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  1. Almost was in VB bro
  2. Gotcha. I’m in NOVA. Wouldn’t have minded catching a game
  3. Dude, you’re here in Va???
  4. That said. Mayfield was my guy in the draft.
  5. I’m sad for the guy. Wrong team at the wrong time
  6. Ok. I’m going to reddit now
  7. Where is the game tonight
  8. I have to admit I would not have looked had it been written differently
  9. I have nothing to add once seeing this post. Carry on friends, carry on.
  10. He was alright. Not sure if hes a great replacement for Coleman, but no complaints.
  11. Yes I do it’s just considered classless on this board
  12. I thought he was underrated last year
  13. Tim! Tim! Get your mans!
  14. That doesn’t make me smile