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Knight of God

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  1. Definitely sending you prayers and love Brother
  2. The old victim narrative. Good play. He’s not on trial and doesn’t owe you anything. Take your entitlement somewhere else.
  3. He answered the way he felt. It may not be what you wanted, but a grown man isn’t going to be backed in a corner easily. No matter how it’s done
  4. Happy Birthday Brother!!! Enjoying another one!
  5. I don’t know if Deone was a depth move, he’s really good
  6. They are trying to load up for the Brady struggle it seems
  7. I remember this type of thing a ways back before social media gave us access. Back then it was funny, now that everyone has a platform folks get offended over a man talking jersey numbers. Thing is, some players are superstitious about their number. I know that I was
  8. Doesn’t need to be perfect, just block for 10 seconds while the routes develop
  9. Give them next years first and third and a new contract!
  10. I agree 100% and I have personally said as much about the FO going on down. How do you get a scrapper like Mike Smith and then a guy like Quinn and go pass happy. It’s the top down. Circus.
  11. We took a #2 WR in the first, spent a second on TE, 2 firsts on OL in the same draft.
  12. Try to enjoy it a little. It’s kind of refreshing to be honest.
  13. Dude has been in the league for 20 years and never got to really enjoy a rivalry or trolling. Let him enjoy it for now
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