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  1. Our webmasters are too busy posting Ludacris videos and linking content to notice we dont have game notes or jersey schedules. Not like some of our road fans like to match the team....Fk our superstitions though
  2. Hey I noticed some sites have game notes, detailing everything about the game. Example: This is something we used to have, and something I found on years ago. (Obviously that website is down now), but I love getting those details...So informative, but now our website apparently just settles for videos. Maybe this is why a lot of our fans are so stupid?
  3. This game reminds me of the game played in 2005. We started fast, went on a losing streak, won what we thought was a bounce back game and ran up on the Panthers in Carolina. Hopefully we get a different outcome
  4. Red. You can see it on the field. Carolina will be in their blue uniforms.
  5. Julio already had his first TD. Falcons winning is a bold prediction.
  6. Since 2002, we have consistently filled up our venue, but that was primarily because our tickets were priced to the fans of our team. I live in Seattle, and the Seahawks can charge $250 per ticket. The houses here cost $650,000. Atlanta is a different story and currently, we aren't able to afford the ticket prices in the Benzo. To be honest, we really need a band of losing seasons to be priced back into our own stadium. The bandwagoners will weed themselves out and the money-hungry PSL "owners" will give our PSLs back or sell them at more reasonable prices. Our PSLs are owned by people from Philadelphia and Boston who thought they'd capitalize by buying PSLs and selling tickets individually per game.
  7. We are priced out of our own stadium. The household median doesn't make enough to shell out that kind of money per seat for a football game. Period.
  8. Pushing forward.

  9. yeah...its the passing of the torch!

  10. ....Sorry! Kinda decided to drop in and remind everybody that it's coming! RainingConfetti, championship.
  11. None of yall are gonna win....
  12. I'm on Yahoo. It's the best and I've used it since I started playing two years ago.... 3 teams and 3 trophies to show for it...
  13. dude that pioc is ****ing funny... you know ole joey was bitter.