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  1. I like this signing. Sure, dude had a bad deal at Minnesota but I think he has a chance to do something here and that's make the team. He's accredited with having great blocking skills so when Julio makes a gain, we just give him a breather and put Treadwell to block for a Gurley TD run. It's said that he's a good 50/50 guy too and Ryan's thrown a ton of those to Julio so maybe Laquon can get a few reps there to see if he can do like he did in college. Hey, it's just a one year deal, kick the tires and maybe his head and see if this guy 'wants' to play. This is probably his last dance, last chance and that could make him dangerous!
  2. I'm not on the Chaisson train, sorry. I'd grab the best DL or LB (Maybe CB if for some chance either of the top two are there) available in the first round at #16 but if Chaisson is the highest one there at that pick, then so be it but I'm kind of hoping we can land Kinlaw and put him on the DL next to Grady.
  3. I like this '69 but if Trevon Diggs is available at that second pick for CB, I'd be all over him!
  4. Definitely not a guy you want for press coverage but he's great in zone. Depends on our scheme but with the big and fast receivers in the NFC South, we definitely need someone who can play press. I'm hoping Trevon Diggs is available at our second round pick. He can pretty much do it all and would be a great scheme fit.
  5. A TE that can top 20mph on catch and runs coupled with three WR's who all have 4.43/40 speed or less and a RB in Gurley that can motor 21+ mph on runs/catches, Hayden Hurst (Double-H) is eventually going to get more opportunities than Hooper did and with his speed, if he breaks, even DB's are going to have a hard time catching him when he hits full stride. 3WR/1 TE/Gurley sets are likely to spread the defense big time and when they do, they will be lethal, especially if JJ draws extra attention.
  6. Considering Gurley, who was definitely a Ram's fan (and team favorite) got a huge contract recently and gets cut like this, they're probably wondering just how the Ram's FO is really committed to them and winning. Imagine the scenario here if Julio got cut last week?
  7. One of the biggest things I love about what Gurley brings is 'in-game smarts' and game awareness. There has been quite a few times he's taken himself down near the goal line at the end of games so that time can be run off of the clock thus leaving opposing teams with a minimal chance of making a comeback. I recall a couple of games he literally got to the one yard line on one side of the field and actually ran straight across the field in order to burn time off the clock and literally down the ball prior to someone coming in to make a hit. Not to mention the complete opposite of getting out of bounds when down by a score and needing points to win and few to zero timeouts remaining. The more that I feel like Gurley will bring to this team, the more excited I get by the minute. Opposing defenses can stack the boxes against him and Ryan & his receiving corps will make them pay and when they focus their attention to the passing game, Gurley's going to have a big day. He's the kind of back with enough respect and traits that DK can choose how set the offensive rhythm. Do we establish the running game to open the passing game or vice-versa? The opposing defenses will most likely determine that and that will be when we "unleash heII".
  8. CB - LB Highest Priorities DT - DE Middle Priorities LG - OC Future Priorities
  9. I agree. Gordon is definitely a lesser cancer than AB but is still one I'd want to avoid as well as it seems when he gets hot, he gets suspended just when you need him.
  10. Not just no but heII no! And don't even think about Gordon either!
  11. I'm still in hope that the Caronavirus will give way to "Falcon Fever" in the Fall and that it will spread quicker than the former with the signings made and the draft coming up next month (hopefully). I love what Gurley brings here and think he will work his butt off harder than ever because he's back home where there's still a lot of people that appreciate him, especially my UGA-loving wife that always wanted me to get those NFL packages so she could watch Gurley and the Rams. I hope he goes the heII off!
  12. Beating the guy we picked before him (Beasley) was a sick catch! Well, we now can correct that draft as we now have both the DE (Fowler) that DQ wanted and the RB (Gurley) that over half of the board wanted at that time! I for one love this signing for what it is. Gurley has great vision, reads his blocks well (let's hope he gets some good blocking here), has a mean stiff-arm, and runs with great power in red zone and is a great receiver out of the backfield. If he's even 80% of what he was in 2017-2018, he'll still be a stud and with JJ, Ridley and company on the field, this is going to be a fun offense to watch! Let's give him his ol' #3 jersey he had at UGA!
  13. Yep! Sure was! Even more interesting!
  14. Scheme fit? Maybe Motivational fit? SIGN HIM UP!!!!
  15. Wouldn't it be weird that the guy most people wanted us to get (Gurley) ends up being a Falcon in the same year that the guy we got in his draft, Beasley is not re-signed. Almost like trying to put a 'Band-Aid' on that particular draft five years later... Hmmm. "Bring him 'home' TD"! lol