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  1. We should be so negative because we drafted Grant ahead of Mel Kiper's #1 rated safeties. Apparently the Falcons had him rated at the top based on their scheme. Since Smith and Fontenot is going to be the Falcons talent brain trust for at least the next 4 years, we have to ride and die with it.
  2. Takk had potential to be impactful but had too many medical issues. He mostly played hurt when he was on the field.
  3. Which DL can we raft in the 4th round to improve the team. Another Senat or Comiskey isn’t going to improve the defense.
  4. Falcons biggest hole last year was a lack of running game. Gurley was Stephen Jackson 2.0. Opponents didn't even have to load the box to stop the running game. Ito Smith couldn't stay on the filed and Brian Hill was a practice squad player who is an unsigned free agent in 2021. Falcons best years in the Matt Ryan era is when they had a stud running back like Michael Turner and Devonta Freeman.
  5. There will be a couple a couple of impact players available where Falcons pick. Why trade down to pickup an extra mediocre/special team talent in the 3rd?
  6. I'm sure Falcons will make the trade if a team is willing to make an insane offer for a 32 year WR on the downside of his career (still a top tier WR). There are a handful of teams with a win right now mentality that may give up a quite a bit to get Julio.
  7. Why trade for a mid-round pick for a guy that isn't going to sit on the bench and not make any meaningful impact. If Jags don't want him, why would we want him?
  8. No, Chief's had a backup OL and 2 starters playing out of position against one of best front 7 in the NFL. Mahome had a toe injury requiring surgery limiting his mobility. Falcons certainty did not apply the same kind of pressure to Mahomes as did the Bucs.
  9. Sure, Fields was a good Collegiate QB for OSU. He had a benefit of an NFL caliber OL that gave him all the time in the world. An elite running game and elite NFL caliber receivers wide open downfield. On the opposite of the ball a stingy defense that shut down opponents. In the NFL everyone plays at an elite level. Fields will have to make pre-snap reads, quick decisions, and throw the ball within 2-4 seconds to a blanketed WR anticipating a momentary open window to deliver the ball. Fields is a few years away from developing into that type of QB, if he ever develops into one.
  10. Falcons would have won Super Bowl 51 if they had Tampa's defense and 250 lb pounding running back punishing defenders the ball in 2nd half.
  11. First, remember LT Eric Fisher was the 1st overall pick in 2013. Chief obviously don't have good OL depth, inserted a reserve OL and 2 OL starters played out of position. Chiefs played their worst game of the season in SB. Chief's calling two timeouts at end of 1st quarter lead to another Bucs score. They also committed a lot of stupid & untimely penalties that led to points. After going down by 3 scores at the end of 1st half, Chiefs just became one dimensional. Bucs defense also took away Kelce and Hill and nobody else stepped up. Chief's offense didn't have any answer.
  12. Falcons has been in the NFL for 55 years. 43 of those years without Matt Ryan. So why do fans think 'Not-Matt-Ryan' at QB be it a rookie or a Nick Foles - Ryan Fitzpatrick type veteran is going to win Falcons a Super Bowl? Ryan ranked in the top 10 in QB rating, passing yards, and passing accuracy. Yet, somehow moving on from him will land us a top 5 QB like a Mahomes, Brady, or Wilson....because there are so many of them out there? It's the fallacy of fandom - always looking at the next coach, the next QB, the next draft, next year.
  13. So are we winning the Super Bowl in the next couple of years with Zach Wilson or Justin Fields? It would be a 3 - 4 year experiment to see if either one of the pan out as franchise QB. People keep saying we should move on from Matt Ryan but there is no clear plan B. 28-3 in the third quarter was good enough to win a Super Bowl. The epic, record setting defensive meltdown and poor clock management is not Matt Ryan's fault.
  14. Falcons still has a small window of opportunity to win the division and make it to the SB. Why not try to make a run with Ryan and Julio rather than rebuild with a rookie QB. With Brees retiring and Panthers QB position uncertain, Tampa would be the only team to beat in the division.
  15. Defense doesn't need to be top 5, they just need to be above average (top 15). The offense is good enough to pick up the slack as long as they add a stout RB. The Falcons defense held Chiefs to 17 points and Raiders to 6 points etc. and at least for 3 quarters kept the game pretty close. Defense played markedly better after Raheem Morris has taken over with just a little tweak to player motivation. They can be orders of magnitude better with better coaching , better scheme, and making adjustments in second half. We seen other team make a leap make sudden leaps with the right kind of
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