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  1. Jenkins will never be an elite WR in this league, but he has the most experience on our team besides Finn now, and he has 14 td's in the past 3 years. thats more than anyone else can say so he should make the team. But no way in my mind should he be the starter. Roddy is clearly our #1 and I believe that Laurent gives us our best option at #2. Douglas it remains to be seen so for now put jenkins at #3 and douglas @ #4 until he matures into a better receiver. I think our receving core will be fine, especially with laurent and roddy. Now the question is how well Hartsock can perform in the passi
  2. -Play better on 3rd down, both offensively and defensively. -Penalties, we did a lot better with this the 2nd game than the first. Keep it going -Turnovers: 5 in the last game. that has to stop. -Matty Ice. Will he be our starter or our backup entering the regular season. We'll find out in this game. -Pass Defense. Its been a pleasant surprise thus far. They wont get a great challenge against vince young but it would be bad news if they got torn up. -Pass rush. we'll see Anderson for a whole half this time. lets see if he tries harder this game -Special teams, just dont make any mistakes..
  3. Let me know what that's like. Oh wait, you won't be able to. You'd be dead. You wouldn't be anywhere, just dead. If this is gonna turn into a religious statement then i'll stop this discussion now.
  4. You would sacrifice yourself for Jigga Donkey? I don't believe you. You truly do speak idealistically.
  5. quite idealistic. im not saying i would hope for anything either, however the fact is that someone somewhere will suffer at the hands of natural disasters. if i had the power i would certainly pick up a notepad and start making a queue list of who deserves to go.
  6. here's a riddle: if jigga donkey dies in a tropical storm, and no one is around to see it, will he stop posting?
  7. thanks if you do it i'll send you a cookie
  8. roddy hasnt cost us a game yet by getting penalties for his "swagger" its one thing to have swagger and another to be COCKY. deangelo hall for instance didnt know any better and it cost us. its unfortunate...he was so talented
  9. i dont mean to be the one to burst your bubble... but the man listed 4th string on our depth chart is Matt Ryan. and he WILL be starting
  10. you ever think maybe he doesnt care because its.... PRESEASON!
  11. MATT MOORE! can you do those live interviews with the players where we can ask questions live to the players like they used to do like 2-3 years ago when michael oldham was still around?
  12. who cares how he spells might on A MESSAGE BOARD. jigga donkey really needs a life.
  13. Im really hoping Ryan has a good game then. Lets go ahead and kick off the Ryan era and let him take his lumps throughout his rookie year. It probably did wonders for the development of players like manning, roethlisberger, marino, etc. the players that were bad their first year and the rest of their career were just scrubly QB's in general. So lets find out right away if Ryan can be a leader, and in 2 years we'll know what we have in Ryan
  14. Turner has great acceleration even though his top end SPEED isnt anything like norwoods. I actually thought the same thing with those runs, i wonder if norwood would had taken em all the way. But in the same token Turner had great awareness hitting those holes and then exploding trhough them. who knows if norwood would have made the correct read in the same situation.
  15. Guys Grady played 1 year of starting Safety in college and he put up a better safety rating than Matt Ry...i mean Lawyer milloy. He has more experience even though he never started a game at safety in the pros. I would just feel more comfortable with him out there in the secondary knowing that most passes that go to his side of the field would just bounce off him anyway.
  16. its a conspiracy, the falcons staff is clearly holding him back. he has the most talent of all our safeties. if he doesnt get time with the 1st team secondary then we'll never give him a fair chance. when we cut him its going to be a sad day for the falcons organization...
  17. It's pretty obvious what he must be thinking in this picture "I hate my life"
  18. that might be how you see it but to me road racing is just straightaways and turns in the same way as all other racing, except on roads its slower, and you cant make passes as much. the end result is a race thats not NEARLY as exciting
  19. all i see is a bunch of road race designs... and like i said i find road racing to be incredibly boring. leave that to video game racing
  20. I read this post and thought "wow, what an idiot". then i looked up and to the left and saw the user name and my initial assessment was confirmed.
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