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  1. Definitely has the general look and demeanor of someone to stay away from in a barroom brawl.
  2. Opponents passer rating for the falcons is actually eight best in the league. Yards per attempt Is 11th. The do have the fourth most attempts against them though. Probably because the run is simply not working anymore. And outside of three runs at Dallas, hasn't all season. Outside those three first runs of the Dallas games the running game of opponents has been netting 3.1 yards a carry.
  3. So, since dled says it, he will either play or he wont?
  4. Well, you are right about that, it was silly. Going straight to attack mode for disrespecting something that hadn't even been brought up yet.
  5. It would be a comeback if the service had been brought up in the original argument. If you had used it to just say 'yes I have been in such a position' sure. But that isn't actually what you did. And I think you have to kind of know that.
  6. Nice. But relevant how? Stop pretending that the military service is being disrespected. But it's not a free 'win the argument card' please try again.
  7. Hasn't fallen = increased? And YAC is part of the offense. Giving it to reciever's in a position to then run for a gain.
  8. Yeah? Ok. So? Everyone in existence doesn't read every post in your existence. Honorable service doesn't excuse jerky action.You dont have to prove anything, right. But trying to use it as an argument lever, when I could just as well claim to be a former NFL quarterbacks coach who knows everything about quarterbacks, inside and out'.... Or a trauma surgeon, or a first responder, or a rescue worker ... Trying to use that as an argument ended isn't really that cool, unless your using it as something that actually provides insight into the question at hand. I don't think military service g
  9. Yup. Too busy counting wins and points scored to notice statistical anomalies of whether the td is thrown five yards or run in five yards.
  10. If you are serving, good on you and I honor that, as I would honor my cousins who are in right now, but since it's something you are going to have trouble proving or disproving on a message board, then bringing it up isn't really relevant and is a bit of a cheapshot . Especially when the statement wasn't made with you having said you were in the military ahead of time, so 'taking umbrage that your military service wasn't respected' is at least a little disingenuous when at the time his comment was made your military service wasn't even on the table?
  11. From your perspective of a fan of a team that is actually struggling, do you find all of these kvetching and moaning threads about almost every other aspect of our team faintly ridiculous right now?
  12. And how many losses does he have, just wondering?
  13. My problem with prevent defense is it doesn't live up to its name: it's really the 'olé' dense. It prevents nothing. Unless you literally just need to eat up time and nothing else, I can't see any reason why that abomination to the name of football that is the prevent defense should see the field of play.
  14. 100% serious. He's hitting his averages or bettering them in pretty much everything but being two td's short, which pretty much have gone to Freeman.
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