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  1. I like mobile QBs. I prefer them. They aren't a necessity though.
  2. Even at this stage, Julio is STILL our best player on offense. Drop the Julio BS
  3. Screw it. Sign me up. Those aren't tears, it's late. I'm sleepy.
  4. It actually looks that way on some ends. Hear me out. We passed up on several good FS, TJ Watt, and so many other obvious picks for us. Sure, others did too, but I'm talking about us. Then the OL is still trash. Players many that have an eye for football talent, worried wouldn't be the best for us at that moment. Now I get it, that Koetter sucks and did the defense no favors and Morris is killing it with castaways, but how much better would we be? We'll never know. Hopefully a better draft and FA will help, but who knows. Maybe we get the same type of guy.
  5. I'm not going to read all of the excuses, but I dont know how many times we've drafted an injury prone player, or someone that looked like something was lacking when you watched film.
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