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  1. Duke looked awful this game. I've been pulling for him to step up this year but he had a bad game today.
  2. There have been 31 Super Bowls won that didn't have Kyle Shanahan as the OC. Sark didn't do as good in his first year as Kyle did his his second. Kyle didn't do as good as Sark did in his year 1. Different players/ different schemes, yadda yadda yadda. We all know Kyle is better but we should also obviously know you don't need his game to win a SB. Sark has all the tools to have a great offense and we have to give him the same benefit of the doubt. After this year we will have a much more clear idea of how valuable he is to our team. He has everything an OC can ask for, so it's on him to produce. Let's just wait and see.
  3. I know it has nothing to do with the new rule but the bold part made me think of this and it's always fun to watch again:
  4. Oh ya and Bring Him Home TD
  5. I wonder if Worrilow got hurt before or after Kendricks was officially released.
  6. Didn't we do it with Roddy?
  7. His bench and squat numbers make it obvious this kid works hard in the gym. Losing both parents and valuing family like that, he is going to latch on to the brotherhood. The anti Hageman.
  8. I need some help from the smarter members here... Gesecki has a good 40 but has a crazy long stride to do so. I was under the impression that long strides and tight ends don't mix because playing inside they don't really get the opportunity to fully utilize that stride. Is that accurate or nothing to worry about? I love the way the kid will use body control and high point jump balls but are we overrating his speed?
  9. That might be the oldest account with the lowest post count I've seen in a long time
  10. what is the hashtag?
  11. Tak is going to be out, ****
  12. Yet you just watched a true freshman throw to a true freshman to win the game
  13. Mine was seeing Ryan get back up after being folded like an origami pretzel. That and going into the tent, I was so scared they were going to get him on concussion protocol at minimum. The kid is made of rubber and this isn't the first time he's bounced right back up after scary looking hits but for some reason I felt bad juju about last night's and it ended up fine. Thanks for being indestructible for us Matty!