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  1. Falcons ran a lot of short passes and tight formations by design. Short game made things simpler for Giants to defend. I don't know why AS doesn't open things up, throw the ball down field, and design plays to get Pitts the ball.
  2. When Falcons signed Alex Mack in free agency, it was touted as a great free agent signing as it dramatically improved Falcons OL. Falcons OL played well when we had veteran centers like Alex Mack or Todd McClure anchoring the OL. Now Mack is holding it down in SF. https://www.ninersnation.com/2021/9/22/22683440/san-francisco-49ers-center-alex-mack-catalyst-offensive-line-resurgence
  3. We can look back to the past to see what moves made a big impact in turning a bad year around. Drafting/Signing an elite RB. Falcons had their biggest offensive success when they had a RB playing at a high level e.g. Micahel Turne, Devonta Freeman Getting a veteran Center - Falcons had an above average offensive line when Alex Mack and Todd McClure played center. .
  4. I think both offense and defense will play better 4-5 games in. Falcons are getting acclimated to the new offense & defense. Since starters didn’t play in the preseason, they have to learn on the fly in the real game. Offense may take longer. Matt Ryan didn’t get comfortable with Shanahan and Sarkisian's offense until the second year. Remember everyone was calling for Shannahan & Sark to be fired in their first year?
  5. Unfortunately, there aren't any exciting QB prospects in the 2022 draft class.
  6. It's what happens when people look at things superficially without context. The correct way to evaluate 2021 defense is to statistical comparison to first two games in prior years.
  7. Bench Ryan and play who? First of all Ryan played well. If this was the case he would have let Josh Rosen throw a little yesterday to evaluate. Rosen only threw the ball twice. The second was on a 3rd and long, an obvious passing situation. Rosen went 0-2.
  8. Of all the hires in the Blank ear, Smith and Fontenot looks to be the worst. Falcons had the #4 position in the draft and only the 1 starter, Pitts. Meanwhile, the 2nd round pick, Richie Grant, is on the bench. They passed on Moering who is starting and playing well for the Raiders. Mayfield is only playing because of injury.
  9. It's going to take Matt Ryan at least a year to get comfortable with the offense. He didn't do well in Shanahan and Sarkisian's offense in year one. Ran it well in year 2.
  10. Fields didn't play very well today. Shure he could have sat behind Ryan for a couple years and wait his turn. We wouldn't know what he will be until year 3 and it will be hanging with him for another 2-3 years to see if he pans out.
  11. Sean Mcavoy, a private Quarterback coach that works with Quarterbacks at every level including the NFL. Some of his NFL clients are Jalen Hurts, Deshaun Watson, Tyrod Taylor, Trey Lance, and Dwayne Haskins. In short, he doesn't see Matt Ryan as the problem in the red zone. He says the lack of creativity and play calling is the primary problem. He also talk about how he thought Falcons will utilize PItts to create opportunities for the offense, something Falcons didn't do at all against the Eagles.
  12. 2021 is a bad draft class. Most of the picks are 3rd - 5th in the depth chart. Richie Grant, the second round pick is #3 on the depth chart. He will just be a special teams player this year. It looks like Kyle Pitts is the only draftee that will help the team this year. This is probably why AS has been so focused on playing the backups in the preseason.
  13. Bad draft explains why Falcons have looked so bad in the preseason. We had the 4th slot in the draft and only ended up with one starter. Here are where the rookies are listed on the the depth chart as of August 25, 2021 2021 Rr 1 - TE Pitts is listed as a starter but probably needs a few games to get in sync. Rd 2 - S Richie Grant 3rd string Rd 3 - OL Jaylen Mayfield 3rd string Rd 4 - CB Darren Hall 4th string Rd 4 - C Drew Dalman 2nd string Rd 5 - CB Avery Williams 5th string, backup PR Rd 5 - OL Adetokunbo Ogundeji 3rd string Rd 5 - DL Ta'Quon Graham - 3rd String Rd 6 - WR Frank Darby - 5th String
  14. According the latest reports, Matt Ryan won't play this week. https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-falcons/rookie-qb-feleipe-franks-could-start-against-dolphins/W6U4BM72YNA2PEXHA7GVHKKSJY/?ecmp=falcons&utm_medium=social&utm_source=falcons_fb&fbclid=IwAR33LvTOvL9EWK7WTXaPvWyxcJQkx4uEnw-_d54JH1woSLoyeF8VL4FaYwY
  15. Hard to evaluate our backup QB situation when OL can't block worth squat and receivers can't get any separation. Atlanta had the worst passing yardage in week 1 of the preseason. 52 total passing yards is pathetic.
  16. We should be so negative because we drafted Grant ahead of Mel Kiper's #1 rated safeties. Apparently the Falcons had him rated at the top based on their scheme. Since Smith and Fontenot is going to be the Falcons talent brain trust for at least the next 4 years, we have to ride and die with it.
  17. Takk had potential to be impactful but had too many medical issues. He mostly played hurt when he was on the field.
  18. Which DL can we raft in the 4th round to improve the team. Another Senat or Comiskey isn’t going to improve the defense.
  19. Falcons biggest hole last year was a lack of running game. Gurley was Stephen Jackson 2.0. Opponents didn't even have to load the box to stop the running game. Ito Smith couldn't stay on the filed and Brian Hill was a practice squad player who is an unsigned free agent in 2021. Falcons best years in the Matt Ryan era is when they had a stud running back like Michael Turner and Devonta Freeman.
  20. There will be a couple a couple of impact players available where Falcons pick. Why trade down to pickup an extra mediocre/special team talent in the 3rd?
  21. I'm sure Falcons will make the trade if a team is willing to make an insane offer for a 32 year WR on the downside of his career (still a top tier WR). There are a handful of teams with a win right now mentality that may give up a quite a bit to get Julio.
  22. Why trade for a mid-round pick for a guy that isn't going to sit on the bench and not make any meaningful impact. If Jags don't want him, why would we want him?
  23. No, Chief's had a backup OL and 2 starters playing out of position against one of best front 7 in the NFL. Mahome had a toe injury requiring surgery limiting his mobility. Falcons certainty did not apply the same kind of pressure to Mahomes as did the Bucs.
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