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  1. Its inner turmoil rearing its ugly head on the boards. A few of us were talking about the Cover 3 and how you need a certain type of safety. We said, Allen is a good stop gap, so those few of us wanted a slam dunk guy. We got Kazee, a slam dunk NB but many of us are hoping he and Poole will push for the FS position. Thing is, Allen is a fan favorite. So, any mention of Kazee is going to light some breaches even though most of us don't give a crap who starts as long as it wasn't an injury or suspension. We just want who DQ and Manuel think is the best man on the field.
  2. Man I was in football form that night. Had my gear on sent by @JOEinPHX and was talking crap. I mean, I was in super rare form. "We didn't come to win, we came to brawl!!!" That was my battle cry whenever I played a game with something on the line. Still hurt from the Bama loss, I started seeing the similarities. I did, however, go back to watch the game. Glad I did.
  3. Kazee got y'all scarred to lose your beautiful storyline
  4. What? I knew your post would be something like this.
  5. I didn't evolve sir, I am still a hairy ape.
  6. Riley and Kazee are perspective picks. They aren't "get it at the fits minute" type guys. Getting Riley is the equal to getting Mychal Kendricks one year and Eric Kendricks the next. Speed guys with instincts. Riley is a very similar player to Jones. Not as fast, but a tiny bit flashier. Jones doesn't speak, but its said Riley speaks for him. Kind of does all of the yelling and smack talk for both. They do a lot of set him up, knock him down. Where they actually feed off each other. Wonder Twins type thing. Go back and watch some Jones highlights. You'll see it. Its why people like myself couldn't see what Jones was doing. Jones is fast and Riley is twitchy. Both are strong and both hit. Both are playmakers. Riley would have changed the Saints defense and would have been one of their best players. For us Riley plays a role. People worry about his role in the Nickel. Going back to Quinn's time in Seattle, it was all about match-ups and flustering the opposing offense with change-ups. Many here thought Campbell could play safety and I have had at least one scout say, "Its likely he could." Riley brings a doggish edge to it. He is like Freeman, but on defense and he is actually a big dude. 230 isn't small. 6' 230lbs isn't someone you want coming asking, "Where is my money?" Kazee was considered one of the best defensive playmakers in the draft at CB. Had he been 6' or 190 with the same time, he would have gone in the first. He had 15 INT's in one year on a college schedule. 15 INT's. No matter what position, we are talking about a guy who can get the ball back in Ryan's hands. He had two P6 in two years but 8 INT's in 2015 and 7 last year is a lot. Even 4 is good. He is a receiver on defense.
  7. I was a huge fan of his coming in. Vick-like power in his arm, Rodgers like accuracy, moves fast as heck...oh yeah...I love him.
  8. Side note, if you know people with DC, Maryland, or Virginia license, hit our convo in the DM and I will give my email to give them if they want to work. Only send me good ones though, my people aren't Can't be scurred.
  9. ( need bruh bruh to keep this up, dude is becoming disrespectful...we need that on Offensive Offense...LOL!!!)
  10. I appreciate that man. Let me ask you a question. I had Saubert on an early mock, but only because I love his style of never giving up after a catch and pushing a pile. I was high on Gillmore from Baltimore for the same reason. Now I hear people talking about the man's drops. I only thought it, didn't check % or decimals, but I what I am thinking...he plays like an H-Back or Joker. Would his need to run after the catch and physical style actually be more the culprit than his hands, or am I missing something? I was taught, this was the issue with more slot receivers and RB's as well.
  11. Its all about the W at the end of the day. I live for edge rushers, DT's, and Safeties. I am not huge on LB and CB. I am that idiot who thinks he can reinvent the wheel at LB and CB...LOL!!!
  12. That speaks volumes for me sir. No one was more judgemental than myself. I casted a ton of stones before my glass house shattered.
  13. This kid is a leader. Strong, tough, quick, and intelligent. This is not far from the fact its as close to the truth as I am to this shirt I have on.
  14. Man, I am just doing my best to talk junk. LOL!!! I still say you and I would field a nasty team bro!
  15. I wasn't talking about you my friend. I was talking about American Society as it is. I am no world beater when it comes to understanding the human psyche myself. Although I spread love when I can and lay hands (left and right) when I have to. God bless everyone! You are a good man and I am a fan. Thanks.
  16. True story though man, I am all about winning, not "liking" especially storylines. I want a relentless front and a dangerous safety tandem. I am more into Safeties than CB's. That's my game though.
  17. Yep!!! I know this to be true. 4,5 sacks, so dude is a world beater. If we are going to talk about anything, how about Gimme Bofum because together that's 7.5.
  18. LOL...that's really all we have bro...LOL!!!! No one can convince me otherwise man. I don't care who we cut or keep but, YOOOOO...ROFLMBO!!!
  19. The whole problem? Really? People are way too frickin nosey and even more judgemental. Props Pioli and glad you are still with us Ryan.
  20. Well if a Que says it, then it must be right.