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  1. I think we will see flashes of Brady's old self and then flashes of father time. One question would be how Tampa's atrocious OL is going to keep immobile Brady clean. Winston's mobility helped extend plays but Brady can move around in the pocket but he will more or less a sitting target. OL will probably be what Tampa will be focusing on in the draft. How many times have we seen aging stars fall flat playing for different teams? Remember the Philly "Dream Team" and when Washington put together a team with aging former superstars like Deion Sanders. Things always look good on paper as people discount the physical decline and age out of the equation.
  2. Alber O. may sprint like a WR but he has brick hands. Drops a lot of balls.
  3. Yes, I'll be mad. We already have 3 young first-rounders on the OL. Rookie OL isn't going to upgrade anything. We greater needs on defense.
  4. Matt Ryan was drafted 3 overall by a bad 4 - 11 team. He led the team to an 11 - 5 record the following year.
  5. I agree. Cooper is no Kittle, Kelsi or Eifert. Decent run blocker. He can be covered by a LB and slow running after the catch. For $10 million Falcons can find a better option.
  6. McCarthy, Rhule, McDaniels, Judge (who?), slim pickings for coaching prospects this offseason. I don't know what the deal is with Jerry Jones falling in love with backup QBs as coaches. Garrett wanted to call his own plays in Dallas but JJ overruled and insisted Kellen Moore as OC. Now McCarthy is apparently opened to Kellen Moore remaining OC (I'm sure JJ had some input).
  7. Rooting for any team playing opposite Saints. Can't stand the "who dats."
  8. 2 sign just meant the offense stay out on the field rather than running in the kicking team. I'm sure the decision was to kneel all along. I'm also pretty sure this was discussed by coach or coaches on the sideline when Falcons was in scoring position.
  10. Brees? Who Dat?
  11. I blamed the coaching all season. Quinn ran a vanilla defense. Falcons defense under Ulbrach ran a more exotic scheme with stunts and pressure packages.
  12. Probably not because of three factors. 1. None of his clutch kicks lead to any significant win like game-winning in NFC Championship or Super Bowl. 2. How he ended his career. Missing extra points and FB that lead to losses in potentially one of the worse season in Falcon's history. 3. Keep room open for other notable Falcons that will make it up on the rafters in the next 15 - 20 years from recent history - Tony G, Julio Jones, Matt Ryan... etc
  13. Julio is a pro's pro. The tape speaks for itself. He never complains, creates dissension, or makes it about himself. He just quietly goes out and plays the position better than anyone in the league.
  14. Bad coaching for sure. Blank talking about having 4 former HC and 3 former GMs on staff doesn't mean a thing. They are 4 failed HC and 3 failed GMs I also think we have 2 - 3 players starters on defense who are not bright enough for the NFL game. Think of how vanilla and simple the Falcons defense is and the players are still confused & missing assignments.
  15. Quinn has insider knowledge of Seahawk/Carroll's system since he ran it for a couple of years. I also think Schaub did a better job than Ryan selling misdirection and screenplays. He also got rid of the ball quicker when there was pressure.