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  1. He looks like an eight year old putting all his might to barely dribble it back to second
  2. He might be better than Soroka. Love him
  3. His offspeed is next level tonight. The quick pitches are nice too, stole a SO with one.
  4. Worst person on our team this could happen to.
  5. Will be interesting to see how we do against him tonight since we remembered how to hit.
  6. Theres a side by side of folty in the Ray's thread and folty looks rough, hope it's not something bigger.
  7. Camargo came across lazy last year, him and folty might be goners with the emergence of young thicc at third.
  8. I loved folty when he was good, needs to get moved.
  9. In any case hes painting corners now. Control and movement on his offspeed looks awesome
  10. I wonder I folty purposely traded some velo for control and offspeed movement. Hes tossing 92, 89, 81 and 78 on his pitches and hitting corners with his slider andchange up. Maybe less velo is good, intent?
  11. Honestly ok with them taking their time, the more time W. Contreras gets in the bigs the better. He's been great so far. Hope he replaces Weeds by the EOY or next year.
  12. Alex Jackson should never see field time again if Contreras is healthy.
  13. I think KLC/Diggs would have been better than Terrell/Davidson but time will tell, hope I'm wrong.
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