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  1. This seems strange to me. Poole was an extremely good find for a guy not drafted. You cut Alford, now you let Poole go. I didn't want to keep drafting CBs. Looks like they will be in the market for another CB.
  2. I like Grady, but I'm not going to pretend like he is a major force every game. If 8 to 10 games were as good as he played in the Super Bowl, then well worth it. He made some plays, but I wouldn't say he is a top 5 at his positions. He is good. He is likely in the top 10 DTs in the NFL. That being said, we can't afford to lose him.
  3. That sucks for him. He was a top of the 1st round talent. If he falls to round 3 or 4, I would draft him and put him on ice. I don't think he will fall that far. Round 2.
  4. May be difficult in some people's mind. He is 43 and can't kick forever. He missed what, three games with nagging type injuries. Falcons have Tavecchio who was really good for them in his absence. Plus he is 15 years younger. Glad the Falcons are making the tough decisions that may not be a favorite of everyone, but what needs to happen to move forward.
  5. We all knew somebody was going to have to go. Given his age and the state of play, it does surprise me.
  6. Nice! We can enjoy a decent Super Bowl.
  7. This is a little scary. Glad there were no laws broken. Hope he gets whatever help he needs.
  8. Didn't even know about this tie to the Falcons. I just watched Schooled after recording it on Wednesday. Saw the mention of Matt Ryan at the end.... How cool, he even had a sit down with the real coach.
  9. I like the continuity this hire could bring. You hate to have Matt go through another OC change, but this is the best way to make things as seamless as possible.
  10. Everyone is going to have a different opinion, that's ok. I don't expect the same staff to take this team anywhere based off of what I saw in 2017 and 2018. Were their injuries, yes. Your team definitely does lose something when that happens. Depth is the GM's responsibility and that wasn't great in some places. Personally, I see why all 3 were fired and I was fine with it. 1. Sark was a mistake. He somehow was able to get an NFL jobs of a very high profile nature after leaving USC after 2 years due to personal issues. I just think we were too close for someone with NO NFL experience. That 2 year experiment was a flop and now our offense and Matt Ryan have to pay the penalty. Should have kept Matt LaFleur if we wanted momentum. Didn't have that with Sark. 2. Armstrong, he was in charge of special teams. We were consistently bad for the last couple of years. I know special teams is more than just the return game, but we get nothing out of it. No reason why he should stick around. 3. Manual, some may like him. I just didn't see a defense that did anything other than lineup and try and make a tackle in front of them. They just relied on the other team making a mistake or not executing. CB's were never competitive. Always gave guys too much room. Were they coached up to play tighter? Could not generate a pass rush with the front 4, ok, so get creative and bring extra guys. Falcons rarely did that. Defense was always back on their heels in my book. I think their needs to be a new philosophy on D.
  11. One of them has to go. I know they have an out with Alford. You can't have that out of two high paid CB's. What are you paying for? Cut Alford, lean on Oliver. Give Poole a 2 or 3 year deal to keep him as the nickle. Bring in another guy in the middle of the draft if you can.
  12. It would bother me to know that Freeman is the lead RB and there is no Coleman. I do like Ito, but he is smaller than Freeman. Hill showed a little something at the end of the year against bad teams. Keep Langford around if you can. Let there be a battle in training camp for the #2 and #3 spots. That being said, I would like another guy, but the Falcons I don't think can afford to spend anything other than a low round pick (6th or 7th) on another RB. I doubt they bring in a guy during free agency. I think the Falcons lack toughness at the RB position. Its great to be super quick like Freeman. Love when you have a speed guy like Coleman, but you really need a guy that can pound in between the tackles for 3 or 4 yards at a time for 25 carries if that is what it takes to beat your opponent. I know you don't see that a lot in the NFL. Especially with the Falcons. I feel we need that capability. Sure, Hill and Langford seem to have the physical makeup, but they don't have a history of success.
  13. I saw this announcement yesterday as well. Not sure how it will work out. He talks a lot about watching tape. Ok, that's what a lot of football fanatics do. Maybe he does talk to coaches and scouts, but now it's no longer just about opinion. It will be interesting to see how it works out. Before NFL network, I had never heard of him. Wonder what he was doing between leaving the NFL and being a TV analyst.
  14. He just made a big play on the opening snap. I think he is rated in that area where the Falcons pick. Look another play by Simmons!
  15. This could be a win. I'm glad they realized what most of us see. Manual's defense was not competitive, he played not to lose. Sark may have gotten better as the season went on, but really needed someone else. Armstrong was a constant and the return game has been bad for a couple of years.