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  1. No doubt and being on a motorcycle didn't help either! 🤢
  2. Got behind a 'chicken truck' once and thought I was in New Orleans.
  3. I feel like we can win or will definitely compete for the NFC South as long as Pees gets a good defense in place. I feel the offense will be improved overall and if they find that missing running game, our defense will be rested/improved as a result. Going to be interesting, I can't wait.
  4. Was supposed to go to that MNF game. It was the week of Thanksgiving and I had made this cool banner to put up that had Howard Cosell's head on the body of a turkey with a the words "Thursday's Dinner" on it. Cosell always seemingly didn't like the Falcons and rarely showcased them during his 'Halftime Highlight' reels, especially if they won. Unfortunately I ended up getting sick the morning of the game and couldn't go. QB "General Lee" did an awesome job that night and made us proud.
  5. Great listening. AS is great to listen to and is impressive.
  6. Shame about Chris Miller though. He received FIVE concussions in a 14 month span. QB hits back then were getting absolutely brutal, especially here where defenders could just wail away. I doubt even MR2 could've survived that kind of barrage that Miller endured. Now returning to subject, I really like OZ. Dude's got some serious burners but he's a pretty small target for Ryan so he's going to have to get good separation (and quickly) to get a viable target. I think he's not going to become much more than a WR4/5 though despite the trade of YKW.
  7. Sounds like one of the butthurts who had the Falcons drafting a QB in their mocks.. I do like the Mayfield and Darby picks too though.
  8. Lindstrom is getting some love! Check this one out! https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2021/06/16/atlanta-falcons-chris-lindstrom-nfl-pro-football-focus-top-25/ Falcons' Chris Lindstrom makes PFF's top 25 players under 25 list June 16, 2021 10:45 pm ET Top Rated After being omitted from Pro Football Focus’ top 25 players under 25 list in 2020, the Atlanta Falcons just barely made this year’s cut. Right guard Chris Lindstrom was the team’s lone representative, coming in at No. 25. The former Boston Col
  9. Actually, the 98-yarder was from Bobby Herbert (who we got from the Saint's as a backup and was in due to Miller getting hurt). Very underrated player, I think personally think Haynes would be an ROH candidate if he didn't end up going to play for the Saints. Also, he was a SEVENTH ROUND PICK! As for Chris Miller, I thought he threw the best spirals in the game but he got absolutely brutalized as our OL was nothing but a bunch of turnstiles during his tenure.
  10. That and the fact that last pass aired at 60+ yards. The haters aren't going to like the fact that their 'noodle-arm' QB slung it that far.
  11. I say they 'put it on the shelf' until he retires. Do the ROH thing after JJs retirement. Retiring a number doesn't make sense because if you did that, somewhere in time you may have to start wearing triple digits.
  12. To the OP.. Even an "Amateur" knows that if your team's name starts with "Atlanta", your chances of winning a "Big One" with three professional teams in 50 years is like less than 1%. But we as "True Fans" never give up that hope and if/when Falcons/Hawks do win a World Title (and Braves win another one after 25 years), it will make it just a lot sweeter for us compared to say a Patriots/Lakers or anything NYC (having two teams in each league) kind of thing.
  13. I remember a Falcons RB that had serious quads like that... He was pretty good too! One can only hope...
  14. Still think we should've kept and played in the Georgia Dome. Won a conference championship in the last game there. MB Stadium and there hasn't even been a single playoff game held there... It's like Fulton County Stadium II except no baseball.
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