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    This is a weird subject that Paulides is researching.  There may be something to this. 
  2. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by LouDog in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    Ive been researching this. Interesting stuff. 
  3. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by Clark in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    Interesting stuff PokerSteve.  Thanks for this stuff.... needed something to obsess about for a little while  
  4. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by PokerSteve in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    So if someone has a weird/strange/paranormal experience but you don't believe it, then it didn't happen? lulz.
    Nobody's actually trying to "believe" anything; they're just trying to figure out what could be the cause of strange events that don't fit into what science considers "normal" reality.
  5. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by ATLSlobberKnockers in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    so this is easier for people to believe than the superbowl being fixed? NFL being fixed? american/Canadian football is by far the easiest sport too fix, other than boxing.
  6. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by PokerSteve in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    Okay, just stumbled across an extremely interesting video interview of someone who vanished, but then miraculously made it back to the here and now from WTF Land.
    There's the link to the 50-minute video where the lady who vanished is telling her story. For those who don't care to invest that amount of time I'll try to provide some cliff notes.
    The gist of the story is this lady, her dog and three friends and their dogs set off on a two day hiking/camping trip to the Brown Mountains to see if they could spot the "Brown Mountain Lights" and enjoy the outdoors.
    One interesting note from the get-go was one of the ladies in the group got so uneasy about the possibility of something happening she literally stopped on the trail, joined a group of people heading back the opposite direction toward her car, and left the group, leaving just the lady and her male and female companions with their dogs.
    I forget whether it was the first or second day of the trip, but it doesn't really matter to the story. They were walking together, talking about Superhero movies or TV shows when suddenly the lady heard a loud noise. Not like a tree or a heavy branch falling, but something very loud nonetheless.
    It was behind her so she turned around at the sound but didn't see anything. When she turned around to face back toward her friends who had been within 3 feet of her seconds before were no longer there. Or anywhere remotely close by. Very quickly she realized she was caught up in a very strange situation.
    She had her cell phone and she tried to call her friends, but after a few rings the signal would die. She quickly discovered the trail was not the same. As she began to walk on this weirdly different trail her dog began to react to things she couldn't see.
    A couple of time she was overcome with fear and/or bad vibes and took off running with her dog. She talked about the trail constantly shifting. It would look one way, then if she turned around and looked again the trail would be different. Sometimes way different. One time she looked behind her and saw a wood bridge that had definitely not been there when she had passed that way a moment before, yet there it was.
    At some point early on she began to see "orange shadows" that turned out to be strange, "orange tall lanky beings" that never attacked her, but definitely seemed to be a life-threatening menace. They lurked in the trees on both sides of the trail using some kind of "underwater" looking distortion to conceal themselves. She had a gun with her and fired it at one point when she felt these orange beings beginning to encircle her.
    One of the really interesting aspects of this incident is the woman had a working cell phone and took pictures and video the entire time this was happening. She sent the video and pictures to the interviewer, so he now has a copy in case something ever happens to hers. So not only do we have someone who came back in one piece, but also came back with full recall of the entire event. Most who have come back were children whose stories were pretty much disregarded as pure fantasy, or people who had no recollection of what had happened while they were missing. The others, like this lady, all came back with really bizarre stories.
    Eventually as she walked she saw a road with several houses. She walked up into the back yard of one of the houses, knocked on the door and was taken in by a friendly woman who let her sleep on the couch and contacted authorities.
    Among those who showed up were some park investigators who, after hearing her story, tried very hard to convince her she had been dehydrated, not thinking clearly and she hadn't actually experienced anything at all unusual. Upon hearing she had taken video that backed up her story, they then began to try and take her phone away from her. They told her they needed the footage of that area to keep other people from getting lost like she did?! She told them she was not going to give it to them. If they wanted it they would have to get a warrant.
    They never produced a warrant, but one of the original park investigators continued to call and do "follow up interviews" with the woman for days and weeks afterward, again trying to get her phone while telling her she hadn't experienced anything unusual.
    This woman had previously been told about the park disappearances from the person who was doing the interview. That person was a follower of David Paulides Missing 411 books and radio interviews on Coast to Coast. She and her friends had tried to follow Paulides' rules to stay safe in these national parks: stay close to your friends, don't wear colorful clothing, take a GPS, and take protection. That's how she happened to be carrying a gun on that occasion.
    So even having been fore-warned and following the rules, this lady still found herself suddenly gone from her friends and not in quite the same place she'd been seconds earlier. From the other side, her friends experienced much the same thing. They were talking to her and when she didn't answer they turned around and she was gone.
    She notified officials of her friends having a GPS and they were located and eventually were reunited and drove back home together. Now she is trying to get her story out, tell people what happened and let them know whatever is happening is not delusion and that the national parks are well aware of the situation and are doing their utmost to keep everything shoved under the rug.
    That's some of the story, but I left some important details out due to how long this already is. I definitely recommend listening to the video if you're at all interested in this.  It left me feeling this lady was telling the absolute truth and was totally credible, as was the interviewer. Does her story provide answers? Not every answer certainly, but it does help fill in some very important blanks.
    I've drawn a few conclusions as to what may be happening, and as always would like to hear what theories you guys may have after reading this/listening to the interview.
  7. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by PokerSteve in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    I understand. If the strangeness of the cases didn't speak for themselves, I would be highly suspicious of Paulides myself. But, now that I've happened upon this whole bizarre situation, I wouldn't really care if he believed in the Tooth Fairy. There's something to these disappearances and I get the strong impression if we knew the source, it might completely change our concept of reality.
  8. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by PokerSteve in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    That's where you have a misconception. These cases are not about his thoughts at all. In fact, he never speculates about what the source of these mysterious disappearances might be.
    If this were a matter of Paulides trying to capitalize on his fame as a Bigfoot researcher with the paranormal community, then his credibility would be absolutely zero, but he simply goes over all the thousands of cases and publishes the known facts concerning each one. No embellishment whatsoever that I've seen.
    The idea to investigate these cases came from park rangers who approached him to discuss them with Paulides, not the other way around.
    These cases are all unique, but all share a number of weird commonalities that set them apart from routine cases of animal attack, slipping and falling over a cliff, accidentally drowning, etc.
    Not only are these cases utterly fascinating as you begin to hear the odd details that connect them, there's an underlying element of pure, nameless terror that will haunt you; yet it is also addicting to try to come up with a rational explanation that will fit all the clues.
  9. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by PokerSteve in Very illogical...And Creepy As HelI   
    Just bouncing around in YouTube and I came across some videos with David Paulides. He's an ex-cop who had gotten into investigations of Sasquatch, which apparently put him in many of the national parks out west. He then heard some stories regarding the unusually high number of people who vanish without any trace from our national parks.
    Paulides carefully vets all the cases he discusses in his books chronicling these disappearances, which have been going on for more than a century, or for as long as the US has had national parks. He doesn't include accidents, animal attacks, possible suicides, people who might have wanted to disappear to start a new life.
    The Park Service when queried apparently refuses to disclose how many missing they have had, but are quick to point out all the national parks entertain many millions of visitors each year without any problems of any kind. That's great, except for all the families who had a loved one disappear and never be seen or heard from again.
    There are a number of things that all these disappearance share in whole or in part. It's a strange mixture of oddities that would not create a lot of stir when viewed one at a time, but when you sift through hundreds, then thousands of these cases where there is no trace found, you see there are definite patterns that emerge.
    Here are a few of these strange things ~ people literally vanish in the twinkle of an eye. Parents will look away from their child for mere seconds, then turn around the child is gone without a whisper, without a trace, and the vast majority are never found again. Children who are found will often be found miles from where they went missing. Distances that an adult would have a problem trying to cover on foot walking down a highway, let alone a child from 2 or 3-years old stumbling through a thick forest in the dead of night.
    These children will sometimes talk about being accompanied by a bear, or a wolf or some other animal which provides it with warmth and even perhaps a paw full of berries to eat. Others have no clear memory of anything that occurred after they vanished. Most are found without their shoes, but their feet aren't all torn up and bruised from covering rough terrain, climbing mountains, etc. But those are the lucky ones. Most of the children are never found, those who are found are usually dead.
    But there are other strange elements to the missing children. Often they are found with their clothes neatly folded nearby. Some are found with their clothing put on backwards or inside out. When the children are found dead, there is no obvious sign of death; no animal attacks, stab wounds, bullet wounds, etc. and most all these deaths are attributed to exposure. Also quite often these children are found in areas that have already been searched, sometimes dozens of times. A search group will find a missing child lying dead across a well-traveled path they have used every day for a week to go to their search grid. Where was the child for the previous four or five days? Others are found dead in places that would have been impossible for them to have reached without help.
    Another thing worthy of mention that makes these disappearances so much more puzzling is the massive manpower and resources often expended in the search for missing children, especially in the first week when it is more likely the child is still alive. Hundreds and thousands of trained search and rescue teams with planes and helicopters and volunteer searchers sometimes comb literally every inch of ground in a two-mile radius and beyond. Strangely, when tracking dogs are brought in to aid these searches, they either can't pick up a scent, or just lay down and refuse to search. Dog trainers say this behavior is completely bizarre for these animals love doing their job.
    Children are not the only ones who just seemingly vanish into thin air, but this post is already very long for the average reader, so I'll just stop right here. If there's any interest, you can check out David Paulides and his Missing 411 books or check out the radio interviews he's done on missing people in national parks. If there are some responses, I might go into some more things about adults who go missing in a new post.
    Otherwise if you are familiar with Paulides and these missing persons cases, what are your thoughts? Would love to hear if anybody has really looked into this and thinks they have the answer(s) to how these people are coming up missing under strange circumstances.
  10. Herr Doktor liked a post in a topic by mikeg272 in Memories....   
    Never posted here but would often come here just to read the back and forth between the regulars. Was usually a good laugh.
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    Anyone ever scroll by tatf and think, "wonder if anyone posted in rival Central". 
    This place 3+ years ago was a blast. You found realist more than anything. 
    It's what made me stop being a tatf homer and turned me into being real. 
    .... Be well original RC. Thanks for the memories. 
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    Outside of Ed Oliver these are the two lineman I like the most in next year's draft class. Both could play the 5T and then slide down to DT in Nickel.
    The article was written last year.
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    Isn't Dimitroff/Blank tight with Bakers family?
  14. JDaveG liked a post in a topic by Herr Doktor in Sam Baker Released   
    Absolutely. Clearly that injury is far worse than will heal appropriately for him to play. Good luck Sam.
  15. Vandy liked a post in a topic by Herr Doktor in Looks Like Mike Smith Is Going To Write A Book   
    I have a feeling a book written by Smitty will more than likely be humble, self effacing and dignified. I don't see him being a complete ***** and trashing the organization that gave him such an opportunity. Smitty is a class act.
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    Exactly. Its weird how things can simply fall into place.
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    Bro, this isn't healthy. You are a knowledgable poster, this is becoming sad.
  18. Tuggle'2 liked a post in a topic by Herr Doktor in Chris Chester Signed   
    He's a veteran familiar with the scheme and with Shanahan. If nothing else, he's veteran competition. I would still like to see either Stone or Konz step up and win it though.
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    Here we go. Cut his *** now.
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    If true this is the epitome of bone head move.
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    Well you still can, but it will be from the "Falcons Landing Micro brewery" at $25 a beer. They'll serve a nice paté and serve it to you as you're getting a massage. There might even be a football game somewhere in the building!
  22. jb 3.0 liked a post in a topic by Herr Doktor in Psl Sales Meeting Report By An Original 1966 Sth   
    Well you still can, but it will be from the "Falcons Landing Micro brewery" at $25 a beer. They'll serve a nice paté and serve it to you as you're getting a massage. There might even be a football game somewhere in the building!