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  1. Matt had a bad day yesterday, but overall it's Koetter. The defenses have tight coverage on every single passing play. They are also running downhill on every one of our running plays. You can tell every defense knows exactly what we are doing on every single offensive play. Ryan had one of the quickest releases in the league under Shanahan. He's having to hold onto the ball too long with DK calling the plays. That has to be one of two reasons. Either the defense knows the play and Ryan can't find a window to throw into or the plays are taking too long to develop (4 verticals 🤦‍♂️).
  2. I tabled every single play from that second half to look at where things went wrong. Ryan was 10/14 for 169 yards, 71% completion, 1 passing TD, and 12.07 yards per attempt. IN THE SECOND HALF! After the TD, our passing game got us in FG range twice out of the next 4 drives without any help from the running game. Both times were negated by penalties and the sack/strip/fumble. If either of those times are converted, there is no OT and we win the SB. Freeman and Coleman had a combined 8 carries for 17 yards in the second half. You read that correctly. 2.1 ypc while trying to prot
  3. 6 incompletions all game, including the 2nd half. Other people have to make plays too. Let's not revise history here. What are you blaming him for in the second half? Are you're blaming him for the fumble, where Freeman completely whiffed his block and almost got Ryan murdered? Or the holding penalty that put us out of FG range when we were in position to extend the lead even farther? Or the 27 yard dime to Julio that put us in FG range again right before Shanahan called a pass play that ended up having Freeman miss a block resulting in the fumble and more lost points? Or the defense no
  4. Lmao, 16 regular season games and 2.5 postseason games are an anomaly. But the 2nd half of the Super Bowl was who we really were. Ryan was 17/23 in the Super Bowl with a QB Rating of 144.1, including an 85 yard TD drive to open the 2nd half. It was miserable after that, but none of that was because of Ryan. Anybody thinking Ryan is the reason we don't have a SB trophy is the one rewriting history.
  5. We didn't have any of these problems with Shanahan. Matt Ryan broke the NFL record, throwing TD passes to 13 different players in 1 season. Led the league in scoring. We had these problems with Sark and DK. If somebody like Calvin Ridley is not getting separation, the defense knows the route he's running. If your QB gets sacked 8 times in one game, the OC did not make any proper adjustments. Instead of spreading out their defense, DK went max protect with only 2 guys running routes. You don't slow down a pass rush by loading the box. You slow down a passrush by making the DL guess,
  6. Ryan had a few bad throws. That being said, this is a scheme problem. DK's 4 verticals scheme doesn't work against defenses that can get pressure with their front 4. The plays take too long to develop. Ryan had to hold onto the ball way too long and people still weren't open. Did anybody actually watch the game? There were no underneath outlets and nobody open while the pocket was collapsing. That's terrible scheme and playcalling. No misdirection, no playaction, no quick slants, nothing that had their defense guessing. It's like they were in the huddle with us.
  7. Steal of the draft? It's a low risk high reward signing. They will likely give him next to nothing, putting him on their PS to get into game shape. If he keeps his nose clean, they could get an athletic CB out of him. If he can't, they didn't use a draft pick or any capital to sign him.
  8. He’s on pace for the number of TD’s and explosive plays I thought he would, but he’s averaging more receptions and yards than I expected. He’s looked really good out there. I like his attitude, athleticism, and speed. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his hands. I had no idea his hands were this good. His blocking does need improvement.
  9. My only complaint about Zacceaus was his effort on that Matt Ryan interception. It looked to me like he could've made a play on the ball, or at least played some defense on it. Other than that, he looked great yesterday.
  10. The Colts actually had a really good defense in some of those seasons. They had a mediocre defense in many other seasons. Not to mention Tony Dungy amongst other really good coaching staffs. Don't even get me started on the Broncos supporting cast and coaching staff. Can you honestly say that Ryan has had the same level of support on the defensive side and coaching? Shanahan was the only great OC he had, only had him for 2 seasons, and was league MVP in one of them. And then there's our defense...
  11. 1st surprise is that he has more wins than Drew Brees. Second surprise is that he did it with the Falcons. Brady, Favre, Elway, and Roethlisberger all had great defensive support in really well-run organizations. I would say Marino, Ryan, and Manning had the least support over their respective careers, though Peyton had outstanding defenses during his Super Bowl winning seasons.
  12. If Takk plays anywhere next year, we'd get at least a 5th round compensatory pick. We are supposed to get a 5th for Beasley. There is minimal upside for the Falcons in trading Takk for a 5th or 6th. Yes, we might not get anything if he doesn't play anywhere, but there's also a possibility that he starts and gets us a 4th or 3rd. Personally, I am glad we are not trading him and giving him an opportunity to increase his stock playing for another team. Bench him and don't let him see the field. Bon voyage while your stock continues to plummet. That's what you get for turning your back on a
  13. I'm off the bandwagon. Seriously, this response makes me feel like he doesn't have the gut to lead the team. He might connect well with the players, but this really calls into question his ability to make smart in-game decisions. If he said Younghoe was coming off of a hamstring injury, our defense had been playing really well all game, he trusts his guys to make a play, wants to maintain an aggressive identity, Gurley is supposed to get us lined up in the middle of the field and not score there, realistically anything would be better than what he said. ****, I would've felt better if
  14. I disagree. Transparency leads to correction. If you sweep it under the rug every time somebody screws up, they continue to make the same mistakes. Transparency leads to accountability which leads to corrective action. Stop sweeping it under the rug. The head of officials always supporting the officials is aggravating as well. He said Terrell launched. Terrell never left his feet, turned his head to not initiate helmet contact, and any lunging toward Stafford was because Stafford tried to step back to avoid getting tackled. It's absurd supporting the officials making that call in t
  15. Ahh, you're one of those. Ok. Let's ignore the fact that Rodgers, Peyton, and Brady did not win Super Bowls without above average defenses. Let's ignore that it takes a great TEAM to win a championship. Let's ignore the fact that SB's have been won by very mediocre QB's (Eli?). Let's ignore the fact that a QB can only do so much and football is the ultimate team sport. Even in individual sports, it STILL takes a TEAM to win a championship. Do you really think a racecar driver can win without a great pit crew, a well-tuned car, and all of the other factors that help him lead the team
  16. It’s a pretty simple argument for me. If we would have played defense at a mediocre level, Ryan would have 2 rings. Prove me wrong. Highest QB Rating in NFC Championship ever, and we lost. Highest QB Rating for any SB losing QB in history. If he loses a meaningful game while being supported by a top 5-10 defensive performance, then I’ll take this conversation seriously. Until then, I don’t see why this is even a topic of discussion.
  17. Hopefully the new GM and HC will do a better job picking defensive players. I'm good with Grady, Fowler, Jones, Sheffield, and Oluokun. I would also have Dennard back, dude looked good before his injury. I'm tired of Takk. Terrell and Oliver look terrible out there. From what I've watched so far, we need starter upgrades at NT, DE, LB, CB, and Safeties. Our offense has looked mediocre and definitely disappointing, but I think it's scheme and playcalling moreso than player talent. I can't say the same for the defense I've been watching.
  18. Then trade down. There are other teams that are desperate for QB's. Stockpile picks and stack the defense. Lawrence or Fields are not worth kicking the can down the road another year with this defense.
  19. I think I've seen every single play ever since we had Jeff George. I saw some of Chris Miller, but was young and doubt I saw every play. I can say without any doubt or hesitation, that it is about time we focused on having an elite defense. I don't want a QB with the first overall pick. I don't want a WR or RB either. I also don't want OL. I don't want a SINGLE offensive player with the 1st overall pick. Please, please, please, Lord please, let us focus on the defense. I don't care if Matt Ryan retires. I still don't want us spending another offseason over-investing on our offens
  20. Loved the article. Very positive. It makes me want to see him be successful. That being said, if he's such a great coach, why has our defense been so atrocious?
  21. Nobody can convince me we have a personnel problem. Shanahan had less talent and we led the league in scoring by a very wide margin. It's scheme and coaching. Game management, terrible. Blown assignments in coverage. All comes down to coaching, not players. For the record, this is not defending TD. He is responsible for recruiting the coaching staff.
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