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  1. As far as I'm concerned, he didn't get torched by Desean Jackson, so he did a good job.
  2. I freaking hate philly fans. Had the most obnoxious ones ever behind me in 314 didnt shut up the entire game. Was so happy to get to wave at them and say go home and never come back to arrogant pricks. They turned and darted out as soon as he said the final play stood. The next best was in the horrible exit people sardines a philly fan held up his phone showing the video of Falcons eagles two years ago as a desperate attempt to not face their shame tonight. They got screamed at to get the **** out of Atlanta. **** the eagles and **** the phillies... I got to scream your baseball team sucks too a bunch of times in rhythm to nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye
  3. ^ that put him at 2nd cb
  4. Amazingly enough edge contain was our biggest problem (IMO) in preseason and god forbid preseason issues bleed into regular season.
  5. I watched him every year he was at Bama and he had superstar written all over him. Putting him at box safety is the worst misuse of his talents possible. He'd be an Earl Thomas in his prime grade FS or a pro-bowl level CB.
  6. Can we have Minkah Fitzpatrick and put him at #2 CB?
  7. Hate early pulls like this
  8. Until he learns the catch hes weeds... the tough love gives him power.
  9. The legend of Weeds is spreading. Not only do I start correcting all friends calling him Flowers and have them calling him Weeds, I also told my father in law about him and he cracked up for about 10 minutes and even called him weeds after his 2nd passed ball. Good work AFMB
  10. No Dansby? did he have a setback?
  11. I'd like grace and Foye to platoon WLB spot for normal 4-3 packages
  12. Grace for sure should make the team as the primary backup LBer for most spots. Foye/Grace/Carter is a nice LB rotation, much improved Depth. I don't see a spot for Duke unless we carry 7 LBs.
  13. He would come in and mow us down...
  14. Please let him suck as bad as he did with us.