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  1. Legitimacy is important. He has solid credentials and ran amazing defenses. Seems like a good hire.
  2. Well. Sweet. Lets get this barge moving!
  3. Not really. After seeing how NO builds their team and how Fontenot worked that, I'd be way off. I'd like to see a free safety, maybe a good utility inside OL.
  4. I'm sure they have started the planning, scouting and strategizing. Once coaches have been locked down, the fun will commence behind the scenes.
  5. One that can coach a defense, and build one around what we have and have a vision for the future. Not asking much.
  6. Its nice to see the coaching staff rounding out. Fairly young, hungry up and comers. Nice.
  7. Nice. Honestly, I thought Bernie Parmalee might have been the only coach retained.
  8. A good coach is a good coach. Good points.
  9. I think the Falcons did their due diligence and hired solid people. I will not pretend to be an expert on eithers previous work. But, from what I've read, they appear to be a pair of solid, hard working, committed football personnel.
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