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  1. Speaking for myself, I'm still in a bit of shock. It comes with many conflicting emotions, and I don't know what to say. I'm glad the cop was arrested. Confused as to why he wasn't arrested sooner. Disbelief that the initial coroner didn't rule it a homicide. Saddened to see so many in so much pain. Embarrassed by our President. Sickened by the few opportunists and agitators exploiting where we are. Yet behind all of the chaos, I see glimmers of hope with some policemen marching with peaceful protestors, police chiefs listening to the protestors, and minority leaders sending a great message about building the community and not tearing it down.
  2. Oh my gosh. I don't know how I didn't see it so clearly before. His communication was so clear and obvious. I could read his lips from here. That quarter second halfway extended arm sweeping motion made it so clear. Staring at the safety and extending his arm meant nothing, just trying to throw the defense off. I see it now! This is exactly the kind of communication we want between our defensive players. Our staff should use this video in team defense meetings so they all know what kind of communication we expect out of them.
  3. You can clearly see him turn to his right just before he gets into position. Honestly, I don't care enough to continue discussing it. I hope we see better communication and less blown coverages this season. That starts by making sure everybody knows their job when the offense gives them a certain look. We can agree that at least one of them didn't do their job on that play, with a possibility that both of them played it incorrectly.
  4. @:24 - It looks more like he tries to say something to the Safety. He doesn't even turn his head far enough to see Trufant, let alone communicate with him. Communicating with the Safety regarding TE and RB coverage responsibilities seems to make more sense. I don't understand why anybody would assume he effectively communicated with Trufant there. Even if we do assume that he effectively communicated, changing coverage assignments less than a second before the ball is snapped is still ill-advised. Why would he play man on the TE instead of covering the RB when our CB is lined up 8 yards off of the LOS? He's the guy you want covering the RB lined up 2 yards off of the LOS, 10 yards between them? I can't imagine any scenario where we want our LB making that adjustment based on that offensive alignment, especially when he does it within a second of the snap. In man coverage, you are not assigned the person running a particular route. I don't know where you got that from. The defense doesn't know what route a player is going to run. The CB typically takes the player that is lined up outside. A CB in man coverage doesn't release because his guy ran an inside route. If you take the guy that runs an outside route, what happens when the outside guy runs an inside slant? The CB is supposed to u-turn because the slot guy ran an outside slant? That's not how man coverage works and would never work because of momentum and loss of leverage. The CB does not "take the outside route". They cover a man or they cover a zone. That's why it's called "man" coverage. In zone coverage, they cover a portion of the field, and close in on any person that comes into their zone.
  5. Kamara was lined up inside. Not outside. It looks to me like they are playing man coverage. Not zone. If you are playing man coverage, you do not abandon your assignment because somebody else blew there's. Have you ever seen any CB on any defense play man on the outside and switch coverage with a LB because the TE ran an out? No. Because that would be stupid. I don't know if it was Trufant's fault. It looks to me like our LB should have released and covered the RB closer to the LOS instead of turning around trying to cover a post route. I guess you would prefer a defense that has LBers cover an offense's outside player running a post route while our CB's cover their RB that lined up inside. If so, we can agree to disagree. In my opinion, the LB made the wrong adjustment. He went in motion with the RB and switched his coverage to the outside for no apparent reason.
  6. I'm confused as to why we think this is on Trufant. Typically, it's the LBer that gets the RB assignment. You can even see our LB shift into coverage when Kamara goes into motion. It looks more like the LB took the wrong assignment. I don't know what our guys are instructed to do. I just don't see why we would assume this is on Trufant. It looks more like our LB took the wrong assignment. I agree it's a communication problem, but our guys really should know what they are supposed to do when they see this formation. Every time I've seen similar where Kamara goes to the left of the OL, Deion Jones covers Kamara. He doesn't switch his coverage and try to scream back for somebody else in the secondary to play the line and cover the RB. I'm not an expert. I just don't recall ever seeing a LB ask a DB to cover the RB inside the box. DB's cover RB's when they split out wide, but he didn't split out wide. LBers get the backfield, which I would think still applies against a stack formation.
  7. Ollison is our goalline back. Ito is our change of pace behind Gurley. Not sure if either have a role on Special Teams. Hill is going to have a tough time carving out a role for himself on the 53 man roster, especially game day.
  8. Would take him in a heartbeat. Give that man a contract asap!
  9. Glorify? More like a realist that doesn't see any point in devaluing role players and what they put on the line for this team. He was a 4th round pick playing for league minimum last season and did everything he was asked to do for 5 seasons. I believe in thanking those players and wishing them the best when we part ways with them. Unfortunately, we have delusional fans that want to throw shade at 4th round picks because they didn't live up to their unrealistic expectations.
  10. He was a 4th round pick, many never even play a single snap, let alone become mid-tier players. He made an NFL roster for 5 consecutive seasons facing new competition every year on what might have been the deepest WR depth chart in the entire league over that timespan. Not many WR's are going to put up big receiving numbers in a 5-year career that saw Julio, Roddy, Ridley, Sanu, and/or Gabriel locking down the top 3 spots almost every one of those seasons. That's not counting the TE's and RB's we had over those same seasons catching a lot of passes. He had an opportunity to make a mark when Sanu got traded this season, but Gage stepped up his game and seems like a better playmaker. Hardy had his best season with Shanahan and he was behind Julio, Sanu, Freeman, Coleman, Gabriel, and Tamme. It's tough to produce when you are the 7th option, and it's tough to move up to 6th with the way those guys were playing that season. Tamme wasn't great, but he was serviceable and it's not like Hardy could compete for TE receptions...
  11. The average NFL career length for all WR's is 2.8 years. That includes WR's drafted in rounds 1-3. He was slightly above average for a 4th round pick, far from "terrible". I am not saying he is a great player or over-stating his career, but he was worth a 4th round pick. There were no more than 10 players in the 4th round of the 2015 NFL draft that turned out to be better NFL players than him.
  12. He gets too many sacks. We just need them to disrupt and pressure the QB, move him off his mark, not actually tackle him. He wouldn’t fit our system.
  13. Try it with ice and a splash of water. I wouldn’t do that to a good Scotch, but there are some whiskeys that are a bit harsh and some people prefer them diluted a bit.
  14. Typically, getting behind multiple scores hurts your attempts and overall rushing yards, but it can help your ypc average because the defense is playing safe. Our ypc sucked this year.
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