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  1. Funny, few years ago Falcons were stocking up on former GMs - McKay, Pioli, Devaney, Emery and Webster.
  2. Perception of Ryan vs other QBs in the league is skewed. Atlanta fans mostly watch highlight films (aka good stuff) of QBs playing for other teams. We see Matt Ryan on every play, good and the bad. Every QB makes bad throws and bad decisions every now and then. Especially when they face constant pressure.
  3. Schultz is basically saying Falcons is doing a poor job evaluating and managing roster talent.
  4. Panthers didn't want him, Bills didn't want him, what should the Falcons want him?
  5. It was odd to watch Hard Knocks and see Winke as Jared Goff's QB coach under Jeff Fisher. Why would any team want Winke imparting his wisdom to a prized rookie how to play QB in the NFL.
  6. Injuries are not an excuse, it's a fact. The league minimum and practice squad players aren't going to come in and give you the same level of performance as the starters. There had been many promising teams that had their season derailed because of a high number of team injuries. That being said, Quinn's not a great NFL coach as he's often outwitted and out-schemed but other coaches. Raven showed us what a tiered defence in the league does, not the predictable "fast and to the ball"defence Falcons play, that gets torched by Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. Since NFL has become a league that favours the offense, it makes more sense to have an innovative offensive minded HC. Most top-tier teams have offensive minded HC.
  7. Blank isn't going to change his philosophy or outlook on things because of one game or one season. This just isn't Falcons year. That's a simple truth.
  8. It works better with a pass rush which we don't really have. However, this isn't what the top defenses in the league run. Frankly, I'm tired of rookie and mediocre Qbs setting team records and having career games against our defense. The short & intermediate passes are uncontested and we give up a lot of big runs.
  9. We need good skill players. We're not going to win a lot of games with a bunch of average players. That being said, elite QBs like Brees, Rodgers, and Brady can make no-name receivers look great. Also, KC and LA are doing well because both QBs are playing on rookie contracts. The team can throw money at other position players.
  10. When the OL stinks and Matt only have 3 seconds to get rid of the ball, he has to decide pre-snap where he's going with the ball.
  11. What's the use if the team is going to be bounced in the wild-card round? Maybe the team needs a season like this to re-load. Falcons can play spoiler this year, eliminating a team from playoff contention. Meanwhile, younger players like Kazee and Olajuwon can get reps to further their development. We will also have a better draft position next year.
  12. The line of scrimmage seems to be an afterthought. The Falcons whiffed on high draft pick OL/DL in the Dimitroff era. The last few years they picked a few linemen in the lower rounds and traded/signed average to below average veterans to fill holes. As a result, they have difficulties protecting the franchise QB and running the ball on 3rd and 1. There is very little pressure from up the middle on defense and they often give up long runs. The difference between an elite team and a mediocre team is the line of scrimmage. Beefing up the line of scrimmage should be #1 priority every year.
  13. They are the two best options we have this year. Not sure what the free agent options are in 2019 but Trufant isn't worth the money.
  14. Shannahan wasn't that big of a deal before his second year in Atlanta. He bounced from Washington, Texas, Cleveland to Atlanta. Sark's offense looked inept last year, it's a lot better in the second year. I think the success has more to do with QB than OC. Consider Ryan's prior 3 OCs were elevated to HC of teams with young franchise QB. Mularkey and Cotter haven't had the same success they had in Atlanta. The jury is still out on Shanny.