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  1. I like the Matthews signing. He was under utilised. He is exceptionally strong and it will be interesting if quinn can get something going fit him.
  2. Oh well, i joined the gym today afterall, and i had my first workout in 1½ years. I'm just so sore today, but it feels good!
  3. I thought i'd just tell what i've been doing for the past 4 months. I was tired of being kinda overweight, so i decided that it was time to do something. Basically what i did was that i ate what i normally ate (i've never really eaten too unhealthy, but the amount i consumed was a problem), but i massively cut down on the amount i eat. I'd estimate that i about half of what i did before. I started running, but lately i've not been able to find the energy because i just started in medschool (In Denmark), and there's plenty of things to do. So far i've lost 53 pounds, so i'm down to 205. I'm 6'2
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