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  1. I don't think he would be a bad option. If you are out of Fields/Lawrence territory, then you look towards the 2nd tier guys outside of round 1.
  2. Writing is on the wall. Anyone that thinks he will be a good QB 5 years from now is just living in fantasy land. I don't give him 3. He never had elite physical tools. The best thing was his mind, which I will say is pretty elite, but the arm talent isn't there. He can't fall off that much and still be a starting NFL QB. Falcons should do everything possible to get his successor or at least a potential successor in the 2021 draft. This chapter in Falcons history is all but done.
  3. So my take away, at a minimum, the tackles are not doing their job. Jordan is a handful, but for as much capital that has been put into those spots, they are not doing their job. Short of playing against a backup type, they don't move/shout-out opposing players. Never a fan of the McGary pick, but have to live with it for now. Don't know the status of Matthews and his contract, but not worth bringing back.
  4. Wow, Saints with 17 sacks against the Falcons in the last two games. I don't think a team lining up 4 O-line men could do any worse. Julio Jones is the only guy on O with any kind of heart or will to win.
  5. But, but.... He is having a great season. Just saying, I hate that narrative because all the numbers don't mean anything when the team is still losing.
  6. Hope everyone here realizes this game is over. Got beat by a WR playing QB today. OC has to go, season can't be over quick enough.
  7. Some of that is true. I will not argue with 2 guys in the pattern. No wonder you can't find a open WR.
  8. After all, Falcons are a 3-6 team trying to beat a 7-2 team. Realistically we have no chance.
  9. Matt Ryan is the most unathletic QB in the NFL. O-line isn't helping.
  10. I just watched the Falcons send 2 guys in the pattern, no wonder he couldn't find anybody.
  11. So let's see if this is the part where we lose the game. Have to score a TD and at least keep pace.
  12. 😳 Falcons getting beat by this guy, exactly what I was afraid of.
  13. Terrell had been solid this year. Issues at time, but much better than Oliver in his young career.
  14. Falcons line is doing a horrible job of protecting Ryan.
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