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  1. he wasnt going to anyway. he's strahans replacement now the giants have to replace BOTH osi and strahan? can you say no pass rush?
  2. due to the new limit i think we only have to cut 3 guys... they will be the scrubliest of scrubs. it doesnt even matter
  3. he's washed up.. will def not make the team imo
  4. of course you never want to be known as soft but at the same time dirty isnt always good. if we get a reputation as being dirty then that leads to people hating us, and in turn you may see people headhunting our players and we will just become unliked and receive no respect. Theres ways to be physical and nasty without doing "dirty" things
  5. you gotta love nastiness but im not gonna like it for long if it keeps costing us offensively with the penalties. we have to remember that we have yet to score over 17 points this preseason and in 2 games now we have had around 10 penalties, most of which came from the offensive line. those penalties are killing our drives and we have yet to show that we can overcome them. We won today due to the defense. the offense still has things to work on
  6. wow you really are an ignorant dumbazz
  7. STFU DIPSH*T I'm not "hating" I'm stating FACTS WORST QB IN THE NFL. You should go KILL YOURSELF you stupid f**k.
  8. Shockley is the worst QB in the nfl. Harrington is not. The choice is very easy if we decide to carry 3 QB's
  9. good info. definitely he's gotten some good work in this preseason and i've been saying all along that i think he will start from the getgo
  10. agreed agreed agreed whoa lets not push it finn is a very solid vet and i think he'll make the team but not as a starter. agreed agreed agreed agreed
  11. After Preseason game 3 (3rd column is week 3, 2nd column for week 2. 1st column is week 1) QB: Matt Ryan ↑−↑ Its clear to me that he can manage games, and that he has poise. He will make it in this league, no doubt Chris Redman ↓↑↑ Looks great out there...man i would feel good with either him or ryan out there Joey Harrington −−− DJ Shockley ↓↓− Its for the best that we did not have to see him play RB: Michael Turner ↑↑− Nothing special. good hard running Jerious Norwood ↑−↑ Explosive running. good to see Norwood at it. gotta worry about du
  12. we are getting no yards on offense its really sad to watch this
  13. i swear this is going to be a boring offense to watch. we rely so much on timing/rhythm yet we commit penalties or allow a single sack and we cant convert anymore. we are playing extremely flawed offensively and its not pretty. this was a terrible outing for our offense. and now ryan wont play much more for the rest of the night.
  14. mularkey wtf are you thinking you shud run it with a minute left geez
  15. omg gamecenter initially said Jennings -30 yard return i was like :mellow:
  16. neck and neck defensive battles in preseason...idk if thats good or not
  17. defense givin up yards but made a couple nice gamechanging plays. stupid penalties >_<
  18. Young is a little bi*ch dont run with it in a preseason game. He's just asking to get injured. exhibit A: vick 2003
  19. usually in this type of game we will only see 2 qb's. since ryan will work into the 3rd, it shud be safe to assume redman will get reps the rest of the game.
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