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  1. On a personal note it was cool when the QB's were running their drills across the width of the field Matt Ryan threw a pass right between me and this other guy. I let him catch it since I had a roster, fan, and a water bottle in my hand. I just thought it was cool on Ryan's part to interact with the fans like that during practice whereas most don't do that until afterwards.
  2. Well since there's not an afternoon pin here's my plethora of observations and comments. It was good to see Tandy and her husband again yesterday AM. Much like today Owens and Franks both play tight in Go routes tipping passes but get juked time to time but both have good recovery speed. One funny observation yesterday was in passing drills WR's were shadowing other WR's, Roddy was playing CB against Jenkins and it was as if he knew Jenkins rounds off his route and knew precisely when to cut in for the interception but dropped it. Spoon was flying around yesterday. Dunta played the ball pretty well but did have some moments to where he got beat slightly (good ball placement) in some crossing routes. I was standing next to Stats most of the afternoon practice today. Wolfe is still a physical player. Grimes still makes very athletic plays in the short to intermediate routes but got beat a couple of times in the deep fade routes. DeCoud played Gonzo tight and physical a few times, I think to the point of causing Gonzo to hear footsteps on a perfectly placed ball with the headhunter breathing down his neck. Sorry Chevous Jackson but I don't think you are going to pick things up it seems. Meier seems to have potential. Bergeron made some nice catches. Jenkins drops a couple of passes trying to arm catch as usual but made some nice fake steps to fool Franks. Turner definitely has that speed to get around the ends. You know that thing Dunn lost in his latter years that he made his bones from.
  3. E-THUG

    talking trash in person is just dargerous

    hahahahaah that is awsome

  4. What's kind of neat is I have noticed a few new posters or old posters who don't post much contribute so obviously the message is reaching people outside of the board. When I last checked yesterday it was around 2,000 so it is a pleasant surprise to see it around 2,500.
  5. Does anybody have Blank's e-mail? Maybe he could <cough, cough> make an anonymous donation. (Smiley thing, pc's fried).
  6. I like the idea of seeing how far we can go. Why stop here?
  7. Why don't you send a link in ABF of how African children are more important than any other children but not here. This is a charity supporting the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation. Most people know your real intent but even your guise is lacking. You don't show up in a Baptist Church complaining about people not celebrating Ramadan or a mosque demanding a Christmas party or do you?
  8. Hey Gritz, I couldn't resist. Just insert name.
  9. I have heard of it for years but I didn't know it is the largest owner funded charity in the NFL and some people want to say Blank doesn't care about anything but money.
  10. Yeah, you know like the Jerry Lewis Telethon. This thing has taken on that around the clock feel.
  11. Hey can one of you photoshop wizards put up a pic with Jerry Lewis in a Falcon's jersey?
  12. Hey racebaiter, Vick is gone why are you still here? Some Pro Bowl year he is having in Eagles country huh?
  13. Falcons' Mike Smith fined $15K, DeAngelo Hall unscathed in sideline scuffle 11:28 AMYahoo! BuzzShare DiggNewsvineRedditE-mailSavePrintShare0 Comment Recommend Falcons coach Mike Smith has been fined $15,000 for his role in a sideline scuffle with the Redskins last Sunday. And while two Redskins were fined for their roles, DeAngelo Hall, the player at the center of the scrum, may not feel the same pinch. ESPN reported that Hall was not fined, while teammates Albert Haynesworth ($7,500) and LaRon Landry ($5,000) were. Landry initiated the fracas with a late hit to Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Fox Sports reported the fine to Smith. Hall blamed Smith for escalating the scuffle. -- Sean Leahy