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  1. Titans are my second favorite team so I like it. I really don’t want to hate Julio.
  2. He might be. Probably our 3rd best wideout. But probably not the highest ceiling. I like the signing though.
  3. Im with you. I’m all in on the Arthur Smith support train.
  4. Yeah but all season long that aggressive play calling was what made us so lethal. He was just trying to stick with what got us to the big game in the first place. And playing to win, not playing not to lose. Conservative playcalling is not how we got to the super bowl and it’s not how we planned to win it.
  5. Naw he didn’t but okay. The whole team blew that lead collectively. Still a great season and great team that I’ll always look at fondly.
  6. Lol what? That ***hat got us to a Super Bowl. I wish him well in SF
  7. I think the panthers are just weirdly in love with Darnold. And the Broncos are wrongly loyal to Drew Lock who might be the worst starter in the league and was really a 2nd/3rd talent who was drafted too high because he came out in a year where there weren’t really great QB options.
  8. If that. We can expect 100-200 yards on the season. Still excited to have him on the team.
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