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  1. I honestly thought Sam Baker would retire a Falcon at the end of his contract while on IR. I never thought truly that he would be cut.
  2. Its a violent sport. And every player has a short shelf life. Sam was broken in college. He made a nice living and got to play pro football. Good luck to him. Its a new day in Atlanta. The metamorphosis is taking hold.
  3. Isn't Dimitroff/Blank tight with Bakers family?
  4. He's too banged uo to compete. ****** contract aside, and copious dead money, its the right thing to do to move forward
  5. Absolutely. Clearly that injury is far worse than will heal appropriately for him to play. Good luck Sam.
  6. Wow. Did not see that coming. At least not before training camp.
  7. I have a feeling a book written by Smitty will more than likely be humble, self effacing and dignified. I don't see him being a complete ***** and trashing the organization that gave him such an opportunity. Smitty is a class act.
  8. He's a veteran familiar with the scheme and with Shanahan. If nothing else, he's veteran competition. I would still like to see either Stone or Konz step up and win it though.
  9. Strange isn't it? I almost feel a bit of confidence and coherence setting in!
  10. Sweet, if nothing else he is a plug and play for a season or two.
  11. Exactly. Its weird how things can simply fall into place.
  12. Bro, this isn't healthy. You are a knowledgable poster, this is becoming sad.
  13. Great news. We now have defined options. A very weird and productive day simultaneously.
  14. And bold face lying to a billionaire. The money crossing state lines got his *** in trouble with the feds.
  15. Exactly the time when I stopped defending Mike Smith. We have got to put our boot on peoples necks when we have them down. Taking the foot off the gas costs you games. Making zero adjustments guarantees you will lose.
  16. Absolutely well said. It is actually staggering the amount of moves we have made and will continue to make.
  17. Its May. Training camp is in July. TD and DQ have said they're working on the issues. I don't doubt them.
  18. We wouldn't be in this horrendous situation if Smitty was still in charge. I kid. Lets see what the staff has in mind before jumping off a building.
  19. Yep. Its just not weed. He has other problems for sure.
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