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  1. That 790 the Zone caller is hilarious.
  2. I can't believe he's only 28. Dude's been in the league forever.
  3. Why am I unable to find anything of his release on Rotoworld?
  4. Actually, you are. ProFootballFocus disagrees heavily with you.
  5. No, just like it wouldn't be a life-changing event if the Falcons won the Super Bowl. It's a topic for discussion.
  6. Yeah, he was in the same division. Sapp's weird though - I know he'd trash the Falcons, then give them a little bit props. He picked the Falcons to beat the Giants last year, so evidently he changed his opinion after the recent playoff debacle.
  7. I don't think it'd be the same type of disrespect. You can easily highlight weaknesses of a team without it being disrespectful. But yeah, ultimately, respect has no bearing on the game played on the field. It's merely a topic up for discussion.
  8. Would love feedback. Thanks, guys. http://wp.me/p2fswa-6k
  9. I'm going with Roddy White. A few days ago on Facebook, they asked where White should be ranked.
  10. I mean, were you guys expecting "This team really does suck!"
  11. I KNEW it was the skinny post! I definitely think he's the best at throwing it, and he definitely loves throwing it.
  12. Oh boy, just imagine the responses if Ovie tweeted, "Congratulations on your new dea!" or something along those lines.
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