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  1. Brother, let me know what I can do. I love you and you know that you are more than a friend. You know how to contact me, so please let me know.
  2. The only part of that story I’m willing to read is hurries, FF, sacks, and TFL
  3. I do too. It’s not an exact science, but it’s intriguing
  4. He’s a surprise I think man. I could be wrong but there is something special about that guy
  5. Good job. I get what you’re doing and like it. I doubt you have to trade up, but it’s not a bad pick. Great mock
  6. I like your thinking but would like to see the vanilla version
  7. I think Cominsky May be better.
  8. I would see if I can move the 4th, but UDFA isn’t looking bad TBH
  9. There will be good talent falling to the later rounds and UDFA Ledarius Mack
  10. There is no comparison in this draft and the drop off after him is a consolation prize. Move up or move on. Go with another position
  11. Nail on the head. Listen, I want like everyone but this is football and if we’re talking anything other than the game then it’s moot to me. I’m not a Rudy guy, I want players.
  12. I do man.
  13. I’d prefer Simmons and yeah I like Brown better
  14. I’ve been saying for years. It’s just time to cut crap