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  1. Let's ******* go Tru!!!!!!
  2. Dled is complete BS. Watch the 3 min vid and all you have to do is fast forward to the very last question for everyone's answer. He said run with the story that he is playing.
  3. Champ Heevers sounds like a pro at throwing up so it wouldn't be much better of a name either
  4. Champ Heevers is how my brain kept wanting to read it. I kept thinking Hamp couldn't be legit.
  5. He feels like a young Biermann with better physical traits. That and hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. If busting his hump is his way on the field, I'm all for guys like that.
  6. Bingo. If the runner lowers his torso, they want their eyes up still. Just like they want all the defenders to tackle for safety these days, they want the offensive runner to have their eyes and face mask up. You can get low but you need your head up. If the refs see you leading with the crown of your helmet its a foul.
  7. You can't blame the kid on where he got picked. Good guard that I feel we reached for but that's on Dimi not Lindstrom. I wish him the best.
  8. I believe it! Looks like this was from 5 years ago and you figured out how to phrase the topic to make it valid on a Falcons message board.
  9. They just need to do skill contests like when the players would go to Disney World. I'd rather watch them do obstacle courses or try home run derby's, etc than play half *** football. AFC vs NFC tug of war would bring more action than the game last night.