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  1. Koetter sucked before and he sucks now. Don’t be fooled by numbers.
  2. I’ve done this twice See you soon. It’s more addictive than heroin.
  3. The defense is good enough. We have Takk, Crawford, and insert mediocre player here. We have insert offense lean here. It’s a passing league.
  4. Well people here said we didn’t need him, others are obsessed with the draft and the salary cap like it’s their own money. Like it matters. The front office I guess feel as though he doesn’t fit the scheme. I’d say he doesn’t fit the personality of the team. That said, I wish we had given the picks for him.
  5. I know, I remember him as a player. Had his card
  6. I don’t know. Doubt it
  7. Noooo...he’s a hard freaking worker. Tom Brady type work ethic
  8. Very mediocre in college. Looks a little clumsy at times, passes look weird, but he’s working hard to fix
  9. I love his work ethic. Love it. Give me second.
  10. I do like his work ethic.
  11. Facts. A few years ago taught me about colloidal silver. Awesome stuff, great poster.
  12. I don’t want Daniel Jones anywhere near my team
  13. Oh Lord?
  14. I heard. I still wanna see it
  15. I haven’t seen anything I like at all. Just feels like it’s been rubbished. I’m thrilled to see what Feige can do
  16. A lot of people have
  17. My son is a mumble rapper. Here’s the thing. I don’t like mumble rap, but there are some I enjoy. I don’t like everything my son does, but I love him and even some of his songs. If I don’t want to hear or see something I won’t watch or this new Star Wars garbage I still love Star Wars, just not the new direction. So I am not watching.
  18. Hey man, do you enjoy listening to mumble rap?
  19. How does he feel about running the ball