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  1. Kubiak or bust
  2. Yeh I almost hope we go BPA at OG/TE in the first two rounds in whichever order they fall next year unless we have a shot at Minkah Fitzpatrick in the 1st.
  3. Please football gods let us demote Sark to an offensive assistant and get Kubiak, let Kubiak mentor Sark then promote Sark when Kubiak wants another break/retires again.
  4. Fire Sark and get Kubiak here stat
  5. If we can get Gase I hope the Dolphins lose every game this season.
  6. Like how we hit Julio on a PA deep cross, then ran 3 straight plays.
  7. haha he went to my HS in Woodstock, GA.
  8. MBS is essentially neutral territory except for 4th qtr 3rd downs.
  9. Thank you for that. I trust your analysis more than just about anyone here or otherwise. I'd love if we were in play for Fitzpatrick next year, I think he'd be a beast at FS in our scheme - but it looked like we might need to load up at DT and OG still.
  10. Do you see regression from 2nd year players like Deion & Keanu? Rico? (as a starter)
  11. @PeytonMannings Forehead What seems to be wrong with Ryan this year? Doesn't trust protection? Footwork off? He seems not even close to last year, I think his deep pass to Marvin Hall was probably his best and one of his only deep completions all season. Side Note but it was great to see Hall leave off where he did in pre-season, making plays.
  12. What is the problem? Execution? Bad tackling?
  13. Let Manuel be the practice/game plan/prep rah rah guy and let DQ handle big boy duties in game. We already have suspect game management when he can focus on the whole game, so let him go back to calling the D. We were way better with it last year. No more soft Cover 1 or 3 every play. (I know that's not accurate, but it looks like it).
  14. I'm usually not a "bring him home" to every guy out there, but there's legit logic behind bringing Bowman in. Our LB depth is shallow and Riley isn't ready for starting role.
  15. If anyone wants 2 or 4 of these tickets, Floor-C Row 12. I paid $250/each and will ask the same. E-mail if you are interested.