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  1. this whole thing is summed up in 2 words "stupid nlgger"
  2. is that like the get out of jail free ccard?
  3. im have no clue b/c i have morales....wow thats a good thing...i have no clue!
  4. giving thanks to lord for putting the trash where it goes and hopefully the Falcons learned from their mistakes. thank you judge and judicial system...will have it catered by buffaloes and beer too....hit me up if you wanna come cartersville is about 20 mins north of marietta. about 45 mins north og the GA dome....lets move on Brian Brohm for President!
  5. sadly i would have to agree. He wont have to do all of it either. I wish him the best and hope he straightens his life out and learns from his mistakes. false..on federal charges you dont get out early on parole. he has to serve all 23 months. on state charges will probally get the same but get out after 3 months on parole
  6. the guarentee did it forme... when smith guarenteeed the win i knew the pats and bill would blow of the steelers. its like "dont mess with the bull if u dont want the horns"
  7. yea last year i took the bet on the falcons to win by 15 over the panties when weinke was out. and well that one burned me..its was just 250 bucks then though
  8. i bet one 1 game a year every year, this being only the second year ive won in 8 years. its nice though. i pick one game out of the year...the only bad part is having the books call me every day seeign what games im watching..lol
  9. ill thank anyone for it doesnt matter to me how it gets into my wallet
  10. leftwich "**** look at the breast on that chick" Harrington "thats darren mcfadden #####" Redman" giggity giggity giggity"
  11. nope that 1k just turned into 8421.72..... my wife of course done has half of it spent in her head....she was chewing my out up and down for doing it. told her it was a CAnt lose...now shes all "in the mood"...haha money is funny, but i love it today
  12. could u imagine what kinda running team we could be. i mean first everyone would laugh and be in shock of a big breast running down the field. now after they get over it, who wants to tackle a a breast...i mean i know what happens to me when i touch one....schwiiiing!
  13. he will improve as the years go on. mora took us to the champ game then 7-9....the bright side this year is that coach p will find out who wants to improve and whos here to just to get a check. as long as the wins keep improving hes improving.
  14. lets hope im not in over my head, but all my researc could prevail and i could be rolling in it come monday...either that or kissing another 1000 away ...haha
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