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  1. Guys shockley is our best QB he is clearly DA FUTURE. did you see that crisp drop back?
  2. defense is beasting....but on offense.. we have completed only 3 passes thru almost a full 2 quarters? 0_o
  3. not that i can think of . i'm sure there are, but they would most likely be exotic and something that you would not be able to keep as a pet, if thats what you were wondering. now in order to refrain from hijacking the thread to discuss turtles you can pm me instead lol
  4. great news that no injuries...its the last thing we need.. seems just like a freak accident, gotta always be on your toes you never know what might be comin to hit you
  5. indeed it is a tiny turtle. this is not mine just an awesome picture of one. turtles ftw.
  6. wasnt brian finneran cut from the eagles? and what about allen rossum? im not positive if the packers cut him both players were great as falcons.
  7. peeps relax the final depth chart will be released soon enough! it doesnt matter where laurent is listed now, i highly doubt it has anything to do with his ability.
  8. 7/22 121 yards, 0 td's, 2 INT's, 3 sacks, 1 lost fumble
  9. Good luck finding a new job DJ. Maybe if you land a solid job with a higher echelon supermarket you can give a recommendation for joey when he joins you
  10. starters hardly play in the 4th preseason game. The 3rd game is the dress rehearsal for the season, where everyone tries to get in rhythm. the 4th game is essentially nothing more than a final audition for the backups to make the team.
  11. i'd consider trading jenkins for a 2nd but that would never happen. they have some good olineman i wouldnt mind having
  12. i highly doubt he can top a season where he had 120 tackles, 11 passes defended, 6 interceptions, a sack, and a TD
  13. all i see are randomly assorted results. maybe thats the point your trying to make idk. i dont think this has any bearing on whether matt ryan will be good or bad. the only one who has control over that is Ryan. Lets go ahead and see if he is a bust or not from the getgo.
  14. right cause theres a lot more Ryan can learn from Shockley than from harrington... sigh..i thought you turned away from the dark side but clearly it still has a hold on you. i know you didnt mention shockley in this post but its obvious your still holding out for him to make the team. Shockley loving turns to ignorance, ignorance to fear, fear to anger, anger to the dark side!
  15. Good for jenkins. he showed up the last 2 games, and hopefully he gets his act together and becomes the possesion receiver Ryan will need. As for Forney, this is not particularly surprising. He just isnt any good outside of a zone blocking scheme and i think its time we part with him.
  16. it was the first day of training camp i believe. not mini camp
  17. adams is a beast and i think most ppl would have wanted him over anderson but we knew he wouldnt fall past the top 5 picks. oh well we gambled taking the 2nd best DE in that draft...and IMO its still yet to be seen which one is better.
  18. the main reason is prolly cause they wouldnt be able to make those coors light commercials anymore
  19. i stopped watching the pressers a long time ago. instead i just read the text transcript of it. idk why but they will never listen to this request. we are doomed to NEVER be able to hear the questions
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