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  1. We aren't the only team that's needed a new HC in the past few years, you really think ATL is the place he's been holding out for?
  2. Refresh me, is that TD's doing or Blank's?
  3. You think they'd make it easy to sell me a jersey if that's the case.
  4. Do you think it's an NFLPA thing? I can make or buy Turner and Tony G and they aren't that far off from Roddy as far as retirement.
  5. I'd agree with that. I currently have Matty and Julio just not in the newest jersey style. I don't have a Roddy at all and it's actually harder to get than I thought.
  6. For reasons like you mentioned I only like buying retired player jerseys because I know how the story ends. I wanted a white new jersey and put Roddy's name on it but it wouldn't let me. For some reason I can't seem to make/buy a legit Roddy White jersey but Deion and Tony G are no problem to find. Who's really more of a Falcon?
  7. I think that's called hittin the bottle too hard before bed
  8. Delpit or Winfield and I'll be at peace with our first pick
  9. Who said that? It's too expensive to get to number 2 if the Skins would even trade it.
  10. I'd rather not jump to 2 and try for Simmons around 8ish
  11. Lol. Do you think a lot of NFL corners body make up would allow them to be linebackers if they wanted?
  12. CJ isn't in the same solar system as Deion though.
  13. My thought of the day is, if we can't trade up and get Simmons at 11 then we shouldn't be trading up period.
  14. Well there goes the Simmons trade up possibility... /s
  15. Baldy was getting me worked up by the end. The whole team has given up and it's embarrassing to watch.
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