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  1. Fun while it lasted, all good things come to an end. Got a #2 and #4 in return, not bad.
  2. I can agree. Look, I like Pitts, absolute monster. I think the draft shows that the Falcons are content to lean on offense and continue with Ryan. That's fine, its not like Julio would have had a lot of years with a young QB had they went QB in round 1-3. I still would have thought with the defensive talent they would have done something like what Buffalo did with their first 2 picks.
  3. That's OK, it's the truth. People that can't face the truth don't want to get better. They are content with the status quo
  4. Not surprised. 1.) Matt Ryan throws 48 yard punts, couldn't utilize Julio fully the last 2 or 3 seasons. 2.) For whatever the reason, Julio has never been a big TD guy here. 3.) Offense is sucking up too much money with Ryan AND Julio 4.) Some are convinced Ryan will be here for 3 or 4 more years, if that is the case, this potential Julio trade is a side effect. 5.) You wanted Kyle Pitts, this potential Julio trade is a side effect 6.) Julio isn't the same explosive, blow the top off the D WR he was 3 seasons ago. Still has value get what you can. 7.) Ju
  5. I like the potential, at the end of the day, he wasn't drafted. Great if he ends up being something, but would not be surprised if in 3 years looking back at this we are wondering why was there even this small amount of "Hype" given to this guy. I think we clearly have a need at QB. Falcons are literally kicking the decision down the road. Hope it works out for us.
  6. Centers are not usually big. By big, I mean 320 big. 5 to 10 pounds of muscle max. Get up to 305 his second year or so, that should be good.
  7. I think a lot of us that wanted a QB see a need for a guy. I think about it this way. What happens if our QB goes down week 3 for the year? I'm glad he has been durable his entire career, but we literally have nothing behind him. Season would be over, but if you at least had a highly touted backup that you could see potentially taking over, he could at least get QUALITY time and development. Time that may eventually push a transition forward sooner than we had imagined. Falcons went OL twice, one we see as a guy that starts, the other for depth/competition. I just wish we felt the
  8. Wow, WR. Frank is a solid player. No reverence paid to QB or RB. Obviously it's not as big of a deal as a lot of us think.
  9. Wow, CB is full and they are adding more. Special teams skills.
  10. Solid edge player. Ogundeji
  11. Just the way it goes guy. People mad about the trade down in round 2. Head scratching about the Darren Hall pick. One thing 30+ years of draft watching has taught me is that this is not fantasy football and I'm not the GM. Lot of Pitts talk 2 or 3 days leading up to it. Be glad we snagged him and a safety and OG. Those guys should be immediate impacts.
  12. Lot of picks on the OL lately. Never a bad thing.
  13. Mond was my favorite QB outside of the round 1 guys
  14. Really good cover safety. Should be a day 1 starter.
  15. Not a bad trade. Like extra picks.
  16. I say develop meaning they are not ready today, but hopefully tomorrow. I would gladly buy a great deal today vs tomorrow or the day after when I have to have it and it may not be a quality product. It being a QB. Its over and done with, but it will get revisited down the road.
  17. I was all for a QB. Went with Pitts, cool. I just hope they find a legit guy to develop. It can be Mond, Mills or Newman. I think we have a 2 year window with Matt. One of the guys on 92.9 FM pulled out 4 or 5 years in the tank for Matt and Archer was quick to basically say I wouldn't go that far. I just look at it like this, so you have never had a flat tire. You drive long enough and you will. Hope you are prepared. Who would have thought 2 years ago we would have questions around Julio? The page has to eventually turn.
  18. I like Pitts. He is a super athletic individual. I just think people are thinking about the positives and not the negatives. What if he turns out to be Eric Ebron? I'm just saying. We have been on this Offense, Offense, Offense kick. I will not be mad at all with Pitts. I think if you don't go QB, then trade back and lets get some strong defensive talent.
  19. I don't like Mac Jones. Mac Jones is a throw back without the athleticism and upside that I think QBs need to be top prospects. I'm not sold on Lance because of his thin resume. I put Jones in the same arena. It was for one year and a piece, but without the athletic upside. I just don't like the overall package you get with Jones. Don't like him anywhere in the draft. My point is, I don't see Mac Jones as a top talent. I'm OK with Lance, but not at #4. If we are drafting a QB outside of #4, then I hope its a guy like Wilson/Lance/Fields in round 1 or Mond/Mills in round 2. I th
  20. Of course.... Since 1990 for me. I do have high school baseball playoff starting tonight. Double header and an hour away from home. My phone and earbuds will be charged and ready to go and my DVR is set.
  21. I would be perfectly fine with a 2nd and 3rd. Draft is a draft as long as it is this year or next. We would take a cap hit, but that's more of an us problem vs the other team. You are asking another team to pay for a decision the Falcons made. For me, the biggest thing is getting from under the contract and players.
  22. I understand, I just look at it this way. The NFL has established precedence as to what a top 10 QB looks like. They did it with guys like Carson Wentz, Mitch Trubisky, Josh Allen and Daniel Jones. None of those guys were Peyton Manning in college. None of them were even Matthew Stafford in college. They all were taken top 10 because somebody thought they had what it takes to be a top tier NFL starter despite their thin or so-so college resume. Based on this, I feel that Lawrence and Fields both have a resume that is better than the 4 guys listed. Allen is on a high right now. Wentz st
  23. While I appreciate the perspective, they talked to what, 5 guys? Each team had multiple scouts/a QB coach so there could be 50+ guys with different opinions and maybe a more of a consensus. We know Lawrence & Fields deserve to be top 10 picks. Jones, Wilson, Lance, somewhat questionable, but a team that likes them could make a case.
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