to myself from now on!

    Hey don't let some Falcon's posters deter you. I could see it happening when you posted it and at this point in the offseason, everything is a rumor until proven true. Keep doing what you do.

  5. I think TD and Mike Smith know what there doing i'm all for it if it helps us get somewhere in the draft.

    Yes, he was useless last year. Looked like Rossum out there. TD should have kept the 7th rounder and just picked up a street player.

  6. For those of you who thought he might be with the team this year, he has been cut. Personally, he had one good play, the INT for TD, and was constantly picked on by QB's last year. Hopefully we can draft another CB for depth and can't wait to see how much imporvement the secondary will show.

  7. Thank you posters above me. Finally some people on the forum that are making sense and understood what this move will do for our team. As far as being overpaid goes, there is no such thing as being overpaid. Your value is what a team is willing to pay for your services. I'm glad he is here and look forward to the way he plays.

  8. I made a post earlier about how I thought Robinson would be overpaid. I said that he is a good corner, but he isn't a shutdown corner. I was right. So many people claim he is some amazing corner. It simply isn't the case. Everyone jumped on me about opening my mouth before the contract came out. Everyone wanted to give me negative reviews and to be rude. I love the Falcons. Dante will help our secondary, but my post was right. He was way overpaid, and if all of you that wanted to call me out don't think he was then you are blind. That being said, he will be a good player for us. I just feel like if we were going to spend that much money we should have waited for a better product. I hope Dunta does well in a new environment. I hope he becomes great. T.D has been right for the most part, so I hope I am eating my words by the end of this season.

    There are only 2 shut down corners in the league right now. Namdi and Revis. Namdi has a bigger contract than Robinson and I am sure that when the Jets extend Revis, it will be at a higher contract too. In regards to waiting for a better product? Simply put, it is a rare exception for an upper echelon corner to become unrestricted. There is a reason that teams rarely let a good corner go. Dunta is being on paid on par to the Trufant's and Newman's of the world and I can live with that. He will most likely never see the 5th or 6th year so if we get 4 solid years of CB play then I would be satisfied. Dunta and Brian Williams will do a great job in tutoring our young cornerbacks and I expect all of the others to improve, esp Grimes and Owens.

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