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  1. Let's just put it this way. We have the league MVP and he's just our second best offensive player.
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark! Was supposed to be on a plane to the US but it was canceled til tomorrow. Couldn't be happier.
  3. ****, if Free has 272 rushing yards Blank and TD will be like this when negotiating the new contract
  4. Had to google mail cop. It has an emoji! It's a thing!
  5. I like the Matthews signing. He was under utilised. He is exceptionally strong and it will be interesting if quinn can get something going fit him.
  6. Sounds like Dez is going to see some action at cornerback. Not bad.
  7. Denmark sees possible 'Charlie Hebdo' motive behind Copenhagen attacks By Sabina Zawadzki and Ole Mikkelsen COPENHAGEN | Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:32pm EST By Sabina Zawadzki and Ole Mikkelsen COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Police shot dead a gunman on Sunday whose attacks on a Copenhagen synagogue and an event promoting free speech may have been inspired by an attack on French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo last month, authorities said. Denmark's spy chief Jens Madsen said the gunman was known to the intelligence services prior to the shooting and probably acted alone. He did not elaborate. Two civilians we
  8. My name is Danny and I am 26 years old. I am from Denmark and live in Copenhagen. I finished my master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences this past summer. I am now working in the pharmaceutical industry within the planning and conduct of clinical trials. I am an avid sports fan, particularly football (soccer) and NFL. I became fan of the Falcons in 2004 and have stuck around these boards ever since. I watched my first ever NFL game this past season against the Lions in London. It was a great experience, despite the outcome in the final seconds.
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