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  1. Love the confidence. I don't buy it though, and hope we don't try it. Julio will have to be replaced by the aggregate, which in my opinion can make us less predictable and possibly more dangerous as an offense. Take Julio's 130+ targets per year and redistribute them between Ridley, Gage, Pitts, Hurst, Davis, Patterson, Sharpe, and Zaccheaus. Test other team's depth by distributing the ball across more of our weapons.
  2. If we are talking about a 5th round RB and the team is running his wheels off 3 years into his rookie deal, I might side with the RB holding out for a new contract or being disgruntled. It's not his fault he hasn't gotten paid. It's because nobody believed in him enough to draft him sooner. I can respect that perspective and wanting to get paid fair market after he proved himself when everybody else underestimated him. After rookie deals, no player is being held hostage, especially not one that took a $25m signing bonus and $66m in guarantees. He willingly volunteered to be in the po
  3. When a player signs a 5 year deal, they got money up front in the form of a signing bonus to mitigate the risk of an injury or being cut 1/2/3/4 years into that contract. The player is taking up front money to mitigate their future risks. Players can and some have taken less up front money with less years on their contract in order to be a Free Agent during their prime years. If a player wants a bigger signing bonus and more guaranteed money, the team's investment risk is mitigated by the player agreeing to play under contract for more years. The team takes on the financial risk becaus
  4. Reason #1 = We get hit with a $40m+ dead cap number if we cut him. Reason #2 = We have to keep him until we find a trade partner.
  5. I don't want to lose Julio. My favorite player on the Falcons. This is all sad news. That being said, the Sanu situation was a LOT different. He was only owed $3.8m that next season, which is great for a #2 WR. The Pats gave a second because they were getting a #2 WR with a below market contract value. Julio's cap hit this season is $23m in the year following Covid impacting revenues and tight cap numbers for the majority of teams. Julio's contract is actually pretty favorable over the next couple of seasons for what he brings, but it just sucks this year due to how it's structured.
  6. Is it just me or does DLed sound like somebody else impersonating and making fun of DLed?
  7. My 2 cents. At that draft position, I'm sure there were a handful of guys we would've been very happy drafting. We only moved back 5 spots in order to move up 105 spots. This was a no-brainer trade in our favor. We got the guy we wanted with the 2nd pick and got another guy that wouldn't have been around 105 picks later.
  8. I don't think the cap should have any influence on who we draft. You draft the best player available. If the best player available is at a position you don't need, try to trade out of the position. If there are multiple players that are the best at their respective positions, you take whichever one improves your team the most. You don't reach, taking a player because of need above impact players at other positions. But you also don't take a player at a position you are deep in if there is comparable talent at a position of need. At #4, there are several elite prospects at several pos
  9. I like him, but let's be real. New England won Super Bowls because they had a defense + Brady. Tampa just won a Super Bowl because they had a defense + Brady. And not for nothing, but Tampa's defense deserves a LOT of credit for this SB win. Brady was mediocre. 275 yards, 3 TD's and 3 INT's against GB is mediocre. Only 195 yards against KC while the defense held that KC offense to only 9 in the Super Bowl. Incredible defensive performance against that high powered offense. Do I hate Brady? Yes. Am I going to deny Brady is the GOAT? No. Did they do it without the support o
  10. Matt had a bad day yesterday, but overall it's Koetter. The defenses have tight coverage on every single passing play. They are also running downhill on every one of our running plays. You can tell every defense knows exactly what we are doing on every single offensive play. Ryan had one of the quickest releases in the league under Shanahan. He's having to hold onto the ball too long with DK calling the plays. That has to be one of two reasons. Either the defense knows the play and Ryan can't find a window to throw into or the plays are taking too long to develop (4 verticals 🤦‍♂️).
  11. I tabled every single play from that second half to look at where things went wrong. Ryan was 10/14 for 169 yards, 71% completion, 1 passing TD, and 12.07 yards per attempt. IN THE SECOND HALF! After the TD, our passing game got us in FG range twice out of the next 4 drives without any help from the running game. Both times were negated by penalties and the sack/strip/fumble. If either of those times are converted, there is no OT and we win the SB. Freeman and Coleman had a combined 8 carries for 17 yards in the second half. You read that correctly. 2.1 ypc while trying to prot
  12. 6 incompletions all game, including the 2nd half. Other people have to make plays too. Let's not revise history here. What are you blaming him for in the second half? Are you're blaming him for the fumble, where Freeman completely whiffed his block and almost got Ryan murdered? Or the holding penalty that put us out of FG range when we were in position to extend the lead even farther? Or the 27 yard dime to Julio that put us in FG range again right before Shanahan called a pass play that ended up having Freeman miss a block resulting in the fumble and more lost points? Or the defense no
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