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  1. I KNEW it was the skinny post! I definitely think he's the best at throwing it, and he definitely loves throwing it.
  2. Actually, I think people OVERestimate that value of being one of the best BLOCKING RECEIVERS in the league, especially on this board.
  3. Meh. Jones will shatter any "memorable" moments by Jenkins. I only remember deflecting balls instead of catching them. turning them into interceptions.
  4. I said we'd get William Moore, Sean Weatherspon, AND Akeem Dent.
  5. If there's one thing I can't stand about this board, it's the love affair with the bad players on the team. Seriously. Stop it. Or maybe it's just an inability to admit the Falcons can miss on some draft picks.
  6. The guy couldn't be successful with Philip Rivers throwing to him. The Panthers aren't gaining much, and the Chargers surely won't be missing him.
  7. I was actually looking for your reaction. Glad to see you've come around.
  8. I'm having trouble figuring how what difference that makes. And it was with Ryan as well (2:27 mark): http://www.nfl.com/videos/atlanta-falcons/09000d5d81385f31/Falcons-21-Bears-14
  9. Also deflected passes that turned into interceptions and pick sixes.
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