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  1. Incredible we rehired a guy that we already fired for terrible scheme and playcalling... only the Falcons
  2. I can be okay with Smyly if we bring Ozuna back.
  3. More proof McKay needs to go... gonna blow the comp pick opportunity.
  4. We're stupid if we got offered a 2nd for him last year.
  5. Do you feel like Max got snubbed?
  6. McKay needs to go or have nothing to do with hiring. Until all the cronyism and nepotism hires stop well be a ****ty team.
  7. I think Jarrett is too small weight wise to play NT in a 3-4 in this scenario though. He would be an absolutely dominant RDE in a 3-4 though. That's where Aaron Donald plays when he was in the Phillips 3-4 and he was a game wrecker there. Though, regardless of scheme I feel like we've needed a true NT for 3-4 or 4-3 next to Grady regardless.
  8. I've posted about this before, but I think it'd be something like this RDE - Jarrett NT - FA/Draft Pick (320+ lbs, Quinnen Williams would be great here) LDE - Davidson/FA/Pick (Marlon is a rookie without much PT, but his size projects greatly for a 3-4 DE, I think of 3-4DE like a 3-tech 4-3 DT or a 5-tech 4-3 DE). OLB (PR) - Fowler Jr. ILB - Deion Jones ILB - Draft Pick/FA (someone a little bigger than Deion) OLB - Foye/Neal - potentially rotate other PR's like Harris/Means (It's also possible Foye moves in and you get a PR/Coverage guy for the ot
  9. Blidi reminds me of early career Brent Grimes before we wised up and made him #1 cb
  10. Seriously can we fire DK already... he's a complete bum, always has been, always will be. He's a coward too. Can't stand him, I think I'll be happier when he gets canned than I was when we finally ditched DQ and TD.
  11. Yeh. I hope they approve it for 2021, to me it was so vastly better for the game outside of games Fried didn't pitch 😛 Not to mention it expands the market for aging vets that can still hit, but have degraded fielding skills (like Ozuna).
  12. Apparently the DH will go back to AL only next year. If this is true bye Ozuna
  13. Najee Harris please... was shocked he didnt come out wanted him bad in the second. Might take a first this year but watched every snap. Hes like a great combination of derrick Henry and josh jacobs.
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