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  1. Even Terrell Owens is 20x a better person than AB. AB is a laughing stock and the league will be eager to forget his legacy
  2. A SB he played a huge part getting us to in the first place
  3. Definitely one of the greatest Falcons backs in history. He left his mark.
  4. No love for Jamal Lewis?
  5. I’m honestly for it. More seasons will feel successful. I love it.
  6. Matt Ryan is currently the greatest Falcon of all time
  7. I definitely vote to bring back the Atlanta united forum! Easily my second favorite!!
  8. Who is that?
  9. I don’t know how good Free is at blocking overall, but you are absolutely right. Fans always want to indict a player for one bad play. like condemning 5 time pro bowler Keith Brooking for a bad play in a critical 3rd and 16 situation. No one is arguing they aren’t big mistakes but their careers are not defined by those single plays.
  10. In our defense, he was awful. Petrino cut him and it’s one of the few decisions people don’t really blame him for. Prater lost us multiple games that season.
  11. So dumb. Ryan is absolutely a winner. Brady is the GOAT winner but that doesn’t discredit Ryan’s HOF career. Edit... I may have missed some sarcasm
  12. I didn’t really understand having a wildcat QB when Vick was your QB. Also Cory Hall, Demorrio Williams, Allen Rossum, Brian Kozlowski, Roberto Garza
  13. Hoop was definitely deserving but not more than Ertz or Kittle so I see why he didn’t get in. Despite playing at a pro bowl level
  14. My OCD is making me ask, who is your first?
  15. This is so dumb. Trufant was absolutely a great #1 corner for a while. That’s how he got paid so much in the first place. He was never elite but he was pretty darn good. It will always be odd to me how recency bias is such a thing