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  1. I just wished now we'd stayed put in the draft we got him and had let him be Dallas' problem.
  2. The first ever Falcons draft pick, Tommy "The Team Dresses In His Locker" Nobis. He was a man among boys when he played and a shame he's not in the HOF. I also agree with @JayOzOne's post as well. Other underrated players such as "Super-gnat", who was so small but had major speed running back kickoffs and punt returns. Then the greatest 'revenge' game ever, beating the living crap out of the Packers to get to the SB. That Julio 'beast-slant' play in that game still gives me goose-bumps. Also, over the years, each and every time we beat the Saints!
  3. I think the time come for the Falcons to stop being Head Coach Training Central and get a coach with experience. I've yet to see one that Blank & Company has hired be able to manage the clock and possessions which always seem to come back and bite us. Who knows, maybe we might already have him but we probably won't know that until the end of the season.
  4. No, "Crisp" didn't have a problem locating the ball, he had a problem locating the WR he was supposed to cover!
  5. No to Mullen but I wouldn't mind taking Trask and let him learn behind Ryan
  6. As long as they don't make Winston look like Peyton Manning again this weekend, I'll be happy!
  7. Not surprise he failed a "Physical" but I would be surprised if he passed a "Mental".
  8. I've been seeing that the entire game and not even a sniff of a flag.
  9. Might as well put Bryce Young on that lookout list... Of course Bama's Mac Jones has been flinging it too and he's likely reachable.
  10. They did leak 35 points to the Bills but only 19 points tops to the rest on their schedule. Having Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey is definitely a big bonus.
  11. Hey, we were the 'best 1-6 team in the league' according to Tony & the Fox gang laughingly last night. Fully agree with your statement though, except against the Saints and Bucs where we'll probably play out of our minds.
  12. Probably should've thrown the Rams in there too.
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