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  1. Well there goes the Simmons trade up possibility... /s
  2. Baldy was getting me worked up by the end. The whole team has given up and it's embarrassing to watch.
  3. Say they have another view yet show the same one we watched over and over
  4. The church is the congregation, not the building that houses them.
  5. People don't like him because of his past stint at HC but I'm on board with him
  6. Ya I must have missed the other one where he got on Riley but he still said something to him this time too. The man ain't lying
  7. I hope that is a poster on this board
  8. Dled is complete BS. Watch the 3 min vid and all you have to do is fast forward to the very last question for everyone's answer. He said run with the story that he is playing.