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  1. Agreed. Mr Bartkowski threw a beautiful pass when I was really learning the game. I even met him a few years ago. Still a class guy.
  2. and they are usually very winnable design.
  3. This is either proof he is the toughest sob out there or a really bad coaching decision. He left on a cart... smh
  4. Well doesn’t “the other cornerback” have a broken leg?
  5. Matthews. By far. The experience and talent level dictate a higher ceiling than a rookie so his level of suck was e pone finally worse.
  6. Maybe he should practice against Beasley /sarc
  7. Welp. This is embarrassing. On all fronts. Anyone see any answers?
  8. Could someone explain to the offense we don’t want them to COMMIT the turnovers. We want the defense to create some FOR us. SMH
  9. Ito seems better than freeman so far
  10. Talent? I’m not really seeing much of that on the field. Sadly.
  11. 50+ I can see missing a few...39 yards? Agreed, time for another kicker,
  12. Riley is expendable despite his ST play. Safety and corner are now more pressing than LB
  13. Gino needs reps with the rest of first team OL. That could potentially identify if SevenSack is our best option at RT. I think he’s not. Lindstrom is a rookie who was saddled with WeakWes and Seven on his sides. He did as I would expect. Fix the RT and the O woes get better. Assuming receivers can still catch. I expect a few surprise cuts on D but I don’t rule out a later secondary pickup. 10-6 if RT gets resolved.
  14. I see a lot of reasonable here.
  15. Sure looked like his name on the jersey. First series granted