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  1. At least he puts himself in a position to drop picks. Alford and Tru had the same amount of interceptions last year.
  2. Completely agree. I don’t blame the pats for our super bowl meltdown. I don’t even really blame our team too much... they came to play, they just ran out of stamina at the wrong time. It just sort of happened and was unfortunate
  3. Are we watching the same games? Don’t get me wrong. Tru, last year, was a absolute mediocre starter with an elite contract, but at least he wasn’t Robert Alford bad. And I was absolutely singing Alfords praises after his 2017 season where he was the best corner on the team. But last year he sucked. Like put him on the bench. Tru wasn’t playing bad enough to get benched.
  4. This to me is just foolish. Trufant is absolutely better.
  5. No denying Alford has been a great player for us. But he sucked last year. I have no idea which Alford will show up next year.
  6. Matt Ryan is the greatest Falcon of all time. But Julio might be when it’s all said and done.
  7. I’m talking recent history. Teams that have generally been bad over the last 10-20 years despite often having high draft picks.
  8. Yeah but statically there’s a much higher chance of our pick being just a decent starter (or even a bust) as opposed to a future HOFer like Mack. We’re really going to throw away pushing for a winning culture for just the slim chance that the guy we take is that HOF talent. Theres a reason the Steelers and Pats are always good and teams like the Browns and raiders almost always suck. A winning culture is far more valuable than high draft picks and it’s not even close.
  9. Maybe for you. But soccer is actually a major sport, both in this city and around the world. I love when people dismiss something as unimportant just because they as an individual don’t really care.
  10. Why? He was great last year. What has happened to him this year I don’t know
  11. So unbelievably excited right now!
  12. If we can go from 2007 falcons to 2008 falcons, we can go from this crap to a great team next year.
  13. The art of war is a fantastic book