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  1. Quinn is given so much credit for Superbowl year but it only happened because Falcons had a top 5 offense in the history of the NFL. The defense still gave up 26 points per game and 4 of the wins were against rookie Jared Goff, Trevor Simien, Kapernick, and injured Cam Newton. Falcons also moved from 4th seed to 2nd until Seattle had a meltdown at the end of the season and lost to the 49ers.
  2. Yesterday's game wasn't enough to fire Quinn. I think if loses against LA and Seattle, he should be fired during the bye week. Not sure who will step in as DC.
  3. I'm on board. He will get the most out of the offense and always puts together a strong defense.
  4. The irrationality of sports fandom. We expect more of the same with the current coach, a new coach will give the fans new hope. The facts: a new coach will either be retreading a former unsuccessful coach or hiring an unproven coordinator/assistant. High probability it won't work out as most coaches don't last 4-5 years. I really think the problem with the team is poor coaching. Despite running a vanilla defense, players seem to be lost and often beat. Entire team is unfocused. Quinn is the worst DC we had in a long while. The defense is often overmatched and out-schemed. That falls on not only DC but all of the defensive staff. We also had a series of draft blunders, bad personnel decisions, and overpaying mediocre players. Everybody and their brother knew what the team needs were the past few years but TD has failed to address them. That falls on the GM.
  5. Why do you assume Meyer will take the job? He left coaching because of medical & health issues. It's also easier to coach impressionable kids than NFL millionaires as Saban found out. In CFB it's all about recruiting 5-star talent to play in your system. Meyer won't have the luxury of filling his starting roster with 3 - 4 years of top 20 talent.
  6. The defense is a vanilla base cover 2. Jacoby Brisset, Marcus Mariota, and Deshaun Watson all had record settings days. Wonder how the veteran players felt getting schooled by former Falcons ball boy.
  7. Falcons need to start cleaning house by firing TD. HIre a new GM, then let the new GM pick the right coach.
  8. Quinn forced both coordinators to run someone else's' system rather than letting them run their own. Sark, to run Shannahan's system and Manuel to run Quinn's.
  9. Problem is Quinn and to a larger degree Dimitroff with his inability to focus on addressing team personnel needs. Some coaches may fail as HC but can be great coordinators e.g. Wade Philips, Rod Mariellini, Jim Swartz, and Dennis Allen. I think the problem is the HC. Quinn is the worst defensive coordinator in Falcon's history. We would have been better off with Marquand Manuel call the defense. I think Quinn forced prior DCs to run his system. It didn't produce expected results so he decided to do it himself. Now we see it's Quinn's system that is not working.
  10. Falcons can win with Ryan. They just need a decent defense. Falcons defense was always bad in the Ryan era except for 1 year. It was the offense that bailed out the defense and won games by scoring 30+. More often than not Falcons used to score on their first offensive series of the game and set the tone. Not the case now.
  11. No frills vanilla defense that is easy to exploit. Quinn is a terrible DC. Below average QBs are having personal record days. Kutter's offense lacks imagination. Freeman lost it and no what he was 2 years ago. Falcons are one of the worst team in the NFL
  12. It's the opposite - Talented players, bad coaching. The defense looked lost and unprepared.
  13. If it's not Alford, it's Oliver. We get rid of Oliver draft someone else then you find out they are worse than the last guy. Falcons woes have a lot to do with the coaching. Oliver was lost because he wasn't prepared to handle certain situations. Indy had the Falcons fooled for the most part.
  14. If this was De'Shaun Jackson or Alshon Jefferies it would have been a TD, Oliver is beaten running 5 yards behind him. In a subsequent 4th and 13, Neal blows coverage to allow a 47-yard completion. We had several holding calls on punts that were absolutely unnecessary. If Agholor makes that catch we would be demanding heads to roll today. 1 egregious drop by a #3 WR and now you're saying I told you so doubters. I'm not saying players suck. I think it has more to do with play-calling, coaching, and not getting the players prepared.
  15. What game were you watching? Falcons played sloppy on offense with 3 interceptions. Fortunately, Eagles played sloppy as well. Lot, of miscues and shooting themselves in the foot. Aguilar dropped wide perfect TD throw with minutes left, Oliver was the CB beat, running 5 yards behind him. Eagles played without their #1 and #2 wide receiver and injuries to key players. Sure win is a win and we got away with this one. Don't expect to win too many games playing this way. That being said I'm sure Falcons will get it together by week 4 or 5. Maybe they will take the preseason more seriously next year.