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  1. Yes. A 5 game win streak would make me happy. I do not enjoy watching us lose. No matter the circumstances. If we go on a 5 game win streak and get folks back healthy, namely Deion Jones and Grady Jarrett, followed by a Playoff schedule inside Domes with no outdoor games, I would feel pretty good about us making some noise. If we go on a 5 game win streak and lose more players to injury, or bringing folks back too early and squeaking out wins limping through the games, it wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable.
  2. TD got us LeVitre, Matthews, Schraeder, and Mack. Schraeder was a diamond in the rough. We have not had a problem identifying polished guys. But if that’s all you’re depending on for success, you are screwed. Most teams can identify the polished guys and it’s tough to get them. You have to develop players in order to create depth and allow those other polished guys to walk when that time comes. If your coaches can’t develop the unpolished guys, you can’t create depth. And that’s what our main problem has been. One injury to a starter and we fall off a cliff. If our coaches were good, they would’ve been able to develop at least a couple of the guys we’ve brought in. Who have they developed? They’ve had plenty of years with plenty of prospects. I can’t think of a single one that we got as a prospect and truly developed them. Schraeder started his first year due to injury and played so well we penciled him in as a starter, that’s not developing him.
  3. It was actually after Paul Boudreau left. Dahl and Clabo were castoffs from other teams. They were never good before or after being here. They looked like really solid players under Boudreau. It has gotten progressively worse because of coaching. It's not the players. It's never been the players. People want to give the players all of the credit, and I'm not trying to take credit away from them, but it's not a coincidence that we suffered from drops the first season Morris coached WR's. It's not a coincidence that the collective OL unit has gotten progressively worse.
  4. Yep. Marino was elite. Trent Dilfer was not. Case closed. The ring argument should be forever put to rest.
  5. They both look really great. Fitzpatrick looked really great in a small sample set as well. He's 5th in the NFL in passing yards with a 114.4 QB Rating. And he just lost his job... There have been many many QB's that looked great for one season. There are a lot of QB's that look good for a few seasons. There are very few QB's that can look good as long as Matt has.
  6. I was watching it on TV. He had the headset on calling plays and signaling to the D in the 2nd half. He was not doing that in the first half. If anybody has it recorded, they can watch and confirm. I don’t record the games, otherwise I would show screenshots.
  7. Pretty sure what we are seeing confirms the complaints about Sark. The core offensive personnel haven't changed. It looks to me like Sark is starting to get comfortable and developing better gameplans, which is putting players in better position to be successful. People blaming Sark were putting the blame where it belonged. Last year everybody wanted to blame the players, blaming Ryan, Julio, etc... We weren't spreading the ball around nearly as much as we have the past 3 games. Frankly, I think week 1 might have been a wake-up call for Sark because the offense was still way too focused on Julio and Freeman, before Freeman hurt his knee. Sark seems to be getting more comfortable in the system and spreading the ball around a lot more. We are not throwing to Julio 20 times in one game like we did in week 1. I'll give Sark props. I loved the playcalling the past few games. But acting like he wasn't holding us back last season or the addition of Knapp isn't helping his learning curve is being disingenuous. It was Sark holding us back last season. It was Sark struggling in the Red Zone, where defenses tighten up. I'll go as far as to blame him for the abysmal offensive showing in week 1. I'm glad he's turned things around, he's learning from his past mistakes, and he is quickly improving in the system.
  8. They showed Quinn on TV with the headset calling the defense. Don’t have a link. If you have it recorded, watch the second half again and you will see Quinn calling in the plays. Watch the first half, it’s Manuel calling in the plays.
  9. Believe it or not, the second half boosted my confidence going forward. Quinn took over defensive playcalling in the second half. And we only gave up 9 points. Last time he did this with Smith as DC, the defense really stepped up late and we went to the Super Bowl. I’m not predicting Super Bowl. I’m just saying, if Quinn calls the defense the rest of the way with our offense playing the way they are, I feel good moving forward.
  10. Do people realize that Matt threw 2 TD’s and converted 2 two point conversions in the 4th quarter? We outscored the Saints 16-14 in the 4th. Our defense gave up 3 consecutive TD drives of 81, 80, and 75 yards including OT. Our offense only had the ball 3 times in the 4th quarter and they scored 16 points.
  11. Agreed. And the nightmare is having it bite both of your testicles at the same time.
  12. Not true. I bet a lot are scared of snakes. And spiders.
  13. Yeah. I can hop on this train a bit. The great Tom Brady went 14/26 for 133 yards.
  14. Honestly, considering how many good starters we are missing, I think we played a helluva game. And part of me feels like we were destined to get robbed of a win with how much of Brees’ jock they were riding for setting the record for completions. Quick rant. The missed call on the deep post to Ridley that killed our 4th drive really f’ing hurt. That would’ve put us in position to get a lead early. And what was up with Brian F’ing Poole today? Did somebody pay you to keep the Saints in it? Horse collar tackle. Roughing the passer. Taking out Alford when you missed the tackle on Brees. Seriously, wtf?
  15. I’ll take the bait, just to show how idiotic this thread is. We went into this game without 4 Pro Bowlers. LeVitre, Freeman, Deion Jones, and Keanu Neal. We also didn’t have our top passrusher in Tak, who looks like he’s destined for Pro Bowls in his future. We also lost Rico Allen, who is very close to Pro Bowl caliber. We also didn’t have Shelby, a solid rotation player on our DL that was getting a lot of snaps. What makes you think we didn’t have depth at the start of this season? We were down 6 starters, 4 of which are among the best in the league at their position. And we STILL played very competitive football. We should have won in regulation. We lost in OT.