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  1. I’m hyped as anyone regarding Ridley, but not exactly sure on how we are judging which guy is #2. If it’s by overall snapcount, I would be really surprised to see Ridley surpass Sanu. Sanu is the better blocker, so in 2 WR sets that are majority run, I would expect to see Sanu get the majority of those snaps. Also, goalline formation. In 3WR sets, I see Sanu in the slot with Ridley out wide. If we go purely by targets, I could see a possibility of Ridley competing for 2nd most targets. In my opinion, it’s based on snapcount, and I just can’t see Ridley being the primary in 2WR sets.
  2. Greg Robinson is a bust. Justin Gilbert is a bust. Matthews is not a bust.
  3. Honestly, that's a lot more than I thought they were paid. $200K+ was a ton of money back then.
  4. General rule of thumb. Before publishing anything, try to have something unique you are bringing to the subject at hand, such as a new fact. In my opinion, opinions without the presentation of new facts really belong in a blog or on a message board.
  5. This one makes up for that one.
  6. Please list all of the passrushers drafted in 2015 that you would take ahead of Beasley, even with the benefit of hindsight. Pretty please.
  7. This is a pretty weak argument. The Giants had a grand total of 6 rushing TD's in 2016 and 5 in 2015. They rushed for 11 total TD's over those 2 seasons. I'm not looking at last season because OBJ was injured. The Falcons rushed for 20 TD's in 2016 and 13 in 2015. 33 rushing TD's in those same 2 seasons. The Giants couldn't run the ball into the endzone, so they had to throw it. That is why the NFL looks at impact plays, not TD stats, when evaluating players. They know TD numbers get skewed by situations. LeGarrett Blount rushed for 18 TD's in 2016, the most in the league, and the most since 2009. That also happened to be the only time in the past 4 seasons Brady threw for under 30 TD's. That was the last season on Blount's contract and he wasn't even resigned. The Eagles rewarded him with a 1 year contract that only had $2m in guarantees the very next season. You might be wondering, how do they compare with impact plays? OBJ has had 1 season with 20 plays or more of 20+ yards, and he had exactly 20. Julio has had at least 23 receptions of 20+ yards in 4 consecutive seasons, with one of those seasons being 31 impact plays. I acknowledge that Julio has weak TD stats, but I do not think that's an indictment on Julio's ability. He opens up our entire offense.
  8. I have had a problem with a lot of the rule changes, especially the way they were implemented. I don't see any problem with this rule what so ever. There is no tactical advantage to lowering and leading with your helmet to initiate contact, other than trying to injure other players and yourself. In every single one of those replays, the player could have led with their shoulder and still obliterate the offensive player. As a matter of fact, I think keeping your head up is actually a tactical advantage. Keanu Neal lost sight of the football because he lowered his head going in for a killshot. He would've had an opportunity for an interception to ice the game. When you lead with your shoulder, you keep eyes on the football, whether it's in flight or where they are carrying it, and you can use your arms to try to punch it out, strip it, or snatch it from the air. The only tactical advantage for leading with the helmet is if it impacts on the football, which almost never happens. FF's come from punching and/or stripping the ball out, not from looking at the turf and praying your helmet gets a direct shot on the football.
  9. AB - 1239 yards per season OBJ - 1106 yards per season Julio - 1293 yards per season I don't think OBJ should be in the same conversation. Julio has posted over 1400 yards in 4 consecutive seasons. AB didn't hit the mark in 2016, but he's had over 1400 in 4 of the past 5 seasons. OBJ barely cracked it in one season and has had none over 1500 yards. Julio almost hist 1900 yards one season and AB broke over 1800 one season as well. I think OBJ has the ability, but he hasn't put up the same production.
  10. 2nd best draft of any NFL team that year. And that’s graded a B? Pretty sure 97th percentile should be considered an A.
  11. The beautiful thing is I can’t see him getting any extra attention from defenses with our personnel. Julio and Free/Coleman are the priority for every defense we face. It’s going to be Ridley or Sanu matched up against a NB with no help. The only thing that can stop this offense is Sark.
  12. Ok. That was the first wtf pick of this draft. We have HB’s. Both catch well. This made no sense. We coupd have gone TE, FB, OG, DT. Really good prospects at all of those positions still on the board. And we don’t have another pick til 6. I trust these guys more than me when it comes to building a draft board. But that was seriously a WTF moment.
  13. I honestly wouldn’t mind double dipping at DT and taking Settle here. Here = Round 4
  14. Dude, trolling fans?!? Bold strategy Cotton. That’s awesome :-)
  15. We traded back for more picks. We got one 3rd round pick and two 5th round picks for it.