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  1. I think Knapp was hired as QB Coach and unofficial backup OC. If Sark mightily struggles, I could see Knapp taking over the offense by whenever our Bye week is.
  2. I'm pretty pissed to. Yes Free Agency is super boring as a falcons fan, but holy crap how can we not SIGN A ******* FULLBACK, GOD ****** TOMMY D, YOU HAVE ONE JOB. GET YOUR *** OFF YOUR BIKE ON THE BELTLINE AND SIGN SOME DUDES.
  3. Wasn't he the FB we were rumored to be looking at. Come on TD, you can't even sign a ******* FULLBACK!
  4. Poe's dead to me then... not worth 9/yr
  5. Really hoping we end up with DJ Moore, Pettis, a WR we can groom for a year or two. Alford is a hard call, hopefully a restructure instead, I think he's better than Tru tbh.
  6. Agreed mash. Re-sign Poe and draft a DT in 1st or 2nd and our DL is back in business.
  7. That's gotta be the deepest DL of all time... geezus. Do we have to play them in PHI this year?
  8. Just because Roberts sucked gigantic rods, doesn't mean Weems is good, he sucks too.
  9. I wonder what his market would be right now... Any guesses? 12m/yr? If we could get him for 8-10m I'd be all for it.
  10. Can they give us Vinny Curry then?
  11. With as bad as we are in the redzone, Matt Bryant is one of the most important players on our team. Welcome back other Matty Ice.
  12. In 2-3 years draft Tua in the 2nd or 3rd.
  13. Does this mean they let Joyner hit FA and tag Watkins?
  14. Can definitely get behind a big board for our first pick topped by Payne, Wynn, Vea
  15. Agreed. I'd be running to the podium to select DaRon Payne in the first if he was available at our pick.