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  1. We got to start mixing something up or we're going to be kicking FG's all year again.
  2. To be honest, I'd be more comfortable with Sanu in the 'Wildcat'.
  3. I'm wondering if Shaub can get those red zone passes in the Ryan can't seem to get. They need to contact Nick Saban at Bama and get his advice.
  4. FIRST POSSESSION Red Zone - Give to Freeman and he does nothing but lose yardage. I think Coleman is our best chance at scoring with 1-3 yards than Freeman mainly because his head of steam straight at the defense along with his weight will at least gain something positive.
  5. Maybe a HC that could've known points would be at a premium tonight could've kicked FG's on three of those unscored red zone trips?
  6. All jokes aside, if we'd had kicked them all, we'd won the game. Then again, we saw Matt Money miss a PAT tonight too..
  7. Red Zone - Don't put in Freeman but give the ball to Coleman.. Worked once tonight. That extra weight and extra speed can get you something...
  8. Fully agree. Defense likely keeps them from scoring again later if they hadn't been out on the field all night due to the offensive breakdowns tonight.
  9. So we had three trips into the red zone tonight that resulted in 0 points with no 4th down points and an INT. Somebody needs to get to work on this offense...
  10. Our OL got their butts kicked tonight.
  11. Well.. 0-1 REFEREES WON!
  12. Pre-warning offense. Trying to make us think these guys are going to go to the wire again and let us down?
  13. I sure would like to do us all a favor and go Shut Collinsworthless the F up!
  14. Defense is sucking air.. What do you expect when your offense isn't doing their part?
  15. Well, considering our defense has been out there so long, they need to take up the slack!