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  1. these guys make millions of dollars. let them play football and quit with these girly penalties
  2. Every team in all sports have ups and downs through out the season. they have one or two bad games a year. it happens ita a part of life. a 4-2 record isnt bad and i still believe the falcons are a contender for the superbowl
  3. i know the bengals arent a good team but any given sunday the worst team can be the best team. the falcons cant just waltz into this week game and expect to beat the bengals and win. bengals coming off a bye week the falcons have to be discipline this upcoming sunday and play smart in the secondary.
  4. we just played a bad game. play calling was bad nobody showed up today. Mike Smith will have this team ready to play against the bengals
  5. this is football they get payed millions of dollars and the nfl treats them like girls. that was a clean jack tatum like hit.
  6. as a season ticket holder ive notice that dome is always quiet until they show the rise up clip. we should be loud from time the ball is kick til the end of the game
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