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  1. I feel you. But I’m a guy that judges a unit on PPG and we’re giving up 32 ppg. We are the worst defense in football.
  2. Of course I’d take CP but I think people are being too harsh on Davis. I’d still take him over whatever we had last year, end of story. I think Davis has mostly just been unlucky with blockers.
  3. Your second to last thought is incredibly interesting. I’ve never thought about it that way but you might be right.
  4. I don’t at all think he’s content. I just think a pocket QB isn’t going to do well behind a bad o-line. We need to either get a good o-line or get a mobile QB. We currently have neither but won’t win until we have one.
  5. I hope you’re right. I’m just jaded because this could be season #3 where our season is over incredibly early. I’d feel way better if we weren’t playing Tampa this week. But it’s also a bit annoying that the saints... who were supposedly in absolute cap **** lose Brees and immediately go out and kick the snot out of Green Bay. And no 1 NBA game is a smaller sample size of a season than 1 NFL game. It would be more similar to the Hawks getting blown out their first 4 games and looking like a strong chance they’ll get blown out their next 4.
  6. I completely agree and I never compared relevancy over the last decade. Just current relevancy. Right now the hawks are relevant and the falcons are not. My point is there’s enough sports to focus your time and energy accordingly. The Falcons feel like where the Hawks were when they drafted Collins. Like they’re gonna get it together but we have 2-3 years of development in the mean time. The Braves went through the same thing
  7. I’m just so sick of seasons being over by week 4. It’s literally ridiculous. I’m just gonna watch the Hawks until the Falcons can become relevant again.
  8. I remember watching Julio early in his career at training camp and he wouldn’t be outworked or out hussled. He set the tone. Sad that he got away from that but I guess success can do that. But i really dont understand his logic. How are you the highest paid WR in the NFL and feel slighted? That sounds like there’s toxic individuals in his ears. You could maybe understand wanting to be paid even more if he was the GOAT like Jerry Rice or cashing in after bringing the Falcons their first championship... but that’s not the case.
  9. I know people cringe at that game... but as a falcons fan since 2002, that’s the closest I’ve been to a Super Bowl. I miss 2016. What makes me lose interest is these 4-12 teams. I’ll always love and support the falcons but I try to focus myself on interests that drive me towards positivity. So even when the falcons are bad I’ll try to be invested in the development of young talent (hopefully) but I don’t let it bring me down. When I was a kid, the falcons winning or losing was the difference between a good week or a bad week. And I think that’s just emotional immaturity.
  10. I completely agree. Football is there to create joy for us. It’s not our job as fans to embrace the suck. If it’s pulling down your moods or quality or living, you should pull yourself away. In fact I’d say you owe it to yourself and/or your family.
  11. Yeah I agree. It’s not bad. It’s just not hugely impressive. Did you choose prioritize graphics (4K) or performance (higher frame rate)?
  12. It’s okay. I hate the menu system though. I don’t like how it’s organized
  13. Koenan and Bosher we’re both pretty bad rookies too but developed into great punters. But yeah... here we wasted a draft pick on a punter AND let Ryan Allen go? Troffed!
  14. He signed with Tennessee just to not even show up to practice. So they decided he wasn’t good for the team and went another direction... for obvious reasons
  15. I think there is an argument to be said that Jarrett is the best player on the falcons... even prior to Julios departure
  16. So, really cool, Pro Football Reference has taken on the task of adding up sacks for all players prior to the 1982 season when sacks officially became a stat. This means for the first time ever, we have sack numbers for guys like Deacon Jones, etc. How does Claude Humphrey look statistically? Well he’s first in Falcons franchise history with 99.5. For context, John Abraham is second with 68.5 followed by John Zook(61), Chuck Smith(58.5), and Patrick Kerney (58). https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/career-defense.htm He is also 24th all time with 130. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/sacks_career.htm Incredibly cool Pro Football Reference made the effort to do this.
  17. No I don’t. He’s definitely on track but I agree it’s way too early. He’s climbing quick though. I doubt he ever cracks top 3 all time but I could see him going down as top 10.
  18. Audacy app to listen to stations like 92.9 which is what you’ll want
  19. Overstreet looked good just couldn’t stay healthy at all. And JA98 was at least a good run stopper. But yeah atrocious pass rusher which is what we drafted him to be. to me it’s Konz. He was our first pick that year and he wasn’t even a decent backup.
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