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  1. It's not that hard. If you can't (or in a lot of cases decide not to) follow the rules, turn around and go home.
  2. If you throw the ball that much, it usually means you are behind. Falcons have sucked running the ball since Ryan has been here. I don't really think this stats says anything good about the state of the team.
  3. He doesn't get it. He thinks black people want "economic prosperity" above all else. Which isn't true when you think about all that is wrong here in America. I don't claim to speak for all black people, but most want to be treated as equal in society. If this is done, than everything else should fall in line. If blacks were thought and treated as equals, there would be no tangible difference in unemployment between blacks and whites. 45 has done some positive things for black America. The opportunity zones is a small positive. So is the criminal justice reform. Why should non violent offenders be serving harsh sentences, especially when any study will show it doesn't work that way for the white community. HBCUs did need financial help. However, from what I can find, HBCUs have about 15% of the total black college student population. So honestly, it's like he is doing the smallest amount of good work he could possibly do for the black community. Think of it this way, if Apple has 4.5 billion shares of public stock, yes, if I own 200 shares, I'm a partial owner. As far as ownership goes, I don't have enough influence or shares to warrant any clout. If I go to their headquarters and request a meeting with Tim and I tell them I'm his boss as I'm an owner, their likely to tell me to "kick rocks" or go to the next shareholders meeting. I'm sure that has parameters around it as well. If you want to do something for black people and you want the majority of our support. Do something with how police treat us. You can have a federal law that kicks in with heavy penalties if you wanted to when their is officer misconduct. You could ask all states to pass legislation that holds officers accountable when they beat and kill people. The bread crumbs he has thrown the black community isn't it. Not going to change anyone's mind when he talks the way he does about black Americans.
  4. I can't say it's 100% all of the problem. I have seen several individuals that are out to cause mayhem and they are just using these protest as cover. I have seen what appears to be white women spray paint a Starbucks with BLM while black folks are saying "we didn't ask you to do this." I have seen a white guy dressed in all black breaking out windows and basically saying have at it folks as he walks away. I have seen the crowd of protesters subdue and hand over two white guys after one was busting up a curb with a hammer. I have seen non-black people in California ripping boards off of store fronts so they can be broken into. There are definitely outside factions that want to use this as cover for "their agenda." I happen to think part of their agenda is to give black folks a bad name. I don't think for a second that there are not black people out their acting a fools and committing crime as well. These type of people, black, white, other are all off message. I do hope this incident has sparked a real movement. Things have to change with how law enforcement acts.
  5. I don't think you are off base. I think most rational people think this way. I like to think that I'm never out of control and a very rational/logical person. I know that putting my hands on the officer would be a crime. There is no doubt about that. I honestly think that if this continues, there will be an incident where there are enough people that have had enough and they will take matters into their own hands. I don't ever recall a moment like that in my 45 years, but I think we are headed down that road with the way this is going. So, for the safety of everyone involved, the system needs to start holding people accountable. Doesn't matter if they wear the uniform of law enforcement. If they do wrong, they need to do time and not be allowed to wear a badge again.
  6. I don't think it was a coincidence. This is what he does. He is careless with his words. Words matter. Given the position he has, its very dangerous to be as tactless as he is. This is why I did not vote for him and would never vote for him. I can't support the way he handles himself. Its well beyond what I would call "unprofessional". It amazes me how in 2008 the Republican playbook was to call Obama "inexperienced", a "celebrity" and an "elitist". Yet, in 2016, the Republicans turned right around and nominated and elected "EVERYTHING" they claimed to hate in 2008. That's HYPOCRISEY! If, by some chances one believes 45 didn't know where that phrase came from, it goes to show just how careless he truly is. So someone body "gave" him something to say that he thought sounded good? What happened to he would "hire the best people?" Complete dumpster fire this administration.
  7. Guess I will have to look this up. I thought the rule was you could not block it if they were getting a promotion. So if a D-line coach here was interviewing for a defensive coordinator role, you could not stop him. I thought lateral moves you could, but not promotions.
  8. Hurst I think is a little faster and has a chance to be just as good as Hooper. Hooper had become a reliable target for Matt. I think Hurst should be able to step in and do the same. Once Ryan and Hurst get on the same page, I don't expect the TE position to be an issue.
  9. I get the impression that this article was written as if people are thinking Mack should be upset. Alex Mack doesn't strike me as Brett Favre. He doesn't come off as its my spot and its disrespectful for you to think this guy is my replacement. Nor has he ever said its not his job to help younger teammates. Mack strikes me as a smart guy that has options. I'm not sure what his aspirations are after his playing days are done, but I'm sure he will have a plan. Is it coaching, broadcasting at some level, who knows. I think he is well aware that the day he hangs up his cleats for good is coming. I see him at the type that would love to have a young guy around that he could pass along all the "little things" to in order to help that guy succeed when he is gone.
  10. Ok, I remember him in college, he was good at Missouri. Has not continued in the NFL, I like that the Falcons have picked up a guy they feel can do the job. Its just about getting the best out of him now. Didn't put up high level numbers at the combine. He is a body, but they have to have enough guys. Interesting that they traded for him. Not sure what they see.
  11. While I'm not pounding the table for him, he wouldn't be bad to bring in for depth/rotational purposes. He did in 2019 what Beasley did in 2018. I'm sure for 2020 he would be way cheaper. I'm sure he will have enough offers to compete for a rotational spot.
  12. Trading up was never something that was "real" to me. Young was the only guy worth it, but WHY would Washington trade away the opportunity to draft him? The next best thing to an ALL world QB is an ALL WORLD pass rusher. The Falcons have done it so much that people expect it, even when it doesn't make sense. One day, we are going to have to draft a new QB. One day its all going to be over as far as the stability we have had there. Lets get as much with the rest of the team taken care of so we can do that when the time comes. Trading away next years picks I just don't like. Neither do I like getting only 1 draft pick a year. Have to bring in 3 or 4 guys that you plan on making an impact. Terrell is a guy you plug in Day 1. Davidson is in the mix day 1, is he on the end or at DT. Either way, he is going to be rotating in a lot. Hennessey may get in the mix at OG this year, but I would not be surprised to see him as the starter at OC in 2021. Mykal Walker and Hawkins have a chance to be on the field a lot between special teams and sub packages. We are technically open at a LB spot and Neal can't stay healthy at safety. The door is open enough for either of those guys if they can play above expectations. This is what our team needs, I can't see giving this up for only 1 player at CB or DE.
  13. I can agree and see a lot of things wrong with this. I get it that DQ and TD run the show, but Atlanta has nothing to show for all the years in the NFL. Two Super Bowl trips and embarrassment around each game. Like someone else said, who knows if Chuck made himself available to other teams. I know this from my years in the corporate world and dealing with people in leadership. Its is NOT good leadership if you can't tell a potential hire "why" they are not a good fit. Most people agree that the best leaders allow those under them to flourish and grow. If DQ is so obsessed with credit that he can't tell Chuck Smith why he isn't a good fit for fear of losing his counsel, that's bush league. Don't waste my time if you can't make the guy a real offer. Its like not wanting the buy the cow, but wanting to drink the milk. Go all in or don't waste my time. At least let it be known that its only consulting. Sounds like Chuck has been down this road multiple times with Dan and DQ knows what he wants. I can agree that Chuck will speak his mind, but by no means is it the worst we have seen out of a coach. People talk openly on the radio about Kyle Shanahan and how much of a jerk he can be and how they want to "punch him in the face." However many here were sad to see him go and he has only gotten promoted quickly up the NFL coaching ladder. Sure I would like to the the entire story from both sides or the inside scoop. It just amazes me how the guys with real experience that a lot of us know and have heard about as a consultant is the one with the issue in some folks opinion.
  14. I don't get it with what you said. You seem to feel that Chuck has the knowledge. He has the track record as a player and as a "private coach" he has some credit. He has done internships, what more does he need besides someone to take a chance on him. At this point, that is what he needs in order to break into the NFL coaching ranks. Now, he has stated he is done with it, its passed him by. If "I" had come in and worked with the Falcons prior to that turn around last year, "you **** right I want my credit." That is a legit item for a resume, not like some of the lies high profile coaches have tried to boost their resumes with only to get caught. There is a reason the NFL has this program. Especially for minority coaches. They access is limited. Its all a "boys club", all that matters is "who has the juice." In this case, its Quinn in ATL. Everybody that he has ever coached with or has a tie to, AKA his network, is going to get a shot or an interview. I get that I'm an outsider, but I can't understand how a guy like Chuck Smith wouldn't be a good candidate. You said liability, how? I know him and Tennessee parting ways was a little strange. I don't see why you hold a press conference of your own to announce your are moving on. There have been other coaches to do a lot worse that still have jobs.
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