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  1. exactly. we dont need either of the scrubs shockley nor harrington. both of those scrubs should be long gone. instead we're stuck with one of the evils only because idiots like THEYHATEME buy his jersey. friggin numnuts. the best players should make the roster not friggin tools that SUCK
  2. stfu idiot shockley will never play a snap for falcons in the regular season. if he does then our coaches truly are dumb as F**K
  3. i agree this is stupid that we are carrying dj on our active roster. its only going to cause the idiots to cause problems all year long. we dont need 3 active qb's on the active roster. Look at the giants. they just won the superbowl maybe we should take some cues from them. carrying only 2 qb's and didnt think twice about it prolly
  4. fraser and tim anderson made the cut O_o
  5. blue adams and david irons made the cut so congrats there. too bad for fontenot..
  6. Daren stone > dj shockley this is just stupid. we shud had just kept 2 QB's....
  7. idk if i would want to do a trade involving redman...he's the only one i would feel comfortable with outside of Ryan...We'd be in an absolute s**thole if ryan goes down. Oh god i would not want to see Harrington for another season! and shockley god i wouldnt even watch games anymore
  8. you continue with false stats. you really are one of the dumbest fans around here.
  9. henne must be the most overrated QB in this draft.. he put up mediocre numbers on a good michigan team. he wasnt projected higher than a 2nd day pick for most of his career. then after the combine all of sudden ppl are saying he is the 2nd or 3rd best qb in the draft? what do QB's do at the combine anyway? ridiculous
  10. i found those 2 back to back penalties when snelling broke off long runs to be hilarious. but yea i wouldnt worry too much, but at the same time we need to look more disciplined when it counts. our offensive rhythm stinks
  11. meh. 7 catches 53 yards. he definitely looks the part of a rookie out there. he made some mistakes but did have 2 impressive catches. i'd like to see him develop better route running so he can get separation and stretch the field with his speed.
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