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  1. I'd argue Sark didn't help that problem at all. KS and Matt talked about how use of misdirection will make the OL's job easier. KS made heavy use of playaction to help the guys up front get the DL on their heals. When the DL knows what play is coming, they can pin their ears back making it MUCH harder on the OL. Considering the problems we had on our OL this season, it's inexplicable that we didn't use more playaction, fakes, and misdirection to help them out. It's also inexplicable not giving TeCo more snaps when he was clearly running a lot better against the Eagles. There are a lot of things that are inexplicable as far as this offense this season. I hope it's less of Sark's fault than I believe it is. My problem is I believe a LOT of it is on Sark. Not all of it, as there are places our players could've been better. But I do think he was the single biggest factor in our offensive demise. That being said, if he sticks around, I hope he learns a lot from his mistakes and he gets a LOT better next season.
  2. Technically, it’s more similar to Blank turning over the #1 producing Home Depot store to a guy that inherited the manager job at a top producing Ace Hardware and only had to keep it afloat for one day because the manager that developed the store and did all the work getting it to the big event quit right before the big sale. That’s more similar to Sark’s situation coming in.
  3. KS benched Roddy (a fan favorite and ROH probable) his first season when his performance was subpar. Sark wouldn’t even increase Tevin’s snapcount when he outplayed Freeman. And it is well known that KS couldn’t install the entire playbook, which explains why his plays were more predictable (because he had less plays he could put in the gameplan). The point is there are actual reasons that were out of Shanahan’s control that contributed to our lackluster performance year 1. What are the reasons out of Sark’s control? Everybody knows the playbook, year 3 of the system. All Pro Center. If players weren’t doing their jobs, why weren’t they benched?
  4. I don’t know. It did seem to resemble the Challenger space shuttle.
  5. I did not use quotes, so it wasn’t a statement verbatim. It was his narrative. Here is an exact quote from the original post. ”The high flying offense is a victim of Quinn, not Sark. I know no one is emotionally prepared to think through the events of LI until last Saturday. If you do, you will find the Quinn's approach to game planning has any OC's hands tied to a certain degree. Sark has drawn up some beautiful stuff that has been poorly executed.” The first statement absolves responsibility from Sark. The last statement gives Sark credit for contributing “beautiful stuff” that was “poorly executed” (blaming the players). If Sark contributed beautiful stuff while not being responsible for it’s demise (victimizing it), it’s fair to say that the narrative of his post was saying he did a good job and our lack of success was due to player execution.
  6. I agreed with the other moves. Definitely replace FB. Definitely get OG's. The only one I don't agree with is TE, though I absolutely understand why you would want to. I think Hooper will have a breakout season next year. For what it's worth, I wasn't saying this before this season or through midseason. His drops turned picks made me want to cut him. It was just some stats that I stumbled upon that makes me think he's primed for a breakout in year 3.
  7. It is apologist to say he is not the problem or absolving him of blame. He is the OC, he is responsible for offensive production. If a player is not executing, he has the power to bench them. See KS benching Roddy White in his first season for not executing well. We all know that this system is a timing system, which relies on the different position units being in sync. We had obvious issues with that this season, and that is absolutely on Sark. Here's the thing. Your narrative could be, "It took Ryan over a year to stop making mistakes while learning the playbook. This season were those growing pains with Sark, he just needs more time to figure it out." That is an acceptable narrative, because it at least acknowledges that Sark sucked this season. The narrative that Sark was good this season while every individual player on the offense seemingly played worse, is impossible for me to lend any credibility to. Coaching is supposed to get the most out of each player's ability, so even if our players were ill prepared, Sark never benched any of them holding them accountable. He also never increased the workload of players that were out-performing the starter (see Tevin Coleman in the last game). I understand mistakes happen and individuals can influence offensive performance, but I also understand that defenses seemed to know what we were doing and every yard was much harder to gain this season. Blaming the OC is not the easy out. It is the most probable cause of our step back on offense this season.
  8. I don’t understand why Sark has so many apologists on this board. 1. Quinn was so satisfied with the production of Shanahan’s offense, he hired an OC that was willing to learn it so we could keep it. He did not want anyone to mess with it, so why would he mess with it? 2. Quinn is a defensive minded coach. He has never micromanaged the offense in the past. Why do people think he would now? 3. I doubt Quinn even understands the offense. He spent more time the past 2 seasons trying to get our defense caught up to the offense instilling his scheme. He hired Sark to learn it, and that was Sark’s full time job, and Sark proved he still hasn’t learned it to the level where he can install a quality gameplan. 4. Quinn preaches fast and physical. It’s about the ball. We are going to be aggressive. He is a very aggressive coach, which he has preached since day 1, and he defended that approach whenever it backfired under Shanny. If he did know the offense and took it over, I don’t know if it would’ve been more productive, but I do think we would’ve seen them be more aggressive than they were. It. Is. Sark.
  9. Last year? The offense didn’t do this when we lost to SF in the NFCCG. The offense has never done this in all the years the defense was our problem getting kicked out of the Playoffs. That being said, by all accounts, Takk is a very emotional guy. I’m not surprised if he’s being hard on everyone, including himself. I would also not be surprised if Quinn addresses this head on and it never amounts to anything beyond what it was. This really wasn’t a big deal. I agree with everyone that this could have been evidence of a bigger problem brewing, but I don’t think it is.
  10. That’s cute. As if Ben was the reason the Steelers won. 9/21 for 123 yards, 0 TD’s, 2 INT’s. Ben’s first Super Bowl win. LMFAO! 16/33 for 255 yards, 1 TD. Ben’s 2nd AFC title. 256 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. Ben’s 2nd Super Bowl. Checkout how he did in the first playoff game that year. Wow... Half of Big Ben’s playoff wins had less than 200 passing yards. More than half of his playoff games, 11 to be exact, Ben had the same or more INT’s than passing TD’s. Career 84.3 QB rating in the playoffs. Big Ben is such a great QB, he has 25 TD’s to 23 INT’s in the playoffs over his career. In 11 less playoff games, Ryan has only 5 less TD’s with 16 less INT’s with a 100.8 QB Rating.
  11. Cool story bro. Edit: Numbers don’t lie. Ryan has more 4000 yard seasons in a row (7) than Ben has had in his entire career (5).
  12. https://youtu.be/jUiIBn0HGmE
  13. That’s what happens when you get hit while you’re throwing, or when you can’t step into the throw. Man, I’m not about to argue with you. Ryan is not the problem. He showed last year he can make every throw. If you can’t see what the problem is, that’s your problem.
  14. I am. Vertical passing game that finds ways to isolate their weapons with single coverage. Did you watch our game? How many vertical shots with single coverage did you see? How many did you see last season? Ryan was the single most accurate QB passing downfield last season. Do you really think Ryan forgot to throw downfield? Or do you think he got paired with an OC that doesn’t know how to attack or fool NFL defenses?
  15. No. Todd Haley >>>>>> Sark. Pitt is playing against the #1 defense in the league and Roethlisberger has open targets. Outside of Brown and Bell. Almost every pass play we execute results in a contested reception. Our guys are not able to get open because the defense knows what we are doing. Because Sark sucks. We saw what Ryan and Julio can do with a competent OC.