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  1. I think we get a bit wrapped around the axle with these things. Frankly, the year in and of itself is one of change. I would love to see continuity and to see our team evolve into something more coherent. Preseason saw some guys playing more than our starters, so maybe, whoever steps in for McGary will be fine. Anyway you slice it, this team will get better. And, this team will be very different even next year. A lot of change happening and frankly, with this in mind, there is nothing to actually worry about.
  2. McGary - a Decent Right Tackle Spriggs - a DESCENT Right Tackle. Gono was the guy for this. His injury hurts. However, whatever we think or whatever our opinions are, NEXT MAN UP.
  3. I would hold that it is pretty early to do this. However, my best guess is that we will do all we can to compile picks and draft for value. WR would seem a real need. Edge rusher is beyond a need. Defensive Line help for sure. Maybe a young running back. And you can never have enough players in the secondary.
  4. Always bothered me to. Its like why is someone else's table scraps better than our table scraps? Fact is, its not, but folks cling to that one or two bright spots of a fading player.
  5. He isn't. Spriggs is a journeyman at best. If Gono was healthy, Spriggs would be practice squad at best.
  6. I am seeing some encouraging play from henny and Mayfield. They are most assuredly not there yet, but, I honestly think that they will be. Gono coming back to aid with the swing tackle slot, and Dalman getting better, I honestly thing our future is bright along the line.
  7. Thank you. Not every name is worth our infinitesimal coinage.
  8. My guess a solid receiver is taken in the one of the first three rounds.
  9. Swiftkick. A name I have not heard in years. Never a dull moment from that brother.
  10. I literally missed the car, and fell down a hill. WHOOOOOOOSH!
  11. The Gono injury hurts right now. He was no world beater, but I would guess he is better than an off the street journeyman for sure. That injury hurt us. Andrews injury, to me, was a blessing in disguise. Mayfield took an asz whooping for a few games and has made steady improvement. Rather see the kid spring back then let some scrub take his snaps.
  12. Probably. Also, might be a bit worried about Special Teams coverage. This guy is a dog apparently. We need them.
  13. Seriously. With all the money and the physical freakishness needed to actually stick, there is no privilege. It is all earned.
  14. My guess is that our team is what we have moving forward. They are not going to spend any money unless they have to. This is also why so many lineman were brought to the practice squad. And the fact we rotate people off and on it often. Bring them in, let them go, bring them back. Its a way to keep familiar, and to keep bodies. They won't sign anyone unless something really crazy happens. Like a wild cut, or we have a massive slew of injuries.
  15. Not at all. He popped positive. Means NOTHING with the state of the tests. Most have been recalled. My guess is he misses ten days, goes right back into the starting lineup against Carolina. No beats missed by him. As for RT against Miami, its next man up. In this case probably Spriggs. I cannot imagine Andrews is game shape ready. And lets face it, if we are counting on Andrews to make a difference, we are in a world of hurt anyway. He is the epitome of journeyman-hanger-on.
  16. Needless to say, in the 1600's I was quite literally viewed as "Gojira"
  17. Most vaccinated team in the NFL. 100%. And starting right tackle tests positive. Gotta love this. Speedy recovery McGary. Welcome to the active roster Andrews.
  18. I am 6'6" and remember riding in the back of one of these. It was snug.
  19. Great, now, we can move along to the next veiled conspiracy.....
  20. Terry Fontenot stated he listens, takes calls, and makes calls. But, he doesn't air our business to the world. Don't sweat it, he's doing his due diligence.
  21. My dad always said "**** Happens to ALL people" Rids has something going on. Anyway you slice it, its best he not play if his head and heart isn't in it. Physically or mentally, if you have troubles, you really don't give a **** about work.
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