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  1. Its a live and learn process. If you have been a Falcons/NFL fan for 10 years or less, its hard to recognize trends. I believe that it works best with the draft when you pick from players when the class is strong. Sure, if you have a top pick and you need an OT, if there are one or two top 30 type talents, it doesn't matter. If you are like the Falcons have been for years, need a pass rusher and not in a position to get a top one, its a crap shoot and you end up chasing your tail for years. Beasley/Takk looked to be fits, but they didn't work out. We ended up chasing a top WR talent earl
  2. Really shocked that out of over 130 people, 70% seem to think QBs are like TVs. They think you can go down to your local Best Buy and pick one up at any time and it will suit your needs for the next 10 to 15 years. Have to realize in this metafore that every TV is different and Best Buy only has maybe a dozen TVs to sell every year to the masses. The specs on those dozen will vary.
  3. Don't know the point of this post. Matt will be a hall of fame guy. Never won the big one. Good, but not great. Put up numbers, had some moments, but if you watched his entire career, when it mattered, he wasn't a difference maker. 2016 was a special season, still couldn't bring it home. Not in the same category as Brady, Montana, Elway or either Manning. Lot of other contemporaries I could put on this list but haven't.
  4. Don't get me started. Fromm was a typical southern Georgia boy that the fan base fell in love with despite him being a mediocre talent. More talented kid was held back and UGA stuck with Fromm. Would have been in a better position as a program had they let the best guy have a chance to compete and take the job.
  5. Not really. I feel if he were a "diamond in the rough" we would know it. There is no talk about him being talented. No talk about trading him for a high pick. I think he is just a guy that may be able to grow into a backup.
  6. 90% for staying at #4 vs 10% trading down. 100% Fields vs 0% Wilson if both are on the board.
  7. 2-6 for his last 8 games. His last two games may not have been his worst, but he still didn't come up with a "W". He had a really bad 4 game stretch. Saints, Raiders, Saints, Chargers. 4 TDs, 6 Ints during that stretch. Let's not act like Matt is trending in a great direction. What we are looking at is a 12 to 18 QB in the league that is getting older. Doesn't bode to well for our future when a lot of the young guys are starting to out play Ryan. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/gamelog/_/id/11237/matt-ryan
  8. I don't know what world some operate in. I'm 100% sure Matt Ryan is in ATL for 2021. I also believe that it's greater than a 50% chance that we draft a QB at #4. We will find out on draft day, but some people act as if we have a 30 year old QB with his best days ahead of him.
  9. No, but inevitably it will be asked. Just after Smith was hired, they basically asked on 92.9,who is the QB that is out there that can be our Ryan Tannehill. You see a guy like Stafford cut because he just hasn't gotten it done in 12 seasons. Why keep going down the road with this guy for top QB money without the results. Maybe this is the start of a trend. Who knows.
  10. I'm ok with Fields or Wilson at 4. If somehow they are both gone, then the Falcons may have to trade out. I'm not on the Lance train right now. I would prefer Newman in the 3rd right now. If Lance does come into the picture, not at 4.
  11. Not interested at all. Lions did the right thing. Move on, never going to happen with him in Detroit.
  12. Drew Lock isn't showing that he is a franchise QB. Two years isn't a big sample size, but nothing about what he has put on film suggests he would be a "plus" to a team. Just draft a QB at 4. Lock, Rosin, Darnold. Those guys were just not good. Tannehill at least had a good career completion percentage. He had a good season or two in Miami. Nobody like that is available, that situation worked for Tennessee. Sounds like more of an exception vs a rule
  13. No, he is a young player that is part of the future long-term future for this team.
  14. I think your are making it more complicated than it needs to be. If the next QB can be a starter and play for 10+ years for this team, that's all you can ask for. If he turns out to be like Joe Flacco, winning a championship but falling behind Matt Ryan's career numbers and no MVP, no Falcons fan is going to care. The championship is all that matters. Matt doesn't have a championship. He still has a HOF career when things are very favorable for QBs. This is a pass happy era. Lots of yards, high completion percentage and less emphasis placed on a running game. Ryan doesn't have anyt
  15. Najee is a good player. He was my favorite back for 2020, but he went back to school and I will never hold that against a player. He is not a #4 overall talent. Jonathan Taylor was a tremendous rusher and went in the 2nd round. For #4 overall talents, you need to be a Marshall Faulk, LaDainian Tomlinson or Ricky Williams type of RB coming out of college.
  16. So what's the insinuation? Fields is still going top 5. Falcons should take him at #4 if he is there.
  17. Sounds normal. I mean, I've never left one job just because another was offered. It just has to be a good fit, something he is excited about. Not just the first one that is available.
  18. Trevor Lawrence looks like the perfect prospect with no weakness according to this write up. Honestly, I like Fields more. They will forever be tied together we will see how their careers ultimately work out.
  19. Nobody likes Dirk. His offense sucks. Its part of the problem too. If we had a great OC, great running game and a relly good D with the same offensive weapons... All we would need is a game manager at QB. If everything else is perfect the QB doesn't have to be more than average. How often does that happen? How long would it take to get a great D, running game, and OC so Ryan could have the perfect team to guide. In other words, so he could the weakest link.
  20. You are correct, but that is the territory we are in now. Some other guys were close in past years. Overall, I'm trying to say is young QBs, the best ones, come out hot. Seems like the ones that get the most doubt have risen to the occasion lately. We are seeing it more and more. So the level of QB play in my opinion is high. Ryan has been passed by. He isn't a top 10 QB. Not getting younger. Taking steps bac statistically....draft a young QB
  21. My point is people look at what a good QB looked like then and are still using that. Those QBR numbers combine the performance numbers and you get a rating ever year. The formula is the same, but as player output goes up, so does that rating. Throwing for 4k is not great any longer. Rookies do that. Just like QBs today, the most successful ones have athletic "feet". 60% completions percentage doesn't make you special or one of the best. What ever metric you want...Matt Ryan is falling behind as other guys are passing him. Yards themself are not enough. We all know when you trail an
  22. I think some people are not being realistic. Stop judging Matt Ryan by 2010 metrics or what you think a good QB looks like. In today's game, Matt Ryan isn't a top 5 QB. He isn't a top 10 QB. Go to ESPN and look at the QB ratings or passers ratings and tell me where he ranks for 2020. He is middle of the pack at best. That is part of the reason why we have 4 wins. A 13 year vet making his type of money HAS to be more consistent and give us an advantage. 12 4k yard passers, Ryan has the lowest QBR of them all. I know the difference is small, but the NFL is a game of inches. A clutch momen
  23. Don't really have one. I recall maybe 2 games he played in. Didn't seem like he was on the field much. He has 3 more years. I would like to see him in the mix.
  24. Let me just point out a few trends, but let me qualify where I'm going. Matt Ryan has something left. He isn't done yet. I fully expect him to be a Falcon in 2021 (at 36 years old) and maybe even 2022. He is the best QB in Falcons history, and he is likely to end up in the hall of fame. -Matt Ryan can't play forever. 36 is getting up their in age for a QB. Brees and Brady are the EXCEPTIONS, not the rule. Brady is the GREATEST QB of all time when it comes to stats and titles. So he gets more leeway than anybody. Brees at least won a title for a franchise that never won one.
  25. He doesn't have "it". He maybe can come back and compete for a spot. At best he is a #3 RB. Nothing special.
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