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Knight of God

Pure Football
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    The Bible, People, Football, Played Football for 16 yrs, MMA: Sambo, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, American Boxing, and Western Kick Boxing, Etymology, Research, and Writing. I am an aspiring novelist and an active blogger.

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  1. He’s good but how much of an impact was he in college all Falcons bias aside
  2. Get a couple more CBs while you’re at it. Still going to look junky without FS upgraded
  3. I guess if we don’t get behind. I hear that’s the issue
  4. Sadly, I think he’d be better off on a team that runs the ball.
  5. Not running the ball is not running the ball. Maybe you won’t get as far behind if you control the clock and stop trying to sling it. But it’s the fate of your situation when you have a Lamborghini pass offense with an Aveo run game and pinto defense.
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