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  1. Lets see server migrations for multiple apps, database upgrades for multiple apps, testing enterprise system changes for multiple apps and at least 5 concurrent project requested by the business units I support. I get to manage all of that right now at this very moment. Not to mention support calls from the help desk when stuff breaks. I don't make 174k a year. If I can do all that and keep my job, these morons should be able to handle 2 or 3 different tasks....and I don't have staff. I have teammates that have their own mess to deal with. These people do not deserve the positions they have. We all know there will be other a-holes and idiots that continue to support them come elections time . They don't do good for the American people. They care about their bank account. Their profile so they they can write a book, sit on a boards and collect more money. How the he!! does one work for the American people for 30+ years and get filthy rich while most American's can't miss a check or two without it being a economic death sentence? Rhetorical question
  2. Antonio Brown is a sad case. I don't know if he is suffering from CTE, but he has gone from a good WR (one of the games best) that didn't say much to a guy that OBVIOUSLY needs the spot light and social media to feel good about himself. I will be the first to say Julio is slowing down. Age is catching up to him, but Julio has a career and is still one of the best and has the resume over the last 5 or 6 years to be considered the best. Brown is out of the game and is more talk and followers on social media than anything on the field. The focus/drive it takes to be elite is no longer there for Brown.
  3. I think we need another guy. I don't see a lot of depth. It may have to be one of these guys that didn't go to the combine. Just give me someone north of 200 pounds that has some speed and quickness.
  4. I think so, but no higher than round 3. 4 may be a lot more likely. Gurley is on a one year deal and I don't think any of the other backs we have now can be counted on to give you 4 yards a carry consistently. Have to find a way to add some new blood to the offensive backfield.
  5. I'm honestly thinking Kenneth Murray in the 1st round. I don't see enough depth for a 3rd or even a 2nd round selection of an outside linebacker to come in here and start. C.J. Henderson would also be a good bet. Oliver is at one CB spot, and you do need another starter. Seems like 2020 would be a perfect time to put that Sheffield is a "2nd round talent" to the test. There is enough depth at CB to bring in another guy in round 3 or even 4. It will be interesting, but those are the top two positions I think we could go after. I still like a move down. If you could drop a few spots and still get a LB/CB you like and pick up a 3rd this year, that would be great.
  6. Hard to say, but its a long time away. I'm hopeful that in a couple of more weeks the spread slows down. I keep hearing about how some are not doing their part with the distance. Life today in 2020 is so much easier to deal with while isolated in your home than it was even 20 years ago. Technology has come a long way, so its not terrible. I just hope people do the right thing. I keep thinking this has put some of our biggest problems as a society on display. Now lets see if things get addressed after this passes or do people continue with the selfishness.
  7. Looks like he was all but done in Minnesota last year. 35 receptions in 2018, not bad for a 4th WR or so in our offense. Solid move. You get a guy that may can give you more than Hardy. We shall see. So far, these are good move by the Falcons with limited resources. Fowler was more than I expected. Trading for Hurst was really good. Gurley is a solid pick up. Treadwell can't hurt.
  8. I don't think the Falcons would waste $5 million just to make the fan base happy. If that is the case, why not draft Swift? I think one year 5 million for a back as capable as Gurley make sense. He is not part of our long term plan. Give me 200 carries for 800 yards and there is nothing bad you can say about a 1 year stop gap. I'll take 150 carries for 600 yards. He is going to be splitting carries with somebody. Rams had the option to save 10.5 million or stick with Todd. If they know he isn't going to provide that value, they have to move on. Now at 5 million, that is a different story.
  9. SWEET!!!!! Have to have bodies that come from places other than the draft. Like I said yesterday, Gurley means you can draft a RB in the 3rd or 4th round....or even lower. The roster spot is taken care of. Fans will be hyped to have him here, sure he will be motivated as well. GREAT move, likely a budget one too.
  10. I would kick the tires. I will even go 2 years if he is healthy. He isn't going to get 10 million a year. More like 4 to 6. I will even let it void at his choice after a year. I didn't watch him enough to know how much of a problem the knee is. I have heard it's a degenerative condition. Even if you bring him in, you need a 2nd RB. 3rd or 4th rounder as he is not long term and you plan on giving him help.
  11. I hear what you are saying, but I can make several arguments just as valid that swing the other way. Garoppolo was traded for a 2nd rounder. Say what you want about him, he got is team to the Super Bowl. Nick Folds was no longer the "guy" in Philly when he got in and won a title. Brady wasn't the "the guy" in New England when he hit the stage. Michael Turner was a backup before he became a free agent prize. TE is one of those positions where you just don't feature multiple. It is possible to have multiple good ones, but who legitimately has a passing game that features multiple TEs? The next time a team has two TEs go 50 catches in a season will likely be the first. I'm going with "he was a #1 in college" that has skills and is just two years in. I don't think anyone feels he sucks. Fowler I like because he is bigger. I think we need a 260+ pound guy playing on the edge. I also think "Attitude" is everything. We need "dogs" on D. I think Beasley played a lot like his off field personality. Quiet, soft spoken, easy going, unassuming. Not to say he isn't a great athlete, because he is off the charts athletic. There was also just "no counter" with him. If the speed rush was stopped, you had him beat as a blocker. Quinn has the benefit of knowing Fowler so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Beasley has definitely been on the downward path. 9 sacks was solid last season, but too little for the time and money put into him. Happy the Falcons made an effort to go in another direction with a guy that appears to be on the upswing. Time will tell, can't hate the plan.
  12. No. I think the Falcons draft a lead back.
  13. You need multiple guys that can get to the QB. Grady has been the only guy that can be some kind of force. I think Fowler has shown he can be a guy that can have some success when paired with other guys. We were not going to get anybody better to play on the edge. There is hope now. If you can add another front 7 player in the draft, especially someone that can get to the QB,you would be in the best situation we could hope for. I wasn't a big Curtis Weaver guy, but that 7.00 3-cone drill looks really good coming from a 265 pound guy coming around the corner. I don't think his 40 or bench press would have been impressive. Not sure why he didn't do those drills at the combine. As a 3rd round pick, he may be a nice addition. Falcons didn't have a lot of money. There were not a lot of proven pass rushers in the draft or free agency. We did a good job given the cap and the talent available.
  14. Nice, a positive move.
  15. Two options in the passing game isn't enough. Hurst give you a 3rd reliable option. Falcons may not be able to get a pass rusher, the draft just may not unfold that way for us. Kinlaw is even a question at 16. You see what is available at 16 and make the best move possible. You can pick a DT in the second round and hope for the best. Take a RB in the 3rd and go from there. Hooper leaving was a hole. It was the team getting worse. At least you stay on schedule with the offense and you hope to improve your D.