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  1. That 790 the Zone caller is hilarious.
  2. I can't believe he's only 28. Dude's been in the league forever.
  3. Why am I unable to find anything of his release on Rotoworld?
  4. Actually, you are. ProFootballFocus disagrees heavily with you.
  5. No, just like it wouldn't be a life-changing event if the Falcons won the Super Bowl. It's a topic for discussion.
  6. Yeah, he was in the same division. Sapp's weird though - I know he'd trash the Falcons, then give them a little bit props. He picked the Falcons to beat the Giants last year, so evidently he changed his opinion after the recent playoff debacle.
  7. I don't think it'd be the same type of disrespect. You can easily highlight weaknesses of a team without it being disrespectful. But yeah, ultimately, respect has no bearing on the game played on the field. It's merely a topic up for discussion.
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