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  1. See what I mean man? And he isnt even a bad dude, just people are offended by him.
  2. You were making fun of the reasoning behind the pick. Lol
  3. First of all its Cam Newton. Second, I don't remember anyone saying they wanted Cam Newton.
  4. Hes not a pass rusher for the most part, but he hasn't been any good if he is. I never miss a Bama game.
  5. We're all score, no defense. Not my style of football. Dawgs probably have this one. Roll Tide.
  6. We aren't getting them. It's going to be Webster as the GM and likely a WTH type coach
  7. I'd take the Texans job TBH. This is a mess over here. They have a young QB to build around.
  8. I should be thrilled with a change up but I'm not. Looking at what's available I keep throwing up in my mouth a little
  9. I'm not overly impressed with any coach, QB prospect, or GM except Louis, so I'm not excited.
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