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  1. This I could understand, if he did say it wasn't his assignment, maybe it's because he doesn't think it was.
  2. I believe that he should have blocker him either way. I'm just saying it seems totally out of character for him to just lie about it.
  3. I believe him if he said it wasn't his assignment, can somebody give me the playcall. All of a sudden Free is a liar and malcontent. He has always been a team first guy.
  4. Did we hAve anymore challenges, I know we used the last one on the Elder man catch. Can't remember if this was before or after.
  5. You guys are crazy, the defense had to play against both offenses and special teams today. They gave up 13 pointsoit's which should have won the game.
  6. I didn't get to watch the second half, the D had given up 24 I think. Did they just give up 7 in the second half. what did they do to adjust.
  7. I said this in another thread, the ball was just a tad in front, it was one of those that it would haven better if he didn't touch it and it would have probably sailed over everyones head
  8. I really belive Julio might have scored if SHerman didn't grab him, the 2 dbs were off balance
  9. I need to see the play to Julio again, at regular speed, it looked like it was a little out and high and he was only abe to get one haND on it.
  10. the mistake was Demarco not executing the cut block on Miller (hard to go I know) so Ryan had the passING lane.
  11. Sorry, I need to stop trying to fight this myth , but it's hard. The offense lost the NFCC game.
  12. It was the offense that blew it in the NFCC game in the second half.
  13. You don't have much talent on the Defense, as I said in another thread we are not going to win many games scoring 10 points. That's not the way this team is built.
  14. This,,we have neglected the defense to build our offense, we're not going to win many games when we only score 10 points. Not saying the defense couldn't have played better, but I don't expect them to win games for us. That's what the offense is going to have to do.
  15. That's the way the team is built, our offense will have to win games for us
  16. I wasn't worried at all just needing a FG, we do that all the time. If we needed a touchdown, I would have been worried a lot, we don't do that well.
  17. You guys are funny, they asked Blalock to do something that no guard is going to be able to do. Pull and get to a freakishly fast DE that is allowed a free run. The same thing happened to the second unit when they tried it.
  18. I knew we were going to have a bad night when Ryan missed Julio for a probable TD on the first series. He had beat his man badly and Ryan threw a ball he had to jump for and try to say in bounds. If Ryan is on, that's a better pass.
  19. Quizz is very good at picking up blitzes
  20. The defense is not going to win you many, if any games. They don't have the talent, and some of the minimal talent they have is hurt. We're playing undrafted free agents and rejects at linebacker. Rookies at corner, and the special teams kept putting them in bad positions. The defense as a whole has been neglected as much as the lines. We don't have a 3rd overall pick on the defense, we don't have a 6th overall pick on the defense, we don't have a G.O.A.T. and multiple , multi-year probowlers on the defense. The offense is going to have to dominate for us to win, which they haven't been able to do.
  21. Did he say he was playing to keep the streak going, or is this just something you guys feel.
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