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  1. The Bedwetter is talented at what he does. He puts out the hook headline and then people crash in to see not much or read into what he intentionally puts between the lines. It's a known fact that he is frustrated with Smith not giving up much info just as much as the fans are but at then end of the day if it is more advantageous for the team to conceal insider information then I am OK with not knowing. They even did a bit on 790 The Zone about how he didn't give up much insider info. I judge the team on the field and leave the TMZ/Extra out of it.
  2. Old post. Apparently we have a new member who wants to SPAM his website.
  3. Wow imagine if Byron "t-shirt cannon" Leftwich was still the QB. I don't usually appreciate the old thread bumps but what comes around goes around eventually.
  4. Nobody is mad about something that happened two seasons ago. We're just hoping that at least one of you Taint heads can patch together just enough brain cells to actually be witty and make this thread entertaining. I find it funny you guys want to talk trash about the playoffs when you were the first playoff team ever, EVER, to get beat by a sub 500 team. I can accept getting beat by the Superbowl champions in the playoffs but you guys got beat by a team that wins their division by default because the rest in their division suck.
  5. I think we should start a poll to see if laugher is more likely to have been in a hunting accident with his/her television or has appeared in at least one episode of Swamp People.
  6. Aww, typical Taint fans come to the bash the Falcons thread and got his chick feelings hurt. Much like their ultra sensitive mods.
  7. I saw this before lunch and thought why would anyone bump a race related thread. The silver lining was I suddenly had a craving for KFC and dayum right I drenched it in hot sauce. :wub:
  8. I'm guessing you are the swag buck rep since you keep on bumping this periodically.
  9. I'm not going to link it but you guys really have to check out what ghost donkey means in the urban dictionary. Warning: Not for the faint at heart. It's one of those gross but funny to think why someone would come up with this stuff.
  10. I have always and still stick to my 3 year rule to evaluate a players contribution. I don't give much weight to players in the 4th round or later but I'm sure someone can point a handful of players in the late rounds that are all world beaters now. Does anyone know the average number of players who have a high value of success for all of the other teams?
  11. Svitek has been declared an eligible WR all year. I joke everytime, they'll never see it coming.
  12. You can verify your seriel number by calling the Falcons ticket office.
  13. I see, I thought this was about getting the snap off before the play clock expired not a neutral zone infraction.
  14. The ball is already snapped. Remember it's when the ball moves not where it is after that point. I can't see the ball. The center would start out with the ball under his chin not between his legs. Think about it can you snap a ball backwards starting under yourself? I think video would make all the difference but in the end tomorrow is what matters not the past. Everybody gets a break sometimes.
  15. I remember after the MNF game leaving the GA Dome and as I'm holding my 7 year old sons hand a Saints fan starting hurling every F bomb he could think of at me because I was wearing a Roddy jersey. I remember last year all of the Saints fans chasing people down the streets getting in people's faces and trying to start fights. Not just Who Dat, which is expected, but take your F'ing Falcons sh** out of here you can kiss my A** and these were middle aged women. The bagheads need to take a lesson in having class from the Packers fans. They are passionate but civil on here and at the games. No
  16. Congratulations Tandy!! That's a big boy. Glad to see the Falcon fan recruiting is going strong.
  17. It's real simple. Green Bay took out the mighty Vicks last week while the Falcons stood by and did nothing. Now GB's potential one hit wonder Starks is being coveted as the next Arian Foster.
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