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  1. Isn't it 503 million? How much guaranteed?
  2. Instagram hates the the falcons. But this is a little funny.
  3. I just saw a meme from CBS sports about top 10 deep pass QBs. Ryan was number 9 on their list. Good ol’ noodlearm.
  4. Well seems that they are the anointed NFC favorites based upon TB to TB
  5. Actually, based upon history, I’d say you’re pretty close. The splits and Carolina seem right. However, the Seattle or GB game could be a “surprise” loss. Depends on if the team from the second half of last years shows up or not. mice been leaning to 10-6. Maybe a wild card. Maybe
  6. Well. Every year they have a new flu vaccine. I would expect this to be the same, so a perfect vaccine is not realistic at all. Basic hygiene and good common sense. Considering “flattening the curve” was never to prevent infections but rather just to not overload the healthcare system, having a better PPE and support supply of ventilators et al, hoes a long way. Statistically, so far at least, 94% have no loss ting effects. Just sayin.
  7. So we’re just going to give TBTB the NFC? come on......
  8. yeah I agree....quality player and a future need...I'm feeling better about this draft as it sinks in.
  9. Stay safe! Southeast Alabama had bad storms earlier but no tornadoes this time. At least this storm seems to move fast. Prayers to you and yours...
  10. Well. TD and DQ would definitely be all in on this year. Considering the FA group this year, if they pan out, I guess this could be ok. A lot of IF’s tho....
  11. Love the pics. But there’s a big part of me that thinks the rumor smoke is just that, smoke. An actual trade up from 16 would shock me.
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