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  1. Good.
  2. True stuff
  3. No, not you. They know who they are.
  4. Facts
  5. I’d take Vic. Their stats aren’t much different although Vic led in sacks. Takk is very frustrating, his fans are annoying and are the same people that tend to like mediocre players.
  6. Happy birthday Tandy. Love and positivity from me to you.
  7. One more ‘gain
  8. It was wrong lol
  9. No I don’t
  10. Would love to see this defense with Clowney.
  11. No clue Buddy. Many here didn’t think we had enough to pay Grady.
  12. I’m a wannabe coach and GM. I’ll get all Nick Saban around here
  13. He’ll find a way to use the bubble screen. That’s his niche
  14. Having big, good, or better doesn’t normally curb tendencies
  15. I only hope. So far this has been a thing for him
  16. Bubble screens
  17. Man that’s sad to hear
  18. Happy birthday Brother!
  19. Well, two great posters as mods will work
  20. I’ve been on the board almost two decades...that’s a no for me dawg
  21. Mod now?
  22. I hope not
  23. I have twitter but I absolutely hate it. Thinking about shutting down the Facebook too