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  1. It's been awhile for me I will have to say The jordan cpd 4/19
  2. Kanye is not that great but most artist out now are not. As a MC he is not top 25 as a producer he has some hot tracks though. my top 5 now 1. 3000 2. Black Thought 3. Jay 4. Nas 5. Ghost 5b. Ras Kas even though I haven't heard a track in a while this dude is amazing
  3. UGA can't win the title the only people who think they can is the UGA fan base. I put Richt in the same boat as Tommy Bowden Nah to be honest though it will be tough if he didn't get it this year. You got LSU Tenn FLA Bama Aurburn the chances of every one of those teams to have a down year at the same time is not likely to happen.
  4. Thanks . Nice for you to join us. UGA has some weapons Like Green and that Samuel dude
  5. This was a beating . No need to gloat cause i expected the game to go this way. We need some one to design a sig for all these fans
  6. I agree. Knowshon seems like he is getting winded out there. I think we will see Harvin score next drive
  7. I love the way they are playing against themselves out there
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