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  1. Just being pedantic. Hardline all or nothing statements are incredibly annoying. And usually false.
  2. In this age of free agency and trades, it makes tremendous sense to check out as many players as realistically and efficiently possible. You never know what next year might bring.
  3. Well it was a different era but Roger Staubach had naval duties as well. A two year window isn’t unprecedented but would be rare. However fact is Covid has changed a lot of perspectives so anything is possible. The 16th game with a new TV deal could make a huge dead cap hit palatable in a year certainly in two. All depends on Blank’s agreement.
  4. To be pedantic, talent and ability. But I get your point. But to that, would he object to playing in the playoffs every year? Those games take a toll too. It’s all just perspective.
  5. if you agree to allowing it in original restructure anything is possible. Remember the guy that wrote something like “unlimited credit limit” and “no minimum payment required” on his visa application when he signed and submitted it? The bank approved his app and he was able to legally hold them to it. Awesome.
  6. I can live with Jones in middle of first round if we can get two extra pics. He needs some seasoning but he showed his accuracy at the Senior bowl. We need pics.
  7. The Ghost of Dan Reeves must have posted.
  8. It would take a rare find at RB to elevate enough. Possible but not probable. We have a nicely developing LB corp and AJ just needs a quality safety to give us a decent back half. We still have no pass rush. I’d rather have a formidable defense front 7 at this point. Even well rested, our porous defense gives up too many points and yards.
  9. Talk had issues yes. But our training staff clearly has issues too.
  10. Yes as he should. As poorly as the O has played(MR in particular) the D has been way too soft. Again.
  11. You can not be correct. We haven’t had a pass rush in years....
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