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  1. Keep his contract the same and add like a 500k per touchdown incentive, win-win.
  2. It sucks, that he needs to be out there re-developing the missing chemistry from last year. The drops at inopportune times, and lack of TD production - he's not putting up 10+ TDs like AB.
  3. I hate when players that are 3 years into a 6 year deal that they signed and agreed to, start bitching about money when they're halfway into the deal that was market rate and fair when they signed. You signed the contract, honor the **** deal. The market always goes up after you sign, at this point just sign 1 year contracts for everyone if players won't honor contracts halfway through. He's an amazing player, one of my favorite falcons ever, but 3 TD's and timely drops don't deserve more money especially with his injury problems. The only compromise I see in this situation is tack 2-3 years to the end of the deal at a current market rate and call it a day.
  4. Hopefully he stays in the minors for a while, he was even more hot garbage than Freeman.
  5. Every time Freeman comes in to pitch, esp. with runners on I just say to myself "well there goes this game..." He sucks, we got rid of Ramirez and need to get rid of Freeman too. He's hot garbage 80% of the time.
  6. It's sad we even stopped using him to begin with. He was so electric in '16 motioned out or lined up wide, then Sark just outright stopped doing it. Funny to hear this news like its "groundbreaking." We should have never stopped doing it to begin with and its a reason why the offense was so stagnant last year.
  7. Would definitely sure up our LB depth and add a vet presence.
  8. Actually hes with Tennessee now. Since people like to call others out and imply everyone is stupid it's spelled LaFleur. And I dont think you're stupid I just want to post without having to be 100% accurate everytime when it's possible I'm fully aware McVay called plays and LaFleur mostly was a standin assisting with gameplanning. Especially when it's a facetious post.
  9. The same ram coach that should have stayed our coordinator? That LaFleur character.
  10. Goff and Gurley really lit us up in the playoffs... Cooks sure was good in the playoffs with NE too.
  11. This year though?
  12. When do you guys think Gohara will get a MLB start?
  13. We were both huge DaRon Payne guys, and I hated how early he went and how we kept passing DTs. But I'm amazed at how we found a low-key guy with better stats and grades that flew under the radar with his story and personality. I'm not sure I would have changed our draft even if we could have guaranteed Payne with what we ended up with. Ridley, Oliver, Senat is a **** of a haul. I also love that we stole another player Dallas was targeting. It seems like the entire NFL was trolling Dallas by stealing their targets each round.
  14. We essentially got a Top 10 and Top 25 talent at 26 and 58. Fantastic lineup. And Senat is looking to be a real steal who had low key production higher than Vea and Payne.