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  1. So Ryan talked about having to be better last week. WTF about this week? The INTs were terrible.
  2. So what was the Prevent for? They didn't prevent ****
  3. Unexpected. Especially from this QB with his crap play. Hope the D can hold. Lot of time and they have two timeouts.
  4. The way this is going. Eagles drive down and score a TD. Atl left with 2 to 3 minutes and can't get it done.
  5. D@#n, I saw that, Matt has to see that and move.
  6. So guys, it's early, but Matt had some forces last week. He has even more bad ones this week. 12 years in the NFL and he is doing this crap.
  7. About that statement I made. Matt Ryan is killing us.
  8. Nice run Ito. Keep feeding him.
  9. Threw his hands. Would have been tough.
  10. I thought he was down early. Didn't recall if someone touched him or caused it.
  11. Dang, all that traffic. Debo was right there.