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  1. Didn't some people here want drop down to get Ray when we drafted Bustly?
  2. It's definitely a A+ move on our part. The $$ can go to extend Hooper and then we get a pick as a bonus just before the 3rd round starts, let's just hope that whoever we have calling those draft picks can make it a valuable pick.
  3. Thanks Mo for giving us your all while in Atlanta and I wish you luck in getting a ring this year! Looking like it'll be NE vs NO for the trophy. Hopefully Sanu catches a TD pass for the winning score! Good Luck Mo!
  4. Going with Grits. At least they can 'Blitz'!
  5. Well, let's just say today we're at our lowest level since "Pigtrino" packed up and bailed out about 12 years ago. Thing is, DQ won't have to pack his bags just yet as he'll likely be on the Seahags' side of the line next week.
  6. LOL.. Gotta have something to look forward to! Top five draft pick at this point. Let's just hope we have someone around that can make it a non-bust pick!
  7. Whatever it's worth, put Dec. 22nd on your list. Miami vs Cincinnati - Battle for the top draft pick. We might even leapfrog one of those teams that day. We're still tied with: Washington and the Jets.
  8. If THAT TD doesn't drop the ball on DQ, I don't know what doesn't.
  9. With Koeter as our interim HC. Let's roll!!!
  10. Miami for their next two first rounders?
  11. I respect his character! I guess we will 'get him' next week and watch them reclaim 'ownership' of our franchise.
  12. Speaking of minds, Russell Wilson is playing out of his! He's the only Seahawk that I really like. Wished we had him but he'd still likely get killed.
  13. Yeah, while we're at it let's sit Julio, Debo and Jarrett so they don't get hurt too. Maybe someone will come in that knows a little about what their doing. Brotherhood to Smotherhood.... Ughhh, We $uck Again!
  14. No doubt. Someone slammed the window shut here before last season and broke the sumbltch.
  15. From Super Bowl laughing stock to NFC South doormat in just over 2 1/2 years. Sounds about par for the course with this franchise.
  16. Look at it this way.. 1-15 will definitely require some major changes to be made and we need them badly!
  17. Blank/TD missed their calling when we had Shanny as our OC. Should've just given him a raise to HC and demote/fire DQ after the SB. I think we go after McCarthy or McDaniels.
  18. Would love to see Hot Rod get drafted with like a 6th/7th pick. Dude can kick the heII out of the ball. I still think we can upgrade at Punter as it seems Bosher seems to get injured a bit the past few years. Offensive line needs to still be addressed and I would likely look for a new playmaker at RB and if Sanu's gone, another WR with great hands and speed. We do need a HC/OC that can get the most of out the talent that we currently have. Defense needs some serious work. We need LB's, DB's a DE and a DT. Another Safety wouldn't hurt. Biggest project we've been trying to address since forever. A DC that has shown he can get the job done should be hired.
  19. Our pathetic defense would've likely made the Steelers' 3rd string QB look like Joe Montana today.
  20. It's just too bad we don't play Miami and Cincy for the top draft pick knowing our exceptional record versus the AFC over the past 4 years.
  21. But, but, what if we go undefeated the rest of the season and end up 11-5?
  22. So maybe the Mighty Quinn gets another "Mulligan" for this year and... They tag Beasley, his first draft pick that he kisses up to... Ughh... We need changes big time. Let's start with TD on down. A rebuild would be good for this dumpster fire now that we're sitting in the NFC South basement and doormats for every AFC team that we're only one win out of the past 13 matchups with and about to be in our own division.
  23. Well, they're serving up Pancakes at the M-B Dome. "Chef Jake" is serving them up hot off the ground.
  24. They're going to need to rename "Mercedes-Benz" to "Jake's House of Pancakes". Absolutely loved "Mauler Matthews" getting that DB on the ground.
  25. He'll end up around 400 yards short due to the Non-Int calls against Lattimore.