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  1. LMAOthat was great. leave it to a saint to do that
  2. i dont think its fair because i dont think dogfighting is a big deal. thats my opinion of it. thats it. it has nothing to do with being a vick hugger or anything. i wont miss him. but this is a darn stupid reason for a mans career to be ruined
  3. id consider roddy white but most likely would get a boley or brooking jersey.
  4. thats what is being indicated by nfl.com on the fantasy page for norwood. it says: Falcons coach Bobby Petrino made a notable lineup change against the Rams. Jerious Norwood made his first start of the season at RB and led the team with eight carries for 94 yards. Norwood is averaging 6.4 yards per carry but hasn't had as many as 10 carries in a game. He has 442 yards rushing on only 69 carries. Former starter Warrick Dunn has 190 carries for 600 yards, for 3.2 yards per carry. Many observers expected Norwood, a second-year back who also averaged 6.4 yards per carry as a rookie, to assume a le
  5. hes the most nfl ready for our offense but that doesnt make him nfl ready. I do want Brohm myself, but just like any QB there is a learning curve to how differently NFL defenses play, and how he'll have to adjust and get better for the pro level
  6. you think theres any chance we can pull off a Browns and get Long with our first pick then trade back up in the first round and get Brohm later in the 1st? i would prolly orgasm if we could do that..
  7. no doubt we need to spend a first day pick and try to acquire an extra guy in FA for the Offensive line. It all starts there. I dont think we pick mcfadden but i certainly wouldnt be upset if we did! In all honesty i really want us to pick Brohm now. Hes the best QB in this draft IMO and we know he can play in Petrino's offense. So if Petrino is here for the long haul, then Brohm is the ideal pick. then we can work on o line with our next pick. As for RB i dont think it will be as much of a problem as we think. Norwood will get his chance eventually and I GUARANTEE HE WILL SUCCEED! Norwood +
  8. agreed. overpaid and useless. terrible pickup by the front office and mckay. They can make up for it though if they can manage to bring in Chad Johnson. That move in itself could also possibly help keep D. Hall around.
  9. a valid point however concerning the 14.8 avg/catch that is actually very good. I would put it on the QB that it isnt higher. Look at the rest of our team, and you will be hard pressed just to find any receivers with over 10 yards/rec. avg!
  10. Roddy White has 4 receiving TD's on the year. These occurred in 4 separate games. Roddy White has 4 100 yard receiving games this year. In the games in which Roddy has gotten a TD reception, he has also gone for 100+ receiving yards. Just something I found interesting. When Roddy shows up, he REALLY shows up. If we can get even more consistency from him, he will officially be an elite receiver in this league. Good job Roddy! Petrino and Hue have been huge in turning around his career. Im glad for him. Go falcons.
  11. they dont need him to. their offensive line is amazing. as for pinner, he got all those yards on that fake punt trick play where he got like 45 yards....
  12. you make no friggin sense how is it that brohm wont sell out the dome and woodson will? thats the most ******** thing ive ever heard. Any playmaker we take in the top 10 will help sell out tickets. It doesnt matter if its brohm woodson mcfadden or w/e playmakers sell. look at reggie bush. look at vince young. brady quinn will too.
  13. I like the way you think. Maybe look at DT's too. Coleman aint gettin younger/healthier
  14. its too much of a risk to try brennan..just get brohm he has been successful in both petrinos offense (OUR OFFENSE BTW) and in some other dudes this year at Louisville. BROHM 08!
  15. DEF get Brohm in this draft. Hes a real leader and its makes 100% sense to bring him into a system that he knows and has ALREADY EXCELLED IN! BROHM 08!
  16. true i forgot about jordan. he would be a good addition. But he might be expensive. We'll see. But we MUST get Brohm in this draft
  17. agreed its time for dunn to hang it up. otherwise gtfo out of atlanta we need to rebuild. dunn has no future here. Take your 10,000 yards after 11 years in the league and you can go take a vacation, permanently. Make excuses about the o-line but it doesnt change the fact that every game norwood is outrushing dunn with less carries. Hopefully norwood is hte starter next season...cause hes not gonna be this year, not with our lame coach and the lame loyalties of the front office.
  18. props to him. too bad hes doing this in our worst season of the decade pretty much
  19. looks good so far need to get used to it though
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