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  1. Mods, you know what to do.
  2. it adds to the excitement. i love the track variations. you dont go extremely fast at Bristol but you get a new level of excitement when guys are being lapped within 5 laps of a restart and with neck to neck side by side racing. theres so many different strategies in nascar that make it awesome, all teams pretty much have a standard set of what the car is built like, so its all about who nails the setup and who doesnt make the critical mistakes on the track. how can you not love that
  3. im in new jersey and i assure you there are tons of nascar fans, including myself. Racing is meant to be one way, fast. and you dont get faster than nascar. And i hate all the stupid talk about "turning left". road racing is some of the most boring racing i have ever seen in my life. nascar has 2 road races and i think even they should be eliminated because of how BORING those races are.
  4. to be more accurate, i believe most people around here were calling roddy a bust after his SECOND year. thats when he had those reallyyyy bad drops. (the saints game ALWAYS comes to mind)
  5. do you lack reading comprehension? week 1 was a down arrow, week 2 was a dash. i already provided the reasoning for this.
  6. however if you want to fully commit you must consider changing your avatar and sig slightly....otherwise others will see you as still being manipulated by the dark side
  7. i think the issue stems even further than JUST UGA homerism. in fact i think its what Shockley resembles. I think that people want Shockley to be something that he will never be able to replace...Michael Vick.
  8. Good man. Welcome to the world of realism, intelligence, and sensibility.
  9. well the point is everyone says not to start a QB thats a rookie but i think in spite of that fact he is going to start from the get go..its not a matter of his draft position/contract. there is never a rush to get a rookie QB on the field but in this case he clearly is our best QB and we're gonna let him go out there right away.
  10. no...i had it down week 1 because he wasnt even trying out there and still managed to get himself hurt. week 2 he has a - which i put there because he DIDNT EVEN PLAY. the dash means the stock didnt go up or down.
  11. i agree that ryan is our starter. furthermore i believe this has been planned for a while and things were setup as is purposely. i believe Ryan was chosen as the starter well before preseason, maybe even before training camp started.
  12. lol maybe watch the game next time?
  14. LOL what are you talking about? he's one of my favorite players on the team, look at my sig!
  15. omg im so scared if i have to get mine out. it sounds like a horrible experience. i know my bottom 2 wisdom teeth are horizontally impacted....cant be good news.
  16. Brilliant! why hasn't anyone thought of this yet?
  17. lol its because only idiots complained about it in the first place. unfortunately scientific data has shown that idiots only have a life expectancy of about 11 days. eventually they go outside and get hit by buses, never to post on message boards again... a sad tale really
  18. THe thing is, we KNOW jamaal will be our starter and we've invested a lot into him. He does have some positives that he's shown up to this point. To say he hasnt been a disappointment thus far would be homerism on my part. But considering his position relative to the falcons organization, i can only hope for the best. i was actually pleased with the pick when we made it, and i liked what i saw from this kid in college, even though he was incredibly raw at his position. Im willing to give him at LEAST 1 more full year starting. Hopefuly Dimitroff will too, and hopefully Anderson will make every
  19. ... W O W.... your logic stupefies me. I would never have expected such a stereotypical remark from you. and shockley doesn't play anything like garrard. Garrard manages the game, allows the running game to develop, and throws with great touch. Garrard threw 18 TD's and just 3 INT's all of last year. shockley plays like he's the only one who can make a difference. he doesnt put his teammates in a position where THEY can make plays. He tries to shoulder everything himself and overcompensates. It results in him running with the ball, rifling the ball at receivers, turning it over, and putting up
  20. OOOOO you go to college?! Man...i can't think of anyone who has ever accomplished such a great feat... and your the one who brought literary competency into this thread, i know this is a message board, hence me using nonstandard english. i'm not writing an expository writing paper.
  21. no i did not. It is a form of nonstandard classical english. But if thats the best you got then i'm not surprised. Mr. "DJ Shockley is DEE DEE DEE future"
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