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  1. He'll end up around 400 yards short due to the Non-Int calls against Lattimore.
  2. Like last year... Injuries. We keep everyone healthy this season and we can likely go as far as we want to go. Tough schedule? Sure, but we also had a tough one in 2016 but we didn't succumb to injuries until the SB and I still think the Cheatriots targeted our OL guys.
  3. Ridley makes at least tier 5 after this season!
  4. Not taking away from either one's talent but I think MR2 has been more important to Julio's success than JJ's presence has been to MR2's success. Case in point was when JJ and Roddy went down and MR2 still put up outstanding numbers.
  5. That's one guy who will not be eating turkey for Thanksgiving but rather a nice helping of Crow!
  6. Hopkins is awesome.. But Julio is Awesome-Errrrrrrrrr.. I don't think Hopkins could pull THIS off! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWbh3Wpl85M
  7. Top Two teams in each NFC Division NFC South - Atlanta and New Orleans (If Falcons stay healthy, they likely reclaim title). NFC East - Philadelphia and Dallas (Cowboys are better overall team but questionable at QB, Eagles have better QB but will he have time to throw?) NFC North - Minnesota and Chicago (Both have tremendous defenses and decent offenses. GB is no slouch w/ Rogers and may have found a running game. WR corps is questionable after Adams and defense has question marks). NFC West - Los Angeles and (Seattle or San Franciso) (Rams offense can score a lot of points, defensive secondary is a question mark. Seahawks with Wilson is always dangerous but after Baldwin's retirement and also the retirement of Kam Chancellor, I see them slipping and likely behind an up and coming 49er's group that appears to be improved.) My Division Picks: Atlanta, Dallas, Minnesota, Los Angeles Wild Card: New Orleans and Chicago
  8. Let's go FALCONS!!!!
  9. I personally liked his motor. Go back to when we played da Bears. He saved our @sses that game.
  10. Nice 'problem' to have. Versatility can make for a lot of disguises that can frustrate QB's at times. Not to mention filling in when another defender goes down or needs to catch a break.
  11. HeII, just give "Mongo" the ball and watch him knock out the whole defense on his way to the goal line! TOUCHDOWN! "That's a Good Mongo!"
  12. Pretty much agree with this. I think the OL will have a huge impact on the floor and ceiling. As long as he can maul 2-3 yards on 3rd (or 4th) down and short (or goal line situations), and provide decent pass pro, definitely will be worth the pick.
  13. I think we can be a contender once again. Keep the defense healthy but I think this 'upgraded' OL must EXECUTE and show they're an upgraded line. We MUST convert the 3rd/4th downs with less than two yards into first downs and especially in the Red Zone/Goal Line. IF we can do that, then that tilts the time of possession to our favor and impacts BOTH defenses leaving ours fresh and rested and leaving the opposition's tired and sucking wind in the 4th quarter. Do that, and we're at least a 12-4 team next season and back into the playoff/SB hunt.