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  1. Good post and agree much with you. Of course a trading party must be involved but let's just say (and know) that's never guaranteed. If we pick at four and Sewell is there, I think we likely have to go there. I believe in building the trenches and although we have tried to do that several times, we do it again. Then we get a good RB when we can. I do think we'll get defensive line help in the draft and secondary help as well and even in FA. If we can build and establish an effective running game, then we won't have to lean on defense so much. How many games have we lost because we
  2. No doubt. The guy could bird hunt and rabbit hunt at the same time.
  3. I really wouldn't be totally against this. He would have a lot of potential in Arty's scheme like Tannehill.
  4. John Johnson could be a potential signing target as well.
  5. First thought I had when I saw the list from the OP. Five QB's with a combined total of Super Bowl's won = ONE. Tom "Cement Shoes" Brady = Seven Give me a defense, OL and a RB any day over a mobile QB under siege.
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking. At least there was an offense & QB here and who knows, if Bowles had created a decent defense here, he might either had a better tenure than Quinn or still be HC. He did put together some decent defense w/Jets but their problems have always been on the offense.
  7. Been a fan since its' inception and making Nobis the first overall pick of the franchise (Now, 55 years ago). The disappointments still outweigh the highlights by a huge amount which does makes moments like stomping Green Bay in the NFCCG a few years ago something I cherish about this team the most but then to lose a 25-point lead in the second half of the SB when I finally felt 'safe' about us winning our first Lombardi crash and burned like nothing I've ever seen before. I don't have as much time left as many of you and will go to my grave a Falcon fan. I just hope they can win it all SOO
  8. It does make me wonder... What if we had hired Todd Bowles for HC back when we 'waited' for Dan Quinn?
  9. Just think, if the Colts had still had Luck working at his prime level before he got hurt/retired, they'd probably be playing the Bucs today. To get back on point though, what really made Rivers great was the fact Rivers ends his time in the NFL after starting 252-straight games. He never missed a contest after earning the starting job with the Chargers in 2006, and that includes the playoffs and the AFC Championship Game where he played just six days after having surgery on a torn ACL. That's some serious "Iron Man" stuff. Wishing him well in his retirement!
  10. That TD run in the NFCCG a few years ago though. Wasn't 'pretty' but a thing of beauty putting it all out there to give us a nice lead over the Packers.
  11. As much as I've been wanting to get Surtain, if Sewell is the pick at #4, I would not be disappointed at all. AS does want a good OL and last year the Titans drafted OT in the first round and this guy's projected as possibly the #1 rated BPA overall in some reports the highest rated OT in quite a few years. We do need to address a lot of defensive needs and RB as well and there is decent depth as far as that goes. I know someone made a comparison to Joe Thomas which really isn't fair at this time but if he's half as good at JT was, then sign me up. I think this is the kind of pick tha
  12. Had to flip a coin between Sewell and Surtain. I really like Sewell at this pick but went with Surtain because I think he brings more to the defense at this time than Sewell's impact on OL right away and we haven't had a great secondary in like forever. My best hope is to pick up a future first round pick and move down just enough to get Surtain.
  13. Sign me up! That secondary would really improve our pass rush.
  14. Pretty much my mindset. Get your primary in 2nd/3rd round and every couple of years, get depth somewhere in the 4th-6th. I really like Harris at our second pick though I don't think he'll drop past the first and I think we really need some picks at secondary (CB & Safety) that'll make our fronts more effective.
  15. Yeah, I like Gurley as a person but it's sad to see how quickly he's trended down. The average length of a RBs career in the NFL is 2.57 years, the shortest of all positions. I've been of the mindset that you should draft a good one in the second/third round and do it again (if necessary) when their initial draft term is up. Maybe even consider one in the first to get that fifth-year option if their promise of being a first rounder is realized then move on, and do it again instead of paying huge bucks out and having salary cap issues.
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