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  1. I actually think your best to worst list is spot on except I’d have Mike Davis over Bell just because I think he has more upside at this point
  2. Ridley isn’t as good as AJ Brown? Id say he’s maybe better
  3. So true. Their games are very similar. Both amazing receivers and seemingly humble guys.
  4. He had a really good rookie year... and seemed like he didn’t care at all after that.
  5. It’s not all Brady but I think he inspires a sense of belief in the whole team including the defense. It’s what the Falcons lack. Ever since 28-3 the falcons expect to lose. They expect to give up big leads. And any Brady team expects to win. And self fulfilling prophecy ensues.
  6. I feel like I’m watching different games than you guys. I thought Debo balled out this year
  7. That’s tough... I think it’s a fair trade but since the Falcons do have a huge need at running back... I’d love to have Dobbins. A running back can carry a offense in a way a tight end never could.
  8. Lol funny. He is an amazing commentator though. Watching the Hawks won’t be the same once he’s gone.
  9. That is crazy. Not sure why he doesn’t get more love
  10. I actually really love Brady. And he is the GOAT. There’s no good argument against that fact.
  11. I never knew it went down at all. I check on it from time to time without ever really posting
  12. I’ve seen him out coaching kids at a park near my house a lot. But yeah I’m not sure if he’s interested in coaching at a NFL level
  13. Jim Mitchell was definitely a beast but I still see him as a big step down from TG or Crump.
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