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  1. Extension. Seriously, I think our rookie will be just fine on the other side if that DL gets better. Jordan Davis?
  2. Funny how excuses are made for a crap QB who was supposed to be the next Mahomes or Russell Wilson, but you crap on your own QB. Good stuff. Like we haven't had a bad OL forever.
  3. Yeah that's not good for us. We needed to drop. I need them to feel the desperation. This does NOT help at all. I'm not. We are not a very good team Bro. You know me, I don't do a lot of trash talking, but I show more excitement every year. There isnt one player on offense or defense that makes me want to watch.
  4. We need to work for it, period. I also don't agree. It's the perception from which you sit. Lol.
  5. I'd guess 7 to 10. Anything higher is BS.
  6. Truth is, we actually have been trash all year. Young is seriously lacking, the run game is hot and cold, the defense sucks. I'm glad really, this team needs a wake up call for real.
  7. I'm hoping the same man and to be honest when you speak, I listen.
  8. Gallman. Keep CP in the same role or run the risk of wearing him down and losing the production that makes him so valuable.
  9. Now Anthony Miller doesn't sound so bad. Hopefully we carry all of our RBs.
  10. I love the direction and mentality. I see what they are trying to make. It's going to take time though. We'll have more room to fix some issues if the OL gels.
  11. Like Hopkins right The point is, he's cheap and he's better than anyone we have after Ridley. Why not?
  12. He's a classic slot receiver and a lot better than he was treated in Houston. He also already knows the offense. Granted we need edge, secondary, and a run game even more but this guy should be cheap and is a warrior.
  13. Like 2 playmakers on defense and neither is a DB or Edge rusher.
  14. That would be awesome if we could
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