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  1. I messed up. Cap space right now is $9.25m (including Fusco). I added the cap pool on top of that, but that was already excluding the rookie draft pool. If you reserve the entire draft pool, we would be around $3.6m, but that's not an accurate way to calculate it. For the $5.7m rookie draft pool, even if all 7 made the team, the cap only counts the top 51 contracts. That means the bottom 7 guys counting against our cap right now would roll off about $3.5m. The entire draft pool would count a max of $2.5m, if we used up the entire $5.7m allotted and nobody dropped from the roster was making above league minimum. We still have enough room to sign anybody we want.
  2. We are $14m under the cap right now. About $5m of that is the rookie pool, but that is an estimate based on draft position and can go up or down depending on trades. As of right now, we have $14m in cap space, which is more than enough to sign whomever we want. If we are not signing them, it's either because we don't want them or they don't want to be here.
  3. There's one aspect that seems promising about him. Jimmy G was only sacked 8 times over the last 6 games. That would average out to about 21 sacks on the season, which is really good protection. In comparison, the QB before took 19 sacks in the 10 prior games, which was on pace for over 30. In other words, SF's pass blocking was much better once they put a decent QB behind C. I'd be interested to see how many of Fusco's pressures and sacks were after they made the move to Jimmy G.
  4. Why do they say making room for Ryan’s deal? He’s $21.6m against the cap this season. If we resign him, his cap hit would likely be less than that for the first year of the new contract.
  5. Congrats man! Awesome achievement.
  6. I think he’ll be given a chance to compete for the starting job. I don’t think there’s enough out there on him to commit that much to him.
  7. First let me say that I do think the gender pay gap is over-simplified as being primarily caused by gender. I also think it's over-amplified by those that think we should change laws to force reduction of the gender pay gap. That being said, this study did eliminate gender bias by the employer, but it did not eliminate gender bias. There are social factors that have an influence on men driving faster than women. Women were not very welcomed into the world of racing. Women haven't been historically portrayed on TV as street racers. If the biggest influencing factor is men drive faster than women, that can absolutely be influenced by gender.
  8. Having a good QB is the single most correlating factor with annual success for any NFL franchise. Teams without a good QB have good seasons. They’ve won Super Bowls. It’s rare to see them have a winning team year after year though. All of that being said, I do agree the market for them has gotten ridiculous. I hope Ryan wants to win a Super Bowl bad enough to where he does take a bit less.
  9. Is this safe for work? This isn't some video of aliens abducting and doing weird probing things to a human, is it? If so, let me know. I'll open it later.
  10. That's not accurate. You are assuming a static reduction in their expenses to deliver that food. Their costs per hotdog and people to serve it are static. Let's say it costs $1 to serve a hotdog, all costs blended, for ease of comparison. At $5 per hotdog, they are making $4 in margin per hotdog. At 1 million hotdogs sold, that's $5 million in revenue with $4 million in margin. At $2 per hotdog, they are only making $1 in margin per hotdog, or half of their sale price. If sales increased by 53%, that equates to $7.65 million in revenue, with half of that as $3.825 million in margin. A 53% increase in sales revenue does not necessarily offset the loss in margin. Their margin rate and their overall margin went down. Overall, that's a negligible price to pay for the highest food and beverage ratings in the entire league.
  11. So when Sarkisian leaves for a HC job, you don't want Quinn taking over the offense while we find our next OC?
  12. First off let me say that Neal has been one of my favorite players on our defense since his rookie season. No disrespect intended. That being said, coming into this thread, the thought crossed my mind that it would be the most missed INT's.
  13. My football emotions would not allow me to even consider thinking about that as a possibility. Seriously. After the way we lost the SB last season, then the Dawgs losing the way they did, and the Falcons losing the way they did to philly, I sincerely thought to myself that there is no way the football Gods would be so cruel as to send the Saints to the Super Bowl after what we’ve endured. If that did happen, I think I would have been done with football forever. But I knew it would not. I believed it would not. I would not even consider it as a possibility.
  14. I’m interested to see what the Patriots offense can put up against them. If the Eagles can hold them to 17 or less, I’ll take back what I’ve said about Sark. I know Mularkey gets a ton of crap for getting us shutout by the Giants in the Playoffs. That Giants defense kept the 18-0 Patriots with one of the other 7 highest scoring offenses to only 14 points in the Super Bowl. I know it did nothing for us as fans, but do think it’s relevant. I’m not impressed with shutting down the Vikings offense, holding them to 7. They only scored twice on our D when they beat us 14-9, and while our defense was good this season, they were not great.
  15. This is the worst scenario imaginable. I can’t stand either team. If the Eagles win, Foles will be the flavor of the week. Some team will give the Eagles draft picks for him, which will help make them stronger with Wentz coming back. And the media won’t shut up about how great Foles is, like we heard about Flacco after their defense won them a championship. If the Pats win, hopefully Brady and Billy would retire. That hope isn’t enough for me to want them to win though. F those cheaters.