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  1. I believe history is on my side. If I am wrong call me out, but I believe the only QB that won his first super bowl at the tail end of his career with the team he originally started for is John Elway.
  2. That's fair. And as you can tell I want a QB in this draft. IMO the Falcons are just as likely to win a championship with a QB they draft at 4 as they are 'loading up' around Ryan. We shall see.
  3. Yep, the D held KC to the lowest point total of the season but this game was one to point to for the greatness of Ryan when the Falcons lose. I get it, he's the blameless wonder.
  4. I don't think it's a glowing endorsement for Ryan when the D holds KC to 17 points, you have a +1 TO differential on the road and you lose the game.
  5. Yep, a stat that should be looked at with Jones is how much pressure did he face? I don't think he faced a lot at Bama. An often clean pocket with a stable of Stud RBs and WRs.
  6. IMO he's not the best player in team history. Deion was a better player. I would say William Andrews while he played was a better player and MANY won't agree with me but I think John Abraham while here and healthy was a better player. Was Ryan consistent and around for a long time..yes. Best player we've had...I don't agree.
  7. I'm a Falcon fan from probably 1975. I don't think Ryan is a great QB. He's good not great. He's had Julio Jones during the period of 2014-2019 in which Jones was probably the best WR in the league. I see a lot of slants in which the ball does not hit him in stride. I see floaters that Jones has to slow down for too many times to count. Jones would probably have a 2000 yard season with a QB that doesn't underthrow him. I think the Falcons win 5 to 8 games in 2020. They will have to trade up to get an elite QB prospect in the draft. I think we are just treading water with Ryan at the hel
  8. Comparing Dan Marino to Matt Ryan is a HUGE insult to Dan Marino. Marino's arm talent is vastly superior to Ryan's. (Cue Fantasy Football players chirping about stats in 3...2...1).
  9. Funny how it is around here. The struggles can't ever be attributed to Ryan....that MVP season though that is ALL Matt Ryan and nothing to do with Shanahan. Weird.
  10. Oh yes, justify the 100 million$ contract with these empty stats. If the FO had a clue they should have been on the phone offering up Matt Ryan to the Texans after they were blanked in the opening round. As fans we get no bang for the buck with Matty Ice. The laughable quail-mary that went 54 yards, lolllipops being thrown all over the field, I could care less about folks justifying Ryan with stats, he doesn't pass the eyeball test. Maybe only Ryan Fitzpatrick has a weaker arm and if you open your eyes and watch other teams QBs throw the ball around it's evident how weak Ryan's arm is. I am su
  11. The 98 team would mop the floor with any of these Mike Smith, Dimitroff teams. Falcons of 98 would beat them by 3 scores.
  12. I wonder what the #1 QB's post-season record is during that period....but that's when it becomes a team game, my bad. You can post all the feel good stats you want. What I see on the field is a QB with a marginal arm, horrible pocket presence and inability to extend any play to make something out of nothing. IMO the Falcons will tread water with Ryan for the next 5 years. You don't usually replace an above average QB, but in order to win a SB with him we are going to have have a top 5 defense and an offensive line like the early 90's Cowboys.
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