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  1. Interesting topic sort of. We gave up no draft picks for Cox but yeah I believed the hype of Bryan Cox from Hard Knocks. There actually is some decent pressure at times but when there are no consistently good LB's the QB just sidesteps through the front of the pocket left or right and nobody home. The other part of this is the constant nickel defense is embarassing. 5+ db's and my old *** could get a first down with these guys in coverage. lol Having said all that it's time to get a true DE in the draft again. Take the risk, pull the trigger, then with revisionist history speak about the results in TATF.

  2. I have not been on this board in what seems like 2 years. I love to talk about football but I got burnt out on the day to day of no real news and same old guys bitching about the same old things. Anyways.....so I don't know what TDWii said but honestly he is one of my favorite, AFMB "authors". Not from a football perspective necessarily but the way he articulates and could make even the most boring topic seem interesting depending if you like to read more than 10 words or not. To each his own.

    Oddly enough I understand why this topic is here instead of the main board but at the same time it is funny it's in Pure Football.

    Otherwise Uck the Aints and have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Despite the loss to our hated rivals, the Stanks, I saw a lot of promise. We have some young players in some key positions, especially and prominently on D. I thought these kids showed real promise and will only get better over the coming weeks. I think we'll win the NFC South, and **** the Stanks.

    Sign up and Rise Up! **** the Stanks! We'll see 'em in our house when it counts for more! **** 'em!

    S Jax hits the hole quick and runs tough. He can catch unlike Turner. Osi was in Brees face a lot. Babs was embarrasing one of the best guards in the league. I like Alford more and more every time he plays. HD stepped up with Roddy being injured. Gonzo still has that great post up in the end zone. Julio makes those tough crazy grabs. Kroy was all over the place chipping, covering, and rushing. The oline needs more time to gel. That is the glaring weakness.
  4. For some reason I have a weird feeling that Roddy is going to try and play hardball with the Falcons on his next deal. It's just a feeling I have; nothing quantifiable to back it up. But, by the time White's contract is up he'll be closing in on 33 years old, and it's at that stage of a player's career that agents like to get involved (too involved if you ask me.) If Roddy truly wants to end his career as a Falcon, then, I'd like to see him be proactive and say so directly (not through his agent) to Mr. Blank and Mr. Dimitroff and do the right thing and not demand more than a 33-year old receiver is worth. Because I'd hate to see Roddy go somewhere else, especially over money.

    Roddy has been one of my favorite players since he first walked on to the field at Flowery Branch. Having said that I remember he held out on his rookie contract too. I think Roddy's a nice guy who says dumb things. We'll see how big the ego is. Right now, who cares though.
  5. I have noticed that if you are not a Ryan Homer on this Board you get banned Well, I am not a "Ryan HOMER" and I got Banned. I am a Falcon Fan For Life!!! And, to you MODs, I have renewed my season tickets in section 123. I have been a Falcon fan since 1970...does that require me to be a Ryan fan? NO!!!!!!! This is an an opinion Board and I an working with the Falcons Admin office to get this issue fixed. This Board has turned into a HOMER BOARD!

    I have no idea why you were banned but believe me lots of people say things not in support of the team. You on the other hand say the same thing over and over "Matty Lice is turrible" and "look at me I bought season tickets".
  6. The comparison has been going on forever but I don't care what other people say it is clear who the better QB is. All is suddenly forgotten when Flacco had a number of bad games this year.

    As for Kaepernick it was kind of cool watching an inexperienced guy come in this year and light it up but the whole arrogant bicep kissing thing to the point he literally copyrighted it has to stop. If the 49'ers not the Kaeper Snacks win the Superbowl his ego will only get larger. I think it's time the Ravens let a little air out of his inflated ego.

  7. He purposely made that "imaginary gf" scene so scouts and teams will use that as "character issues" so he can slide down and play for decent (15th) to good (32) team instead of sorry teams. Touché Te'o! Touché!

    It would have been a lot less embarassing just to give crazy interviews with the top 15 during the combine.
  8. What if TD's idea was really for Konz to be the long term RG and to draft a Center early this year? I lol'd but the draft could end up looking like this...

    1 - Barrett Jones C

    2 - Robert Alford CB

    3 - Marcus Lattimore RB

    4 - Vance McDonald TE

    4 - J.C/ Tretter OG

    5 - Meshak Williams OLB

    6 - Cornelius Washington DE

    7 - Marquess Wilson WR

    Just a thought. I would not be thrilled, but stranger things...

    That is interesting. Seems like I remember on draft day the Falcons listed Konz as guard and not center.
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