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  1. I will post this tidbit here. I think too many folks every year regurgitate what they have hear. Doesn't matter. None of the ex D1 and NFL play callers here will be providing input on the pick. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2021/02/nfl-draft-justin-fields-one-read-quarterback-report "It almost feels like people are going out of their way to find faults in Fields’ game. Every young quarterback locks onto his first read a bit too long. Every young quarterback gets fooled by an intricate blitz design or a well-disguised coverage. If it’s constantly happening, it’s a problem. I’d say
  2. Points to where I said that. 2016 Matt was money and deserved the MVP. He isn't at that level right now. Still good, but I think we should start to turn the page. He has to be a difference maker. He wasn't one in 2020 or 2019.
  3. I don't by that all our fortunes turn in 1 draft. 1 draft doesn't make this D much improved. A good RB can be a shot in the arm, but he needs blocking too. Smith got it done in Tennessee, but it's not just plug in a key piece from a successful team and it replicates. I hope it's something like that because a lot of the folks here seem to think that 2021 = 10+ wins, playoffs and Matt Ryan returns to 2016 form.
  4. I think people see the yards and say "he is great". If that is the case, why did we have 4 wins. Answer is because its more nuanced than just passing yards. Sure other parts of the team has to do their job, but if it were just about passing yards, Goff and Stafford would still be with their 2020 teams. Look at QBR for 2020 and tell me where Ryan is. Lets qualify it with guys that were mostly starters. 12 games or more and say 3500 passing yards. You will see Ran was 17th. Again, only 12 teams make the playoffs. If we have a guy that is middle of the pack, I'm not deciding to stick
  5. I don't think it's has to be 100% about championships in the past. I think over the next 2 to 3 years Ryan will be a 12 to 18 type QB. Looking at high level QB play like we saw in 2020, that's good enough to give you a chance, especially if other areas of the team are good to exceptional. I just don't think that's good enough output from your QB when he is making top 3,4,5 money. I need more heavy lifting and a real long-term plan, not a hope. People here want to reward Matt for being the best QB in franchise history. Before Ryan, we remembered Bartkowski. Everyone that watched him long
  6. I think we have a lot of people that can't see the forest for the trees. In other words, they are just not seeing the entire picture. 4-12 after a 7-9 season. So 11 wins and 21 losses over two years. 52 TD, 25 INT. Compare that to 2016 and 2017 where he was 58 TD and 19 INTs. I just see a trend in the wrong direction. Its a small trend, but when you look at the fact that other young QBs are coming in and making plays or being more consistent/dynamic now, you can see why we end up out of the playoffs. I can make the argument that Matt Ryan is in the same cluster of QBs last year as
  7. Slow down. Not elite. He is not a #1, #2 or even a #3. He is a solid piece. Maybe he does eventually become a #3 at some point. Let him actually do something of note while consistently drawing tough assignments. Remember Taylor Gabriel? He was an even better piece in our offense in '16. '17 wasn't as good, he left, had a good 2018 in terms of yards, then 2019 was his last season. Opted out of the league in 2020. Will he even have a spot in 2021? Point is, don't go calling a guy elite off of a solid effort as a role player.
  8. I do this quite often. Let's just wait until draft day. There is no right or no wrong decision right now. What we have is a situation that will play out in a particular fashion. The Falcons have to make a choice and hope it's the right move. We have seen young drafted QBs turn out to be the right move. Rodgers was the right move from Green Bay, despite his draft day fall. Mahomes was right for KC despite him being really kind of a dark horse QB out of a spread system. Lamar Jackson was right for Baltimore despite some wanting to see him do something other than play QB. Josh Allen was ri
  9. I don't see why not. He is perfectly slated to be the number 1 once Julio's days as a Falcon are over. I can't say that I see him as the same caliber as Julio's. Not sure we will ever be talking about him as #1 or #2 in the NFL at his position. Definitely a top 10 guy year in and year out for the next 4 or 5 seasons.
  10. I am of the same belief. In a perfect spot. The talent looks to line up nicely. Go ahead and pick a QB. So what if he sits a year or two. That just helps his transition when Matt leaves.
  11. 2nd and a 3rd. More accomplished, but he is old. The age is what is going to hold you back any team from really coming hard after him.
  12. Shows how hard it is to succeed. I'm sure this could be done with all positions. Some of those guys should have never been 1st round QBs. NFL has a bad case of "beer goggle" when it comes to QBs. Stability and consistency is desired at this position more than any other. That is why I say when you have highly rated guys that have performed, you take one if you can. Especially if in the Falcons position.
  13. My classic go to question... What is this based on? How do we know he isn't anything different than a Dominique Davis?
  14. I hear you, but I don't really know of a one read inept QB that had the soph. year that Fields did.
  15. For me Jones is not a first round QB. If you draft him outside of round 1, I could live with it. I do prefer other guys. For me, its obvious how the game is going. Defenses are fast, QBs need to be able to move. For all the talk about Mahomes, he only ran 4.8 at the combine. He has really good feet and awareness, he moves precisely when he needs to. So no, a QB doesn't need to be a 4.5 guy, but going into this next phase after Matt Ryan, I feel that its important to have a QB that can not only move off his spot and make plays consistently, but be a legit weapon when things break dow
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