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  1. Beastly.
  2. Mother of god..
  3. I like the Matthews signing. He was under utilised. He is exceptionally strong and it will be interesting if quinn can get something going fit him.
  4. Random picture of my nephew:
  5. A recent vacation in Rome, Italy.
  6. Well, kudos to you. I love the "full moon shots", and i might look into them when it gets a little warmer during the spring.
  7. Great photo! What's your equiptment?
  8. Thank you for the advice. I think i've spent a month on various photography forums (including dpreview.com) for advice and guidance for an affordable entry-level DSLR. I bought an 18-105 mm zoom lens to go with the body.
  9. This is from a vacation this summer in Paris shot with my cell phone. Yesterday i bought my very first DSLR (Nikon d5100), and i'm excited to turn it loose.
  10. Oh well, i joined the gym today afterall, and i had my first workout in 1½ years. I'm just so sore today, but it feels good!
  11. I thought i'd just tell what i've been doing for the past 4 months. I was tired of being kinda overweight, so i decided that it was time to do something. Basically what i did was that i ate what i normally ate (i've never really eaten too unhealthy, but the amount i consumed was a problem), but i massively cut down on the amount i eat. I'd estimate that i about half of what i did before. I started running, but lately i've not been able to find the energy because i just started in medschool (In Denmark), and there's plenty of things to do. So far i've lost 53 pounds, so i'm down to 205. I'm 6'2", so i'm feeling pretty good about my self right now, but i'm looking to loose another 10-15 pounds. What i want to do is work on my stomach and chest (to tighten it up). I'd hate to start in a gym, because the money are short right now it's really expensive over here. Are there any stomach and chest excercises that the normal person wouldn't know of that i could do in my aparment, or outside?