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  1. Can’t speak for other people, but nope, I still think PFF is nothing special.
  2. Seriously, how many players and coaches do the 2018 Browns have in common with the 2017 Bills and Dolphins? If you want to try to talk about matchup issues with the Browns, fair game, but all of these other things you mention really are irrelevant in context.
  3. We aren’t playing ‘afc teams’ which is meaningless as a generic category. We are playing the 2018 Cleveland Browns. No one else.
  4. Backups mostly wouldn’t be backups if they were able to replicate the production of the starters.
  5. An all time record is meaningless. How many of those games came with players and coaches who are still on the rosters? last time we played them was four years ago. Mike smith was our coach. We have at a quick scan a total of nine players in common with that team. assuredly less than that in 2010. Those previous games have no meaning to this coming one. and we aren’t playing “afc teams” we are playing the 2018 Browns.
  6. I'm only sayin', whats on my miiiind. . . .