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  1. I don't know about divisions but right now, I think the four best teams at this point are: AFC - Chargers & Bills NFC - Cards & Rams (If I add two more then Ravens and Bucs)
  2. Don't get me wrong, I share the same thoughts but I still think the progression is going to take longer than we want it to. 55 years a fan and experience has taught me I still have to be patient with my expectations for this particular team/franchise because it always finds a way to bite me in the @ss.
  3. Playoffs? Playoffs? We aren't even at .500 right now. One week at a time because if we can beat Miami and go .500, then the real 'meat' of the schedule starts with the Panties, Ain'ts and Cowgirls. Win all those then maybe we can 'whisper' playoffs.
  4. THANK YOU!! I saw that presser and the guy reminded me of Tim Tebow when Bama whipped Florida's butts in 2009. Dan Campbell looked absolutely pitiful.
  5. I think it's a winnable game but I think it will be a close one (again). We've yet to execute the execution of opponents when the opportunity arises but hope that will change sometime soon.
  6. I hope so. Would hate to see him punch the bench again.
  7. Yeah, he's has a few of those at home since playing there. I'd likely move Duvall there and put Joctober in CF.
  8. True dat! Rosario scares me in LF though.
  9. Yeah, for sure. Maybe start Joctober for a change!
  10. No doubt. Good thing Dansby was playing straight up on that DP play.
  11. Riley saved Will's bacon. That was smoked, at least a double if he doesn't get it. BRAVES WIN!!!!!!
  12. BS "No swing" there.. These umps are blind.
  13. Praying for a 'drama-free' inning...
  14. I guess Riley had to swing at it or it'd been called a strike...
  15. Sign me up for at least 2 more runs!
  16. DANSBY DP!!!! **** Yeah! Saved Puke's Nutzack then.
  17. Our strike zone = 2'x2' Theirs = 3'x3'
  18. Brewers have had the largest strike zone ever in this series.
  19. CP's on his way to making HUGE season stats. His best year (rookie season) was 627 total yards with 7 TDs. So far this season: 468 total yards with 5 TDs in just five games. I think he has become the 'Beast' of the offense. Considering past 'beasts' - Julio only scored 10 TD's in his second year and never any more than 8 TD's in a regular season since. CP is way above track to get more TD's. (BTW: Ridley got 10 TD's in his rookie season and 9 TD's last season).
  20. Considering the 'slow' progression the first three-four weeks, IF Pitts can sustain today's type of play, he could give Mike Ditka's TE rookie record in yardage from 1961 (1,076 w/12 TD's), a run for its' money albeit his record was played in a 14-game season. It should be considered: Atlanta's TE rookie record is 1980's Junior Miller with 46/584 and 9TD's.
  21. Yeah, so many throwing AS under the bus but there's one really good thing I've noticed about him that we haven't had in many years. Dude's a great time manager and doesn't 'waste' timeouts like Smitty/Quinn did in their tenures. Sure, he's made some mistakes but he's been making adjustments and that's what this team needs. Soon he can possibly make huge strides not just in game to game adjustments, to in-game adjustments (and not just at halftime). I still think he's a far cry from completely turning this team around but I've noticed some nice spurts here and there the past couple of games to feel like he's starting to get a grasp at what needs to be addressed here.
  22. Nice to get the "W" despite the fumbles on Jets side of the field. Glad to see the Pitts 'breakout' show today. Hope he keeps it going!
  23. They just got to get in FG range (about there), kick a FG and an onside kick..
  24. Prior to this possession - Wilson 122 yards passing - Pitts 119 yards receiving..
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