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  1. I'm actually going to change the channel. I hate this POV. I do not want to see from players POV. Not at all. What say you guys?
  2. Man I heard about that. His problem. It broke my heart. I named my son Abraham. Still from everything I hear he is a great guy. We have a couple like that now man.
  3. We need strong role models like you and Fatboi leading these young boys. That's why I bring this up. I won't say who, but there are guys on the team now self medicating. Alcohol, drugs, other poor decisions based on depression, CTE, and stress. Right now and playing like it. I have to catch myself from time to time. Fatboi gets on my back about it all the time. These are not always injuries. They report injury but not the problem.
  4. As Fatboi said, we have all overcome something. I chose my path man. You didn't choose what happened to you. I see you as a warrior. You could have chosen my way and didn't.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that bro. My alcoholism did me in
  6. If this becomes a thing I can't enjoy it.
  7. Point of view
  8. Before he became consistent he showed flashes. People mainly were still bugging we didn't get Smith or Jack. Not the same. Comparisons don't always work
  9. Why are people bringing up Campbell? He played pretty well last year. Not the same
  10. I personally didn't like the smell. I couldn't place it, but I didn't like it. Kind of like I hated the smell of Augusta for near 30yrs. Wasn't a fan of much, but dude I hated Vegas too. Almost as much.
  11. Personally. I will avoid that city for as long as I can. Been there a bit. Family there. I hated La more than any other southern states and that's saying something
  12. I'm watching for entertainment, not analytical.
  13. Love that 26" vert
  14. Biggest threat on defense is their stacked front seven, QB, Doug, and Graham. Don't sleep on them. They are trixie.
  15. Would have made a tad bit of sense to sign either a TE or FB and trust D. Coleman with some of the carries.
  16. Dead serious man. I remember you didn't like that pick before he was drafted.
  17. I would be a liar if I said this was thrilling, but I'm good with it.
  18. Unless coach is a D-Bag and insists it doesn't because he was an assistant for the USFL....Lol!!!
  19. Why not Wilds though
  20. Truth? Not really. Depends on the coach.