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  1. Is there any coincidence that three of the top four listed all play in the NFC South? Our corners are used to getting 'schooled' by the likes of Thomas and Evans but Julio usually answers the school-bell and takes their respective teams to the 'school-yard'!
  2. Ughh.. That SF game where RW didn't get the interference call at the end of the NFCCG when he was literally 'raped'. Funny how SF had the same thing happen in the SB though. Karma! But not enough... I'll take a 13-3 season though. Especially if none of those losses are at Dallas, GB and NO.
  3. If this is correct, you can bet your (_!_) that it'll get spent somewhere considering that DQ and TD are sitting on some heated seats right now!
  4. So when people refer to Todd Gurley as "TG", does that make him the "Tony Gonzalez" of RB's?
  5. IF Todd Gurley can carry 15 times a game and average 4 yards/carry = 60 yards a game x 16 games = 960 total rushing yards Add to that 3 receptions/game and average 10 yards/catch = 30 yards a game x 16 games = 480 total receiving yards Then totaling 1440 yards in a season working on a 'part time' load compared to what he's been doing, then add to that an average of 14 TD's a season, then yeah, I would be happy with that kind of production and I think that's his 'floor' as we all know of his ceiling. The biggest factor is our OL run blocking and protection of MR2.
  6. Okay.. Misunderstood you there. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. If 'Sacks' were a stat when Humphrey played, he and Abe would be pretty close but still I get ya there. I do remember that for one season we had Kerney and Abe and early that year Kerney got hurt. That could've been a monster year for both of them but we've never had two really high caliber DE's on the field (much less one) at one time for most of our history.
  7. Yeah but Grady was only behind Donald and Phillips (Buf) for tackles for loss by a DT. TFL's are as good as a sack sometimes too.
  8. Wow! So cool to finally see some faces with names here. Well, I might as well finally put my mug on here with my wife, best friend and my everything. Both of us are lifelong Falcon fans and you know what that means! Here we're down kicking back down at a place called "Floribama" on a vacation we took to Gulf Shores a couple of years ago. We're desperately waiting for hopefully a great Falcons season (or almost any season). GO FALCONS!!!
  9. RIP John Zook! Thanks for the years and memories and of fans posting those "Zook 'em Zooker" signs in Fulton County Stadium!
  10. A loss at Dallas won't 'kill' us but we've got to win that first game vs Seattle. Losing both will make it another tough year but winning those first two games can really set this team up for a potentially great year. Let's say we start 1-1. Then, even if we can go 4-2 in our division, win 3 of 4 vs AFC West, 3 of 4 vs NFC North, that's an 11-5 season and a trip to the playoffs, maybe even a division title. Of all the NFL teams we play this year, Quinn's real 'kryptonite' is 0-3 vs the Vikings, 0-1 vs the Chargers, 0-1 vs KC, and 4-6 vs the Saints. All other teams on the schedule he has either a winning record or a 'split' (2-2 vs Seahawks) and is 3-1 vs Green Bay (Including that most awesome of all-time NFCCG blowout of the Packers in 2016).
  11. I've always thought and continue to think that Baker is overrated and with him, OBJ may likely continue to underachieve. Maybe Stefanski/Baker prove me wrong next year but you have to remember, they are the Cleveland "Brownouts'.
  12. Given the 2-year (and under) players that we'll likely be using at LB and the DB positions, I don't see us ranked quite that high out of the gate but if everyone gels by mid-season, I think we could potentially have a top 10 defense by season's end.
  13. Either that or it might have included a "Concussion Clause"?
  14. It is said "Leaders lead by example". I wish Oliver all the luck in doing just that.
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