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  1. Agreed the move is a giant head scratcher. What I would give to have a 27 year old John abraham post-groin issues back on the team.
  2. Following history, we've kind of laid stinkers in the first game of the year. I think we'll take 2-3 games and then have some big game to really kick it off... All depends if we can get Freeman going, and the defense doesn't take half a season to remember how to cover and tackle.
  3. If we're going to take Greedy #1, might as well trade our first for a proven, young CB instead. I think he's going to be a terrible pro.
  4. Ok... with that said, I'd be all for trading up for him. If there was anyway for us to keep our 2nd and still get 'em I'm all for it.
  5. It sucks we won 3 meaningless games and could have been in position to outright draft Quinnen for only one pick.
  6. Devin White. New deion jones from lsu.
  7. Whether we get Shelton or another 320+ NT beast, it's clear that DQ isn't ******* around with adding beef to compliment our speed guys.
  8. Me too... I hope we build a fortress interior like the Saints have had for years.
  9. How does a power blocking 340 beast fit into a WCO ZBS scheme?
  10. Bring on the beef!
  11. How's he stack up on PFF? Any good?
  12. Amazing draft. This would totally make up for our terrible FA and resigning strategy.
  13. If we sign Sweezy, can we just fast forward to our 6-10 or 7-9 season and fire Tommy D and DQ already.
  14. Betting our entire season and sacrificing FA money for VB44 has to be the dumbest decision I've ever seen in years. Even if VB44 had an exact repeat of 2016 that still doesnt fix the oline and run defense. And get us a starting corner.