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  1. He's not Cheeseburger anymore, he's Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  2. Best Buy fired this girl and Dana White gave her a job. Matty would have all day to throw with her on the line.
  3. Dled tried that and coach told him something along the lines of the fact he wasn't worried about having Deion in his prime on the team either. That made me chuckle.
  4. To me that sets the bar, we can't take less than that.
  5. https://twitter.com/GetUpESPN/status/1397972931083395079?s=20 Don't know how to make it show the tweet if someone can help
  6. Roddy White because you can't even buy his authentic jersey and it's frustrating
  7. I feel Julio could have played in more games if we had anything to play for last year. I'd rather have him playing for us next year than a 2nd because I feel he is going to ball out. But he could also play in only a handful of games and we would be kicking ourselves for not trading him.
  8. Great trade by TF. Seems like TF was being stingy giving up the 6th in this vid lol.
  9. We've had TD for so long that everyone is programmed to want players like that
  10. I know this and go look at his twitter right now, he's following the Eagles
  11. Made a thread about tweaking his mock and didn't even post it here...
  12. I just hope TF can handle a 3rd round pick because TD had me saying WTH too many years
  13. The reporter was mocking Blank. Blank said that during the Arthur Smith interview.
  14. Shout out to Gurley for that clutch 3rd down and keeping that drive alive. Teams looking sharp
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