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  1. I'm not addicted to these 'running quarterbacks' like many seems to be. Give me a good pocket passer over _any_run first quarterback.
  2. So many toys in the toy box ....
  3. Suuden death overtime of any sort whatsoever is dumb. Full stop.
  4. Well, why would a record largely compiled by players who will probably be cut from the team be all that relevant?
  5. Because they were massively sucky replacement quarterbacks trying to play on a team built around a style they couldn't emulate? Backups not being able to win with a team is not in fact an argument for the validity of QB winning percentage as a stat.
  6. As far as Trubisky looking great in a preseason game ... remember Doug Johnson?
  7. Since the title said most/least accurate in the web address ... can anyone say who the list of least accurate was? I have my suspicions.
  8. What sounds like a cult is the circumlocutions you go through to try to pretend that Cam Newton is an accurate thrower.
  9. Well, we ARE talking about PFF here. If you find PFF less than relevant why is that less valid to post than posting it in the first place? Personally, I find PFF's individual player ratings not worth much at all and ill-reflective of reality.
  10. It also would let them have those guys in practice still, right? Might help out with practices in preseason.
  11. He may be good but .. PFF? Really? Their stats may be ok but their grading system is next to worthless.
  12. I would just have to note that one should never axe or keep a player based on one play, if you are doing in Collins based on that 99 yarder. How many catches? If he gave up 120, outside of that play it was 21 yards - on how many catches - yes, he gave up that play but one play on offense or defense(ward comes to mind in the other direction) should not be determinative in forming an opinion of a player.
  13. Only record I care about is a very low number of injuries, in the preseason.