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  1. Sadly yes. And my suspicion is it has nothing to do with Matt's play. Aaron Rodgers could have replaced Vick, and we'd still have this ire. It was and has never been about MR2 and his play. And that is sad.
  2. Ade signed, confirmed. Still four to go.
  3. This. He is a camp body with outrageous speed.
  4. My dad used to call him the "Walking Concussion" The poor guy was beat to ****.
  5. A buddy of mine worked at the front desk of a large motel. One night, a bunch of guys rolled in, put a gun to his face and robbed the place. He literally opened all the doors, and got out of their way. When he was asked by the motel why he didn't try to stop them, he said it wasn't his job to die for $7.00 an hour.
  6. Hurst is still an enigma to me. He showed at times to be a very capable player. The DK hatred of a balanced offense hurt him.
  7. Malik Hooker has not had an invite. He's busted. We completely retooled safety.
  8. No one directly replaces Julio. However CR showed he can be our number one legitimately after last seasons performance as the de facto number one.
  9. I like the fact that they will at the best players. Open competition is the only way to ensure hunger.
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