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  1. The current stats show 15% of those tested (who already display symptoms of something in most cases) are testing positive. Of those, 1.6% are passing away. Extrapolate those out to a national scale and you have 750k fatalities. IF EVERYONE EVERYWHERE was exposed or had symptoms meriting testing. It could be bad. Probably won’t, but it could.
  2. Agreed. Falcon luck would be a torn ACL game 1 of the season.
  3. /Sarc
  4. Not a fan of an aging JPP. Can’t really say why. Something I just can’t quite put my finger on....
  5. Who is this Senat fellow you speak of?
  6. He had a driver so he could study gamefilm and such in the daily commute From SD to LA. He didn’t want to uproot his family
  7. While I can follow your logic, I think you’re overlooking a few key elements of human nature. First, he’s a Billionaire who made money by being aggressive, creative, and patient; Home Depot was not built in a day. That takes patience and commitment Two, he bought a NFL franchise. That takes more than money. That also requires some vanity. Jerry Jones is full of it and himself. Other owners aren’t as open about it but it’s clearly still there. This same man bought a giant Yacht. That’s a mindset of more than just “Good enough” Everything I can find about him says he’s patient but determined in business and believes in his own vision and he does not settle and his actions with the Falcons follows this as well His problem is his in willingness to adjust from his own vision He’s a billionaire. That has worked for him I may disagree with his vision or actions, but I think you’re way off base on thinking he doesn’t care about winning or wanting a SuperBowl title
  8. For now. Everything is cyclical. Once DCs change philosophies and even players then someone will change QB style again. Just find the best player and things will sort themselves out.
  9. can see 9-7 to 11-4 based upon the way the last half of this season played out for most of these teams.IF we keep a top 10 defense performance, we can play with any of these teams. Granted that’s a BIG “if”
  10. Buc Man, win or lose, You’re alright in my book.
  11. Oh hello. There’s the 2019 Falcons.
  12. This. If Bradley is for something, particularly something important, I have to more closely examine my stance if we agree. His track record is absolutely “less than stellar”.
  13. Even 5 solid O-line players that play each game together with no major injuries cant overcome a defense that gives up points at the drop of the hat. It's a team sport, and all aspects need to play well. So right now a LG and a center heir apparent and we really aren't in bad Oline shape. Add in better Oline coaching and these guys look even better. The SF and NO wins really drive that home. That would point the problem back at DQ more than TD. My point is, its all perspective than can be made into an argument in any direction. I just dont see many options.....
  14. So you want to cut deep and in multiple areas across the franchise and players to start fresh. Then demand a winning season? You are incredibly optimistic that new staff will be perfect. The odds of that are low. So low there's a cliche about the grass being greener......
  15. This is the first Falcons game I watched. I became a fan after watching them beat the Vikes while I was visiting obnoxious family from Minnesota. It was awesome.