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  1. Man, I've been telling you in PM's. They hate playmakers. These cats LOVE Crawford, but Sheldon Richardson sucks.
  2. I loved KS...have been a fan for years. His dad and that system and all who use it. I don't like Sark's playcalling and the receiving routes need to cut off.
  3. I'm with them on Sark. I was when he was at Bama
  4. Beat me to it
  5. It's a passing league. You don't need a run game, or defense
  6. Those are monsters.
  7. He's locked in
  8. He destroys the pocket. He was asked to do just that. He's like a wrecking ball for the LB's to do their job. He is why they look so good.
  9. That dude is a man monster. He ragdolls top name guys.
  10. Too many here want to compare. Who would be about bofum. Get two. One in the draft and one in FA. I remember, I also remember you catching crap over it. I don't think people like guys when they can't pronounce the name.
  11. I wanted Dareus, Campbell, and Smoot For the FA last year I wanted Poe and Campbell.
  12. Some say late 20's
  13. DE - Yannick Ngakoue, Dante Fowler DT - Abry Jones, Marcell Dareus DT - Malik Jackson, Marcell Dareus DE - Calais Campbell, Dawuane Smoot Tell me that's not a nasty front
  14. The defense was decent and Poe was a huge reason man. You don't get Payne, a rookie, then a bunch of crap players. yes, its far from college which is my point. You can win without talent in college, but lets look at Jacksonville. For two years they hit with good/great FA's on defense and draft picks on defense. The offense is kinda/sorta outside of Yeldon and Fournette. The defense. That's where it is. You and I had the same convo last year about Campbell.