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  1. The entire offense was learning the playbook in Kyle’s first year. Players were not on the same page, at all. The entire offense was out of sync learning the playbook. Sark never had to deal with the players not knowing the playbook. Scoring 30 isn’t the bar. Failing to score 20 is the bar. You should win putting up 24+. You will rarely win with sub-20. KS only had 1 game in his 2nd season where we failed to score 20. We failed to hang 20 in 12 games with Sark. 6 games this season we scored <20. That’s terrible in his 2nd season running the offense.
  2. Forgot about resigning Jarrett and Julio. They're going to eat into the cap space a bit. Julio might not eat into it too much if it's the first year of a new deal since they prorate the bonus money with a lower salary. He's scheduled for a $13.5m cap hit next season, which we could structure a contract that leaves the cap hit the same for this season. Jarrett's likely going to get $15m/year and he doesn't count against the cap right now, so that's going to be a good $10-12m of our cap space just to resign him.
  3. Some of these cuts don't make any sense. Alford does not cost a lot this season for a starting CB. He had a down year, but you can't replace him for $7.9m. Same goes for Brooks Reed. A backup DE for $4.5m? People see the rookie NFL contracts or the guys that are having great seasons on deals they signed a few years back. That's not the going rate for FA's at those respective positions. Cutting Schraeder for $3.9m? Unless he's really checked out and not wanting to play anymore, you're not signing a backup RT with starting experience for that amount of money. I'd start by not panicking and not cutting any of the people you want to cut. There would be an open competition at each of their respective positions. I would try to renegotiate Beasley and try to save at least $4m off of that $12m he's due, but if he's unwilling, then I do agree with cutting him to save the $12m in cap space. So let's assume Beasley stays for $4m less with a new contract. Now I am left with $30m in cap space. I don't have to replace a backup DE, an edge rusher, a starting CB (possibly moved to Nickel if Oliver can step up), a backup RT, and a backup swing OG. My expectation is filling at least 2 starting positions in the draft, a starting OG or RT and a LB. I'm adding 5 other players in the draft for depth, along with the depth we have and getting Pro Bowl starters back from injury. I'm left with $25m in cap space looking for 2 new starters on the OL, a starter at DE, and possibly a starting NT depending on how Senat is developing in the offseason.
  4. ****, Brady only has 2 TD's compared to 2 INT's this season in the Playoffs, and he's getting all of the credit for getting them back to the Super Bowl. Sony Michel has been New England's MVP thus far in the Playoffs. He leads all NFL players with 5 TD's in only 2 games along with 121 rushing yards per game, 4.6 ypc. There are no QB's with 5 passing TD's yet.
  5. Matt has been money in the Playoffs the last several games. The last time Matt threw an INT in the Playoffs was back in 2012. That's 5 straight Playoff games without a single INT. You might be wondering the last time Brees had a Playoff game without throwing any INT's. It was back in 2013. He's thrown picks in each of his last 4 Playoff games.
  6. They didn’t get as screwed as they are pretending they were. There were a TON of no calls in their favor. Here are 4 that were pretty blatant no calls.
  7. LaFleur would’ve been a much better choice.
  8. Asking a CB to shadow the 2nd best WR in the league IS showing a massive amount of respect. I actually lost respect for Grimes on this. I don’t understand how somebody can be this dumb. If a team asks you to shadow another team’s #1 WR, they think you are their best shot for defending him. Grimes is either stupid or scared. There is no other explanation. Either too stupid to understand that your coach (who doesn’t negotiate your salary) asking you to do this is a sign of respect for your ability, or he was too scared of covering AB and didn’t want to get embarrassed on film before he hits Free Agency. He’s a veteran, knows it’s a team sport, and knows the coach doesn’t do his contract. So he knows this excuse is straight bull****. Seriously man, this is heartbreaking. I figured he just had a wild wife. I always respected Grimes. I have a lot of respect for the shorter ballhawk DB’s like Grimes and Samuels that competed against WR’s 6” taller and 30lbs heavier.
  9. I would be surprised to see Sark or Manuel get a job as an NFL coordinator anywhere. If I was a betting man, I'd bet on Sark going back to college and Manuel finding a job as a position coach in the NFL (coaching DB's somewhere).
  10. Julio = Only NFL player to have 1400+ receiving yards in 5 consecutive seasons. To put that in perspective, Calvin Johnson had 1400+ receiving yards 3 times in his entire career. Randy Moss, 4 times in his entire career. Jerry Rice did it 6 times during his entire career. For more perspective, Jerry Rice and Randy Moss went over 1600 yards only once in their careers. Calvin Johnson did it twice. AB has had 1400+ in 4 seasons (one less, but not consecutive, 3 years consecutive) while going over 1600 yards twice. For all of the OBJ fans, he's gone 1400+ once and never over 1600. All of these guys do crush Julio in TD stats though.
  11. The other thing is our offense got shutdown by some very mediocre defenses. Baltimore and Dallas were the only top 10 scoring defenses we played all season. We were held to 20 or less against the Eagles (12), Steelers (16), Browns (21), Saints (14), Packers (22), Ravens (2), and Cowboys (6). Almost have our ganes this season.
  12. Our first quarter scoring was abysmal this season. We were 24th in the league. Combine that with the fact that our defense gave up opening drive TD’s almost every single game, and we end up playing from behind a lot. We were 19th in 3rd Q scoring. So if anybody thinks it’s because we deferred, they’re wrong. 19th is actually pretty inflated by the last 3 games which had half of our 3rd Q points for the season. Our offense was not consistent at all. In contrast, great offenses like we had in 2016 see a lot of scoring until they pump the breaks.
  13. No Le’Veon Bell in the backfield. Defenses put more toward slowing down AB this season. That’s part of why Conner and JuJu had such great seasons. Not to take away from their performances at all. I’m just saying Bell and AB are both elite playmakers and they benefitted from having each other healthy.
  14. I think there are a few things worth pointing out and clarifying. Kubiak was OC in only one of those seasons. He led the Ravens to 8th in scoring with Flacco at QB. Equating offensive stats while he was HC is like judging DQ as a DC since he’s been in Atlanta. I think Bevel benefitted from a stellar D and ST’s contributing to field position, along with good OL. But he also never had the offensive talent we have here.
  15. It’s easy to tell which posters have no pride, integrity, or heart. Our players continued fighting til the end. They never gave up. It’s sad that some people think that is a flaw. As much as folks want to slam DQ, this was a testament to him. The Falcons have been out of Playoff contention for a while now. They had every reason to give up, mail it in, and not risk injuring themselves. He didn’t lose the lockerroom. He didn’t lose the players. You can tell when you have a good leader by the way they handle adversity. Players continued fighting for each other even when they had nothing else to fight for. I’ll take that over any draft pick.