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  1. Corp sponsors won't touch anything in conflict with the NFL. Even though they would be supporting a charity the perception would get misunderstodd maily due to the media help so that is too big of a risk with little reward. I think if ESPN can cover Sanchez and Hot Dog Gate then they might at least plug in a quick bit about the AFMB backing Smith, protesting Hall, all while donating to a charity. I personally think it is better than a full page ad or billboard complaining about a win loss record.
  2. I can understand that. Keep things right at home. I didn't go that route this time. Things haven't been good financially lately but I said to **** with it I'm doing it. I'll just wait for that look on her face later with what's that. I'll explain the Smith/Hall thing first. She'll look at me like I'm stupid. Then I'll remind her we usually donate to a lot of charities especially around Christmas.
  3. $23.23 for Smitty having the backbone, Hall being a jerk, and in the end it will go towards a good cause especially around the holidays.
  4. I was thinking of starting a post like this yesterday. See if you can get enough interest and I'll put some in the basket. I realize Smith or the Falcons may refuse the money for PR reasons so if that happens maybe the money can go to Toys for Tots or something.
  5. 0 Football knowledge, pitiful smack talk, and now spineless.

    See ya, Dolphake fan.