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  1. The Ghost of Dan Reeves must have posted.
  2. It would take a rare find at RB to elevate enough. Possible but not probable. We have a nicely developing LB corp and AJ just needs a quality safety to give us a decent back half. We still have no pass rush. I’d rather have a formidable defense front 7 at this point. Even well rested, our porous defense gives up too many points and yards.
  3. Talk had issues yes. But our training staff clearly has issues too.
  4. Yes as he should. As poorly as the O has played(MR in particular) the D has been way too soft. Again.
  5. You can not be correct. We haven’t had a pass rush in years....
  6. He is usually pretty good. I’ve only seen a handful of “bad” throws. But he handles challenges well. TBH, he reminds me of young MR, but with a better long ball.
  7. I dunno. The Sarkisian fellow in Alabama is looking like a good OC.......
  8. Actually, I agree. The defense’s second half woes are still there, although not as deep. Look at Locke’s second half numbers. An OC who can scheme the run better and a DC who adjusts and plans better is needed. Raheem is not overall better than DQ.
  9. Agreed. I see AT MOST 4 wins ahead. A split with both Tampa and NO, the Chargers and the Broncos. None of those are guarantees or even easy wins. Losing out is just as likely. My gut says 3-13.
  10. Careful. Leftwich might be our next coach. 😂
  11. 30 other teams get Covid every week the rest of the season. The only way....
  12. Not that there’s anything Posters here have any say about that.
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