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  1. Defenses are definitely more fit to stop a running quarterback these days, but yeah, as of now, Vick definitely looks like he’s going to go down as the better quarterback. Although Cam was a beast his MVP season.
  2. It was definitely Mike Vick. As a kid, I kind of thought of football as being all tough and physical; a sport for meat heads (really just how it’s portrayed in children’s television)... Vick’s game really introduced me to the more electric/play making side of football and the swagger that came along with it and that helped me fall in love with the sport.
  3. Great stuff man! Good reads. You should post what the article is about as the thread title though
  4. Boley was definitely a beast at one point but his last season he was absolutely atrocious mostly due to a complete lack of effort. He deserved to go... we had to change the culture and rid ourselves of linebackers who avoided hustling and making contact.
  5. NFL cut tracker says we cut WR Christian Blake... pretty surprising
  6. Neasman really stepped up his game last season. I’m not sure Wilcox would have been an upgrade anyways. Still, I hate to lose him.
  7. Brian Finneran might be the nicest guy I’ve ever met related to the Falcons organization. He does weirdly weigh his opinions on the current teams... sometimes harshly. What did he say about tak? Do we know that?
  8. They’ve spread out the ratings more this year. But every falcons rookie is between 70-64 which I find odd.
  9. Easily one of me favorite falcons games ever. That whole era of Falcons football was incredibly fun
  10. Very true but who cares? Indie films are usually better than Hollywood blockbusters anyways.
  11. I CANNOT wait to see this!
  12. Jacob Tamme should be on this list
  13. At least he puts himself in a position to drop picks. Alford and Tru had the same amount of interceptions last year.
  14. Completely agree. I don’t blame the pats for our super bowl meltdown. I don’t even really blame our team too much... they came to play, they just ran out of stamina at the wrong time. It just sort of happened and was unfortunate
  15. Are we watching the same games? Don’t get me wrong. Tru, last year, was a absolute mediocre starter with an elite contract, but at least he wasn’t Robert Alford bad. And I was absolutely singing Alfords praises after his 2017 season where he was the best corner on the team. But last year he sucked. Like put him on the bench. Tru wasn’t playing bad enough to get benched.