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  1. Wow new guy had a clean inning... Tice for closer?
  2. Snitker has to be the worst ******* bp manager in baseball
  3. Here comes bases loaded walk... lefties all over the pen and you pick walk machine Newcomb...
  4. I liked Riley batting 4th better.
  5. Knew the second i heard Tomlin it was over. Snitker ******* sucks.
  6. I really like the Rodriguez and Reynolds trade too, both guys are good, cheap players. I remember hearing announcers kinda raving on Reynolds when we played them a few weeks back.
  7. What's crazy, I did almost an identical trade for Ketel Marte in my Show franchise (it's how I cope with this season) and working out pretty good 😛
  8. Agreed.... Acuna has the potential to be the best player to ever wear the Braves uniform not #44 and NO manager is worth keeping to piss off Acuna. I just think Washington needs to be manager, he seems to have a better relationship with the players anyway.
  9. This has to be the beginning of the end for Snitker. I fully expect the team to skid and be 10-15 games below 500 at the break... Snit gotta go.
  10. Well his data sucks... What ****ty *** spreadsheets is he using if they say "pitch AJ Minter every day"
  11. This bullpen might be worse than the one a few years ago with Sam Freeman, Ramirez and vizcaino... where snit used sam freeman how he used luke last year and minter/santana this year en route to instant three plus runs for the opponent.
  12. What's more concerning is literally the ENTIRE staff except maybe Anderson has regressed. Kranitz feels like the Koetter of pitching coaches. All the unsung guys that stepped up last year - Matzek, Minter, Greene... absolute garbage fire this year. Fried doesn't look as sharp, Anderson not as sharp, Ynoa was a surprise ace-like starter and broke his own hand being stupid... it keeps going. Our pitching sucks top to bottom, injuries or not.
  13. Braves blow leads like the 2018-2020 falcons... disgusting bullpen. I can't even tell if we should be buyers or sellers at the deadline.
  14. We need to nut up and make a high-impact trade to "reset" the clubhouse.
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