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  1. Man, I wish I could find that Montana interview. Ridley isn't Julio by any means, he does what he does well though. For now, we need Julio. I don't think people really understand that to be honest.
  2. Exactly. This is why I make less noise about a bruising RB, not necessary for what we do. Hooper is fine for the system and so are the other guys, but Julio has to be here until someone else proves they can take the pressure off the other receivers and Matt
  3. The question is who would it be about now? Matt is good, I love him but the reality is Matt is Montana. He is not Brady. We need a #1 target and if Julio isn’t here Matt is alone. We struggle now when Julio is off the field and we don’t have a run system. Tell me how we’d do this. BTW...I’m a Bama fan. Ridley needs Julio and Sanu for the first half of the season at least
  4. I actually think they would. He would try and force all the passes to Ridley or Hooper.
  5. I just can't get excited about Hooper
  6. All the guys I know say no one is faulting Julio at all.
  7. So, its Julio's fault Ryan throws picks then?
  8. He's definitely not a troll. He's a good poster, just this part escapes a lot of people. You already know I deal with contracts daily, as I know for a fact you do as well. Football contracts are the strangest by far...IMO anyways.
  9. The business side has zero to do with race
  10. Which is why a man who has never given this franchise any issues in the past is not a Diva, cancer, or greedy. Blank understands and will find a way. EDIT: Its the fans that have issues as the OP stated.
  11. Nope, the market has changed at his position and he is the #1 WR in the league...IN THE LEAGUE. Like most I just want this over.
  12. I personally don't like any of it, but I'm not going to pretend its only ok for one side and not the other. Plenty of players are blindsided on a daily.
  13. Its ok for a FO to play with a contract at will, not for a player to ask for a restructure? That's speaking out of both sides of the mouth. They are not paying his worth at this time man.
  14. Maybe Julio's contract was impossible to honor based on HIS performance.
  15. Most renegotiates have nothing to do with performance and many cuts are more about the cap. The point is, you're a hypocrite.