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  1. There are a select few I actually have spoken with outside of the board. So many here have been there for me in times of need, so many I now call brother. Some look like they could be, many do not. I love you all no matter the race, religion, sexual orientation, political stance, or background. You're my brothers.
  2. I love Joe Kenda!
  3. He sooo Reminds me of Markus Golden. The guy I wanted to draft along with Vic Beasley.
  4. I think he will be a very good NFL player myself. Just needs help.
  5. Your already good joke was dirtied up by a crude attempt to make it a Mozilla add-on.
  6. As do I man. I'm pretty hard to track myself. That was an add-on.
  7. To be fair he better not have a "not his fault", "to be fair", or "didn't have help" type game.
  8. Thanks @theProf I love this guy. Young and plays OG and OT.
  9. He was a top pick in the CFL as well as a top player. He was expected to pick up from where he left off and make a full transition.
  10. I did and still do. I think he has been poorly trained.
  11. He's not great, in fact he has major flaws. My hope was he can just get a hand on someone