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  1. I think we're going to play pissed off football this year, similar to Clemson last year. I think we're going to come out wanting to **** stomp everyone in our way.
  2. Roddy should be done separately - he is a classic all-time great Falcons. Vick is a classic all-time great waste of potential that was fun to watch for a few years.
  3. I really like Sark. If he can maintain our levels from last year his personality is a much better fit for this team than Kyle was, despite his success last year.
  4. He definitely want full ego Kyle mode it and turned into 2015 Kyle in like win a game on rookie in Madden situation.
  5. Man once he learns to use his hands at a pro level he's going to murder tackles with that arm length.
  6. Really like Manuel as DC, I think he'll be a tremendous upgrade to Smith - though I hope DQ keeps calling the defense.
  7. Man I hope that Sarkisian has that feel for weakness that Kyle had last year, where he knew the exact right person to feed at the right time to completely dismantle defenses.
  8. Who cares? Don't get suspended and just get the ******** quarterback
  9. Truth haha
  10. I think all of those teams would have taken Takk if he was there. GB traded out of the 1st within seconds of our pick announcement. Given that DAL, GB and NO are prime, direct competition too, the move is even more genius.
  11. Rookie pay scale is the best thing to come out of a CBA in a long time. Completely changed the game for reasonable cap management and player acquisition. It was absurd to see rookie QBs come in and be Top 5 paid at the position before throwing an NFL pass. That kind of structure set back teams years.
  12. Perfect, exactly what I'm looking for.
  13. Anyone know?
  14. Their Gold rating seems more in line with where they normally rate rookies. Low 80's for first round usually.
  15. Me too. Kazee seems like he's primed to take Rico's spot and offer an upgrade. This is no hate or negativity towards Rico, but his spot can clearly be upgraded.