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  1. 32 teams. 2 starting CB’s per team. 10 seasons. It’s happened one other time out of 640 possible opportunities for it to happen. I don’t think we need to make more of it than it is. But that makes it more rare than a QB throwing for 500 yards in one game or a WR posting 250 receiving yards, so i think it deserves the same props as we would any other player/position having an outstanding performance.
  2. I don't think that pic provided a good representation of what happened. I attached a pic from when he started pulling on Julio's shoulder. It impeded the route. I can't find the back viewpoint they showed on tv, but from that angle you can see Julio's body get turned. Step through the video and you'll see how early he was and that he never touched the ball. If he didn't pull Julio before the ball was there, Julio would've got 2 hands on it. https://streamable.com/t6h8d
  3. Agreed. That's what brings it from an F to a C though, not up to a B+. That's just crazy talk. I think that goes to prognosticators giving too much credit to the QB for the W. Our D deserves a LOT of credit for the win. The first interception was a bad decision on Matt. There were 3 defenders in Sanu's area. Gage was 1 on 1 past the sticks. That would've been the smarter throw. I might get flamed, but I thought the second interception was actually on Julio. The Eagles were sending 7. It looks to me like Matt threw it up trusting Julio to go get it. Julio never looked back until Darby broke from his coverage, which was way too late. WR's need to know when the defense is bringing that much pressure. The need to look back to help out their QB. Watching the replay, I am good with Ryan rushing his throw against the blitz and his decision to throw it up for Julio in single coverage. He had 2 seconds to make a decision, putting air under it for Julio in single coverage is not a bad decision. I can't justify Julio not recognizing the Eagles putting 7 in the box and never turning his head around to see if his QB needed to get the ball out.
  4. I thought he was fair with Ryan. He might've been a little too fair, giving him too high of a grade. I wouldn't have given him a B+. His check to Julio did help win the game, but his 3 INT's made the game way closer than it needed to be. I think a C would've been more accurate. I sincerely doubt Ryan thinks he played well in that game, and B+ is playing well. 3 INT's would typically be an F, his other good plays brought it up to a C in my opinion. I thought he was too harsh on Freeman.
  5. I think people are giving up on Free too early, looking at the box stats after the game too much. The Eagles were sending the house the entire game. Ito and Free both struggled running the ball. Ito broke one in the running game which made his stats look better, but he had 3 carries for 4 yards outside of that one he broke. In contrast, Free's stats got crushed by losing 11 yards on 2 plays because he got blown up by missed blocks before he ever got going. His other 9 carries went for 33, usually picking up 3+. Free also looked good on his 28 yard gain setting up the TD opening the 2nd half. I do agree that Ito is faster and can spring one, but I don't think he is the better workhorse. I think Free is the better every down back. It's tough to see it right now because of the DL's and the flow of those 2 games. I was more worried about Free after week 1. I thought he looked better yesterday. For comparison, after busting one, Ito ended up with 6 touches for 45 yards. Free's 12 touches went for 75 yards. Those 2 negative plays for -11 yards were not due to Free, they just crushed his stats. In my opinion, if people do their job, we'll see Freeman do what he does.
  6. Sark year 1 or Sark last season? Sark year 1, no way in ****. Sark last season supported by this defense? Possibly.
  7. For the record, Tyreek Hill has the fastest speed since they started tracking. He hit 23.24 mph back in 2016.
  8. Julio's was the 17th fastest this season. DeSean Jackson has 2 clocked speeds ahead of him. Patterson has the fastest clocked speed. Surprisingly, Barkley had the second fastest clocked speed this season, 21.76mph. I knew he's an awesome player, but I had no idea he had the 2nd fastest topend speed in the league. That's crazy. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/top-plays/fastest-ball-carriers
  9. I thought he injured himself during warmups. I'm not 100% positive, but that's what I heard. If that's the case, they can't just go get somebody else for the game.
  10. Yeah, but those redzone turnovers they convert into TD's are essentially 14 point swings (minimum 10 since we're already in FG range). We lose the points and they gain them.
  11. For the one in the endzone, they showed Ryan's arm get hit on the replay. From an offensive gameplan and playcalling perspective, that was my main concern. Obviously I have concerns around our ground game, but I don't think that has as much to do with DK's gameplan or playcalling. The Vikings and Eagles were hitting our backs before reaching the LOS. Seeing guys miss their blocks and how quickly they get shed is an execution problem.
  12. There’s only one thing that concerns me. I don’t understand why it seemed like we had no hot routes. Ryan is typically awesome against the blitz. Philly was blitzing every single down. Ryan trying to throw deep against their blitz, throwing off of his back foot on a deep pattern, doesn't make any sense at all. That is not a smart way to attack a blitzing defense. We have RB’s, TE’s, and awesome slot WR options (Ridley and Sanu can both play the slot). I can’t think of any reason for us to not have hot route options for Ryan. I would need to rewatch the game to confirm which INT’s came against blitzes, but I’m pretty sure the one to Hooper that was meant for the back of the end zone and the deep one to Julio were both against blitzes.
  13. Since 2008, they’ve been in the league the same amount of time.
  14. I know Eagles had injuries, blah blah blah. Defense looked really good tonight. Eagles had great starting field position all game, especially in the first half, and our defense stood strong. Quietly, we are 3rd in total defense right now, giving up 277.5 yards per game. We need to improve our scoring defense, but I’m enjoying seeing a defense that doesn’t give up yards in bunches. We’re making them work for the yards they get. Run D was also a LOT better this week.
  15. He had 7 INT’s all of last season. What are you talking about?