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  1. I don’t think ______ will be back actually means I don’t want _______ back so I’m sending it out to the universe, so there
  2. Have we forgotten the line wasn’t much better before those two had to take over.
  3. Exactly. Watch the games over and watch Beasley the whole game. You’ll see something odd with Beasley
  4. We were killed with quick release today as always. As long as I have been a fan. You stop that with a good secondary
  5. Just win the next 6
  6. Give me Bama defensive players all day. I want that CB from UGA though
  7. Dude, that’s cherry picking...pretty much everyone is MIA! All year
  8. How is Beasley useless? He just got two sacks.
  9. I agree, but run Coleman short or get a big back and let’s just stop it with the rhetoric and narratives
  10. Truth
  11. When we do, we do well.
  12. Identity politics would play a huge role. They would go 11-5 in her first year and win the SB.
  13. They’ll go to the Super Bowl
  14. Yep. Don’t you just love a new phone