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  1. He's my #1 draft target by far.
  2. We had that in Lafleur and let him go
  3. He sucks fire him... demote him... w/e bring in anyone with NFL experience from the Shanny/Kubiak tree.
  4. dear lord no. Mularkey is even less creative and more conservative and predictable than Sark.
  5. DaRon Payne is my tip target. Then best TE/OG available in round 2 or in FA
  6. Demote sark yo an assistant, hire Kubiak, let sark learn from him and wh3n Kubiak is done he'll be ready.
  7. Agree 100% Glad so many people are on the Payne train. I think he'll be there for our first rounder and he'd complete the D. Get a guard in FA and good to go.
  8. Same... Da'Ron Payne is my #1 draft target since Minkah Fitzpatrick is not a reasonable projection. Payne might be able to be had in the 2nd (trade back) but I loved Reuben Foster last year, and love Payne this year. Also loved Deion Jones coming out, it's probably the only draft pick I got right in a mock.
  9. There's a reason teams like the Patriots, Steelers and now the Falcons have consistent Playoff success, and that's that they go about their business. These teams don't need fancy gimmicks, bulletin board material, etc. It's another day at the office and come gameday, they go about their business like hired assassins, calm, collected and efficient. If Philly is too hype and angry they may play undisciplined and it will play into our hand, especially forcing turnovers from a backup QB.
  10. Kubiak or bust. Give him a blank check to come be OC
  11. Deion Sanders isn't "Deion" anymore.... Deion Jones is "Deion" now... We don't need Prime.
  12. We run the toss sweep, Julio drag while other guys run 15 yard ins or gos short of the first, and Freeman off tackle like 800 times a game.
  13. To be fair, interfering with Julio is just about the only way to stop him. Especially given that they barely ever call it this year. It's like headlock holding on Abraham back in the day or Vic Beasley now. Never called.
  14. Lol at aint fans saying we deserved it for Thursday night after they've gotten calls for ten years and a Superbowl because of Katrina refs.
  15. Agreed. Kubiak knows the Shannahan system as well or better than Kyle and has been in it his whole career. He's the best possible case. Demote sark to an offensive assistant and bring Kubiak in for 2-3 years to restore the offense and groom Sark to take over one day.