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  1. I think we're still going to roll with Ryan, at least for a couple of more years so picking the 3rd/4th best QB in THIS draft at the fourth pick seems to be potentially a waste at this time considering that player wouldn't even sniff any playing time unless Ryan goes down. IF we're picking at the fourth pick and QB's were selected in the first three picks, then you have to consider Pitts, who appears to be a generational talent and also considering that Hurst contract that'll be coming up soon. Or with the case of JJ's staying injured a lot and Ridley coming up on a contract renewal soo
  2. Nice to know that we actually lead the league in some kind of 'fan participation'! Stand up (or lean on a wall) and be PROUD! "Cheers!" 🍺
  3. Pitts is a red zone beast. Even if he doesn't get 65 ypg, as long as he's hauling in Matt's high end zone passes for TDs, who cares? Bring him home! I just hope we get him because if we don't, Carolina's going to be foaming out of their mouths to snag him at #8 and I'm pretty sure, he'll make us regret it.
  4. Only if we move to Detroit's spot and ahead of Carolina at #8 as they'll likely snag Pitts if he's there at their pick (which made their QB trade pretty respectable keeping their top pick.)
  5. This would be my hope as I don't see them doing very well next season and having their first rounder is likely a top ten pick to work with.
  6. Well, as for FA's, there's still Alex Smith, RG III, AJ McCarron and a few others we could try out for a backup and wait on MR2's eventual successor. Let's just hope Carolina wasted all those draft picks, especially with the Panthers needing a huge addition at TE. Considering Carolina's trade for a QB and still having their #8 pick, I feel we like we need to snag Pitts at #4 now. Cincy really needs WR's/OL and Miami likely snags a WR for Tua. Detroit could likely go Sewell with their pick as their OL is really bad. It's my hope that Chase/Sewell/Pitts and another playmaker WR are tot
  7. Sorry, meant their respective rookie seasons (2019). Minshew had 21 passing vs Murray's 20 passing.
  8. I don't think they would but what would it hurt in offering a 5th for him? If they get more than what they gave him, it's a chance they may bite. If not, then we likely just try to target Mond in 3rd/4th.
  9. He won't get 'franchise' money as he was a 6th round pick. Maybe we could even wait and snag him off waivers after the Jags grab their #1.
  10. I wouldn't be totally against this, just throw a 5th round offer and be done (he was picked in 6th round). Dude had more TD's than Kyler Murray this season and this would allow us to focus more on defense. I still wouldn't budge from snagging Pitts (who the Panties need really bad) at #4 though. I like the way you're thinking.
  11. I think considering the Panties still have their #8 pick, they are now 'hoping' someone moves into our #4 picking position so that their chances of taking one of the top playmakers (Pitts or Chase IMHO)to pick out a QB. Hard to say if CIN picks Sewell and MIA likely picks one of those mentioned if we give up the pick. They just made their 'Chess move' and it'll be up to TF to look over the affect that staying in at #4 to likely get Pitts now which I would really hate to see fall to Carolina.
  12. Instead of Fields at 4, just trade a fifth round pick to Buffalo for Jake Fromm who beat him out at UGA, problem solved!
  13. Just saw that it was so that 17th game would be us @ J'ville unless they change things (again).
  14. I did see that formatting. NFC South vs AFC South this year. They're (NFL) are going to have all those extra games be AFC vs NFC and schedule according to the prior year's standings in their respective conference. And to add another aspect, AFC teams get the home games this year, NFC in 2022 so we'd end up playing @ Jacksonville or are they having that game in the UK?
  15. Yeah! Let's get the winds blowing! If he can't beat out MR2, then I guess he'll want to get traded to the Jets/Lions/Pats.
  16. All that athleticism and Oweh didn't register a single sack last season.. At least Pitts was scoring TD's.
  17. LOL.. Had to bail to OSU because he couldn't beat out Jake Fromm from UGA, who is "killing it" in the NFL. 😝
  18. I wouldn't be against drafting Pitts/Chase first at #4. Those are needed personnel that are needed as we near an era of Julio/Calvin's current contracts so maybe being able to let go of some expense and getting someone on a rookie contract that can play at their levels could be a huge impact with the salary cap.
  19. Felton appears to have a feel similar to Waddle. Yeah, I'd take him!
  20. I had heard of TP but knew something 'fishy' was going on when we signed Sid Bream.
  21. Yeah, Kelly is an exception but I also like Dickerson over anyone else from that OL. Dude is huge and smart, uses his hands really well and could really open up some holes in the running game. Main worry is the injury history (he also had a prior torn ACL on his other leg at FSU). I'd still snatch him up in 3rd/4th if he drops there.
  22. Funny, he transferred to Bama from FSU because he wanted to play on a real team.
  23. Sean Weatherspoon 2.0 anyone? Dude stays hurt more than he plays. Always liked him from college but he's not been the monster that he was since being drafted. A friendly deal, maybe, but don't pony up big $$ we don't have.
  24. I really like this signing. Dude runs hard and isn't afraid to run over someone and has great hands out of the backfield. As long as he blocks better than Freeman in pass protection... 😝
  25. I would say they need to flex Thanksgiving (Detroit) games but we do need to get that post-turkey dinner nap.
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