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  1. We dont need to do any crying. Shockley has done enough for himself. He is the worst QB in the nfl. thats not even a joke. http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats;jse...experience=null
  2. i dont think he can go to the practice squad. he's a 3rd year player. besides he wont even get to start the 4th preseason game. he'll be cut before that
  3. GOOD let them bring it its a good test for Ryan. get him as much experience as we can so we can start him from the get go. I hope the titans d plays really tough that way when he faces teams like detroit and carolina early he'll be like "LOL look at these n00bs"
  4. dont know if its been posted but i dont care either. i'll have evidence soon
  5. actually TE's ARE better than last year. it pains me to say it but Crumpler was hurting us more than helping us with his knees and injuries. but the defensive line im not sure... and CB definitely worse we lost a great player in Hall. But our Pass defense will imprve solely because we are running a much better scheme.
  6. lol oh yea didnt realize he put up 10 lineman. yea i think 8 is generally a good number 3 backups that can cross train. stepanovich will be one of them IMO. then theres Forney and Weiner or otherwise Clabo and Dahl (depending which is the starting group)
  7. yup especially at the positions where we will have to rotate players often: i.e. the defensive line. there are positions where u just dont rotate players at all like QB so whats the real need for a 3rd. I now put forth the movement to carry only 2 QB's, redman and ryan.
  8. yea so why not just carry 2 on the roster in general. if it comes to the point where we need to go to a 3rd guy (most likely due to injury...why else would we) then we can look for some fodder on the market. I'd rather give Culpepper a chance than shockley or harrington. besides a lot of other training camp arms will DEFINITELY be hitting the market once preseason is over with. its not like there wont be options. then again i see the only reason to actually carry 3 QB's is so that you have an extra arm in practices...but idk, i'd rather give that spot to someone else.
  9. Definitely win if Ryan starts. Maybe win if Redman starts. Definitely lose if Harrington or Shockley start. I have faith that the coaching staff will have the right men on the team and the right man leading them.
  10. yeaa.. you guys can hope for the best, but i aint prayin for ya. it'd just be a waste of everyone's time.
  11. seriously i dont know why you even come here lol... you never have anything to contribute and all you ever do is try to be a **** and put us down. sorry to dissapoint you but it doesnt work. none of us will feel less good about our team because a troll told us to do so.
  12. does anyone else think it might be better to just keep 2 QB's and allow us to keep some other positional players? your killing the 2007 draft here. I would rather keep guys like Stone, Fontenot, etc over guys like a 3rd TE Rader, or having a 3rd string QB.
  13. even last year i dont think we had a game where we turned the ball over 5 times... last nights game wasnt pretty to watch outside of turner
  14. will that be before or after talib starts smokin up with vick and jimmy williams?
  15. he looked ok on the punt returns, but thats because jennings looks so bad. overall he didnt have a good game. wasnt getting separation, and the tipped ball was just a rookie move. WR has a steep learning curve in the nfl im sure he'll be fine as he gets more experience under his belt
  16. of course i definitely didnt see everything, feel free to point out anything i missed.
  17. After Preseason game 2 (2nd column of arrows are for Preseason week 2. 1st column is week 1) QB: Matt Ryan ↑− The INT wasnt good, but he was moving the ball well. not a bad outing but not great either. Chris Redman ↓↑ A great outing was ruined by a tipped ball Joey Harrington −− DJ Shockley ↓↓ ...wow... RB: Michael Turner ↑↑ WOW feel the burn! Jerious Norwood ↑− Jason Snelling ↑↓ The line wasnt doing him any favors...but 7 carries, -7 yards :blink: Thomas Brown ↑↑ He's contributing on special teams and looks solid running the rock. FB: Ovi
  18. shockley is friggin terrible and you need to just start shutting up
  19. dont mean to spoil the thread but uh...kroy has one sack. the one he got last night. he did force a fumble last week though
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