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  1. Drafted by them and played 6 yrs
  2. Hasn't missed many games. Has been pretty consistent. Adds another wrinkle to the defense.
  3. RG is not a problem at all.
  4. I stayed in Laurel when I first got here.
  5. I'm looking at that area bro. Better schools north of PW. I work in the Ft. Belvoir area, Executive Protection. I love Centreville, wife wants McLean or Fairfax. Daughter is looking at Georgetown or George Mason. Criminal Justice.
  6. I'm thrilled to see Collins back. He may be what we're missing.
  7. Somehow this discussion has this commercial stuck in my head. "Flat top is my enumeee..."
  8. I lived there in my childhood. Was in Ga for almost 30. Moved this way for a better life.
  9. Man we have a lot of fans up here between Va and Md. Awesome!
  10. One of the best posts on this topic my man.
  11. Nah, like the guy said on there. That's the "Not here, not one can know" look
  12. Not playing around I see