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  1. I K R....
  2. The required car insurance is if you affect other people. Health insurance is for yourself.
  3. Suuuuu weeee that’s just wrong dude.
  4. Ummmm WHOSE OL are you watching? Im gonna assume you left off the sarcasm tag.
  5. Matt Bryant
  6. You do realize I support your position?
  7. While your first statement is true, there is no doubt the mental aspect affects outcome primarily if its a negative aspect Sports are not an exact science
  8. Dan Reeves first season. Finished At 8-8 I think it was an the next year 14-2. It was obvious the winning was an attitude carryover.
  9. If we go 4-12 next year maybe he goes.
  10. You forgot the sarcasm tag. Or you don’t remember when he was here.
  11. This is most likely. I wish he’d be our OC but I don’t see it.
  12. well that was satisfying....thank you for the reminder.
  13. an R & B singer
  14. AUNDRAY BRUCE??!!! Oh the pain and disappointment of that one.