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  1. Actually, I agree. The defense’s second half woes are still there, although not as deep. Look at Locke’s second half numbers. An OC who can scheme the run better and a DC who adjusts and plans better is needed. Raheem is not overall better than DQ.
  2. Agreed. I see AT MOST 4 wins ahead. A split with both Tampa and NO, the Chargers and the Broncos. None of those are guarantees or even easy wins. Losing out is just as likely. My gut says 3-13.
  3. Careful. Leftwich might be our next coach. 😂
  4. 30 other teams get Covid every week the rest of the season. The only way....
  5. Not that there’s anything Posters here have any say about that.
  6. Mick was awesome. The game against the Rams with five FG was great fun
  7. Well if I had a spare billion dollars....
  8. I doubt it. I expect him to last thru at least Game 12 at a minimum. Not like there’s coaches available now.
  9. Met Trevor at a Manning Passing Academy I took my boy to. He’s definitely got swagger and size. But he was very nice to the kids too. I can see him as a falcon.
  10. Soon...... hopefully soon. Corona already put an asterisk by this season might as well bite the bullet of reality. Soon.
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