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  1. We still are paying for it, 6m in dead money to Tru this year (according to overthecap) that's a decent starter's worth of money for a guy 2 years removed from the team. Those bad deals really hurt.
  2. Agreed 100% yeh julio spent a lot of time on the sideline but it's those 4-8m fringe starter guys that gutted this team. Rico, carpenter, brown, trufant and alford, bailey, clayborn (prob the only one that was worth it), freeman, and so on...
  3. It's a good problem to have between mathis and roddy we couldnt find a WR in that era like we cant find a DE now. It was bad. I think ridley will get 4/60-70m if I had to guess have his contract end when rookie QB contract ends.
  4. I think he gets a 2nd contract, especially if Ryan/Julio are gone and we have a cheap rookie QB contract.
  5. What do you think our optimal four should be? Acuna, Free, Ozuna, Darnaud Acuna, darnaud, freeman, ozuna Acuna, Swanson, Free, Ozuna Acuna. Albies, Free, Ozuna Something else? I loved the first one last year but if Swanson stays on pace I like that one too.
  6. I mentioned this in other threads but the real failures of TD's roster is all the 4-8m guys that underperform their contracts. These two guys fall square into that category. Now get rid of Carpenter.
  7. Tony G was a trade, but I get the premise is similar enough. The Samuel and Levitre trades come to mind too, TD was pretty good at trading for starters but outside of Sanu, Mack and Turner just totally abysmal in FA.
  8. I think TF's ability to find cheap/vet min type players that perform like mid-to-high paid players. Our pattern under TD/Quinn is that most of the roster underperformed to their contract value and we ran out of money to make splash signings. I never considered the fact that scouting that tier of players is fairly similar to scouting late round/UDFA type talent except they have NFL tape. I also think the Patriots excel at this model of taking low price guys and having they perform like near probowl/probowl level. If TF can turnover the roster enough to have a majority of the team over-per
  9. I see it more as strengthening the bench than replacing Riley. Riley is going to be a fantastic player, and will likely hold down 3B for many years, but if we were to acquire someone that is a legitimate upgrade we upgrade both that spot and the bench that needs it. But also we could just let Riley start and get a decent bench bat as well (not Camargo)
  10. I did miss that and didnt realize we got Arano either. Maybe we'll be fine there. Wish we got a good 3b to move riley to an inf bench spot and got an ample duvall and or markakis backup
  11. I was hoping we'd bring in Rosenthal to replace one of the two SU guys that we lost in the pen and hopefully CEJ can replace the other one.
  12. Oh yeh... I purged him out of memory after his playoff performance. Eww...
  13. Dang I totally missed that. Who the heck is our closer now? Martin?
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