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  1. This is disappointing. Loved his potential and high motor.
  2. Tak is good... but hasn’t quite lived up to his first round selection, sure. Probably deserving of like an 80 overall in Madden if I had to say. That saying... I think dudes going to ball out this year. Even if this is his last year as a Falcon, I’ll be excited to see him go out with a bang. I’m pulling for him just like all players who sport the Falcons.
  3. Not completely. If people remember correctly, as soon as either would start to get better, Pigtrino would literally bench them for the other guy. It was ridiculous.
  4. I hate that I agree with this but I kind of do. The Falcons are gonna have to earn the fan hype this year.
  5. He didn’t have “signature moments” because he wasn’t a play maker. But he was really good in coverage. There’s more to playing corner than turnovers. If signature plays were everything, even Kevin Mathis would be considered a better corner. Trufant wasn’t great but he was a legit #1 corner.
  6. I’d take Tru over Grimes although I admit it’s close. But I’d definitely take Tru. And Samuel was absolutely great his first year but played like dirt his second year. I appreciate Samuel and the positive play we got from him but Trufants contribution to the franchise is way more significant imo.
  7. He absolutely is. Who else would be? Alford? Alford was only better than Tru one season.
  8. Roddy was absolutely more valuable than TonyG. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to putting Tony in the ROH too. Tru was very solid but yeah I don’t see how he could possible be over Roddy or TonyG.
  9. I saw some Falcons working out together about a week ago. Among them was the rookie Walker, AJ Terrell, Brandon Powell, and Calvin Ridley. They were running plays and everything but I don’t think everyone there was a Falcon because the QB was some dude with longish hair. But Terrell was covering Ridley the whole time. Ridley looked like a beast. That’s my only take away. Not that Terrell looked bad (I wasn’t watching him that closely) but Ridleys route running and fluidity is just next level.
  10. Worrilow was fine as a starter. He was solid. Not great but average/serviceable. But yeah he shouldn’t be the best linebacker on your team. But y’all are being a little hard on him. And he played really well the super bowl season when the starters went down.
  11. Asante Samuel was great but for only one year if I remember right. Then he fell off a cliff his last season.
  12. He was a terrible tackler like 1 1/2 seasons of his 7 seasons as a Falcon. You’re just one of those fans that only remembers the negative. I don’t envy that attitude.
  13. The Falcons have had plenty of really good corners. Not a lot of Great/elite ones, but plenty of really good ones.
  14. So dumb. Tru was a solid tackler most of his time here. And he was really good in coverage. One of the top 10 corners in Falcons history. Don’t be such a hater.
  15. I ran into Roddy White about an hour ago 😉. Roddy is maybe my favorite falcon of all time but I’d go Ryan Nobis Deion Julio i think they got it right
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