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  1. I can easily see not wanting to go through starting in San Fran even if you were starter material. Why put yourself through that?
  2. Hey, if Shannahan is this much of a god in man form on offense, Sanfransisco should lead the league in scoring next season, amirite? And a Houston, Washington and Cleveland obviously did whatever the record books might say. He's just that good.
  3. And this media, they are known for their awesome predictive capacity, are they?
  4. Schaub got more than single wins even on the subpar roster he was on last time he started and you argue he couldn't get a single win on ours? Huh?
  5. So at the same time we have claims that he 'revolutionized the position' while claiming he is the same 'type' of quarterback as Cunningham, young etc all. Which is it? Is he not a different type of qb who failed, overall, or is he? And if he is the same type as Steve Young etc all, then how did he 'revolutionize' the position. Rg3? Out of prominence. Kaepernick? Please. Russel Wilson isn't the same type as Vick, doesn't run nearly as much for one and can actually throw an accurate pass with some touch too. Most of those really mobile quarterbacks only succeeded when they reined in heir mobility and made it a secondary enhancement to their game rather than its focus. I defended him as much as anyone while he was here, but in retrospect he was a naturally gifted but highly flawed both personally and professionally quarterback. Do I 'forgive' him personally, sure. Do I really think he should have been honored? Eh. I can see why they perhaps did it but it leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. He sort of burned that bridge and not just with the dog thing.
  6. Isn't the job of a quarterback to maximize the number of 'easy' throws he has to make and minimize the 'difficult' ones?
  7. I think his personal troubles and trials might have knocked a lot of that 'ego' out of him
  8. He will be called a bust the first time he misses a tackle.
  9. Why are people interacting with the obvious troll in this thread?
  10. Yes. It is.
  11. Anything, and I do mean just about anything up to and including a team dance off, other than sudden death overtime.
  12. Sudden death overtime is an abomination in any form whatsoever.
  13. Nonetheless, when I look at their analysis of a game half the time I have to double check and see if we are 'talking about the same game' - because the rating numbers bear almost no relation to what I actually watched.
  14. I read their game analysis and it rarely has any seeming relationship to the game I actually watched.
  15. I tend to agree - pff is massively overrated.