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  1. I honestly hope we find a way to ditch ozuna or settle and keep soler and or rosario.
  2. Crazy TF gets credit as this huge FA mastermind just for signing Demario Davis. The saints had a lot of bad drafts and fa with tf on staff. Will give him a pass until we go through an offseason with some cap space.
  3. I think the lack of an elite bluechip prospect at DE (ala Chase Young, Myles Garrett) forced our hand to BPA. If there was a blue chip DE I don't think we still would have taken Pitts.
  4. Yet we keep marching newcomb and other 4+ era guys out there.
  5. The Philly and Mets series at the end of the year might determine the division.
  6. Can they teach Ozzie how to approach an at-bat.
  7. Time for him to go to the pen the rest of the year. I seriously cannot wait for him and Will Smith to not be on the Braves. Horrific.
  8. Smyly sucks. He needs to replace Tomlin as our "sucky blowout pitcher"
  9. Smyly is like if Will Smith was a starter...
  10. He compares favorably to Calvin Johnson if you really look at it. He's a freak of nature that is going to be an absolute beast. I don't think we'll miss Julio much once he gets rolling. What impressed me most about that play, is when he started dragging towards the defender, he adjusted his route to break behind the defender and cut without losing speed. He blew past the guy and was setup for major YAC. That seemed like a VERY savvy route adjustment for your first snap in a NFL game. Then it took 6 defenders to get him down, awesome.
  11. I wish he'd roast Will like he roasts Suarez... Can't ******* stand Will Smith anymore. Done with him
  12. We've used him a ton in tied 9 innings and tied 10ths and he's blown A LOT of them. I think we've lost double digit games solely from will smith this year.
  13. He makes me sick. Not to mention all the tied games he entered and blew.
  14. If Will Smith walks/hits the first batter its guaranteed runs are being given up. He sucks so ******* bad. Can we be done with him as closer already? He sucks giant wang.
  15. Ugh... hopefully we don't go back to pitching Minter EVERY GAME as he walks two batters that the next reliever gives up 4 runs on. Our BP immediately got better once Minter was gone and DickRod was acquired.
  16. Yay can't wait to lose two games in a row that we were winning by 2 at 26 outs...
  17. I can't remember if I ever got mine, it got stolen or I misplaced it. What was in it this year? Did they ship them?
  18. Agree smith needs to be on a short leash. If he walks first batter he needs pulled after the third
  19. Doesnt show in saves but hes blown a ton of tied games.
  20. I think duvall and joc will be here next year.
  21. I gotta commend snit for his managing this series.. hes not messing around short leash for smyly and touki, pinch hitting for kevan, no shane greene when hes been doing nithing but the opposite all year.
  22. DickRod has been perfection since we goy him... with a 93 fastball and one in twelve slider.. someone explain?
  23. I think we'll end up DFA'ing Greene for him and Snit will try to square peg/round hole him into being the 7th inning, super high leverage, yet pitches EVERY GAME guy again... Like he used to do with Luke when Luke was puke and Sam Freeman.
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