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  1. But they probably should. And I’m a Ryan supporter. But there’s so many holes. Coaching can only solve so many
  2. Not on our price range. And you get what you pay for. Usually.
  3. Put that in perspective. He has a cap hit close to a functional defensive line.
  4. Let’s see… JJ was tall, great reach, fast and former wrestler athletic and strong. KP is also tall, great reach, fast, and athletic enough to block some. Seems almost a wash.
  5. This is all I need to see at this point. If the adjustments are non existent then this season will be much like last one. Penalties can get coached out over time, so the Oline theoretically should improve. The defense tho, I fear it is what it is.
  6. Regardless of the offensive player drafter, this defense would still be, well, offensive.
  7. Oh I do. The OL is weak. The Defense is weak. And the results are more of the same.
  8. I’d prefer to sign a polished RT than wait for rookie learning curve. Draft defense
  9. So. I’m not seeing anything encouraging for this year. This very long painful year ahead.
  10. Now I can get back to enjoying these boards. PMF is here.
  11. I didn’t crown him. I simply strayed the observable fact that he runs a tighter practice. The rah rah didn’t work. Professional approach may.
  12. But. By most accounts Arthur is running much more professional, more effective and accountable practices than DQ. You play how you practice. This might be a factor
  13. Since the mid 70’s. That Monday night game where they beat Minnesota. Met Aundray Bruce his rookie year. Met Bartkowski last year. Every year I go how much can I take? Lol
  14. Well, to be fair, hundreds of years is in no way accurate. As I hear it, it’s the short testing time and validations that has most people concerned. And there are different types of vaxxes for C-19 to boot. Compound all that uncertainty with confusing results and benefits and of course people are reluctant. But ultimately it is a private business and I would agree they have the right to set guidelines as they seem fit, within legal boundaries naturally. I have no problem with that.
  15. That was the first Falcons game I watched. My grandfather and I stayed up to see it. It’s the very reason I’m still a fan. Thanks for the memories sir.
  16. Just being pedantic. Hardline all or nothing statements are incredibly annoying. And usually false.
  17. In this age of free agency and trades, it makes tremendous sense to check out as many players as realistically and efficiently possible. You never know what next year might bring.
  18. Well it was a different era but Roger Staubach had naval duties as well. A two year window isn’t unprecedented but would be rare. However fact is Covid has changed a lot of perspectives so anything is possible. The 16th game with a new TV deal could make a huge dead cap hit palatable in a year certainly in two. All depends on Blank’s agreement.
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