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  1. You peeped that one quick
  2. Yeah, I'm touching that I'm actually surprised. I never paid this guy any attention.
  3. You know it Shipmate!
  4. Round 1 Da'Ron Payne DT 6'2" 311lbs Alabama Round 2 Christian Kirk WR 5'10" 201lbs Texas A&M Round 3 Jaylen Samuels RB/FB/TE 6' 225lbs NC State Round 4 Josh Sweat OLB/EDGE 6'5" 251lbs Florida State Round 6 Armani Watts Safety 5'11" 202lbs Texas A&M Round 7 PJ Hall DT 6' 308lbs Sam Houston State Round 7 Aaron Davis DB 6' 195lbs Georgia UDFA QB Kenny Hill - Texas Christian, RB Martez Carter - Grambling State, FB Ryan Nall - Oregon State, TE Jeb Blazevich - Georgia, WR Robert Foster - Alabama, C Brian Allen - Michigan State, OT KC McDermott - Miami, OG Sam Jones - Arizona State, DE Trevon Young - Louisville, DT Matt Dickerson UCLA, ILB Reggie Carter - Georgia, OLB Matthew Thomas - Florida State, CB Chandon Sullivan - Georgia State, FS Dominick Sanders - Georgia, SS Damon Webb - Ohio State
  5. I don't know. I don't think even half of those guys in this draft playing WR will go as high as they are projected and Scant had a seriously bad vert. It was like 30" man. I did higher than that at age 33.
  6. I mean, I'm glad to see something, but if I had a year like he has, I'd be calling retired vets from Marrero and Buras. No, its too early to call the guy a bust. You still need to find someone who can replace him if he hasn't improved.
  7. I agree 100% I have a few family members to have played pro. A few friends and family still doing all kinds of things. I won't say on the board though man. I'm sorry.
  8. I'm saying, the'd be stupid to pass him up and you can still get one of those guys. Straight foolish.
  9. I'm just saying. You may be right, but here is my thing. There are going to be a few other positions. Some guys from the 1st and 2nd will fall.
  10. The 7th is just where he's projected. He's rated as the #30 WR.
  11. Tell me about Ateman.
  12. No, I didn't say that. C'mon don't make assumptions on it. I said I don't like him. I don't. But then again I didn't like a few people and now I do. Time will tell, but as far as RIGHT NOW...he is not a player I care for in the least. I may or may not ever like him. I don't control those thoughts and feelings and I don't try to.
  13. I was always under the impression he was a project. Ok, I'm not trying to revise history.
  14. I love Miller.
  15. Why does he deserve my respect? He plays for the Bears for one, but its not about respect. Its about "like" which I do not and not for any reason I have or will give. Now, you like him because you have ties to him. You see, I don't. Many here didn't even like my cousin, or respect him and he was playing for the Falcons at a high level. I never said anything because its for you to decide. Not me. We all like and enjoy different things. I'm not going to change my mind based on subtle nudgings like "you have already made up your mind" and "he was the only player on offense". It will only change if I see something he does to change it. Jordan Howard is a monster though.