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  1. Meh. Worry if it's the second week of training camp and there is video of him partying 24/7 in Ibiza all over the internet. They will come to an arrangement. It will get done. In other news the earth will turn and rain will fall and the meaningful things in life are still very much in your world.
  2. Or that knee is absolutely wrecked in their opinion and they think he won't be back.
  3. I'm impressed by this young man.
  4. Looking at that list, it's almost a done deal we make a move at linebacker. Camp cuts has got to see a vet or two cut elsewhere. Debo goes down, we are in trouble.
  5. I'm with you. Especially if McKinley holds down the rush and is productive, it makes the decision much easier.
  6. Let's face it, the Falcon front office is anything but stupid. I am sure they had enough foresight to see this could be an issue. I would say that we will lose some key players. There is no way we keep them all. My guess Coleman is gone. He can be a starter elsewhere. We have to sign Matthews. Unfortunately, left tackles of starting caliber do not grow on trees. My guess it's a toss up between Deion and Beasley. Grady will get paid as well. Starting disruptive defensive tackles are tough to find.
  7. The market went up. He wants more money to reflect his skillset. Deal will get done. The end.
  8. The nice thing about drafting and recruiting quality is that losing veterans isn't as traumatic to our team as it once was.
  9. The front office doing its job.
  10. He wants more. He will get more. The end. See you in training camp Julio.
  11. He wants more. They will pay him more. Arthur Blank will write a check, he will be in training camp. The end.
  12. Meh, whatever.
  13. Saints are the most hated. Period.
  14. He's good for 6.