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  1. Let’s parse Arthur Blank’s statement, shall we? “I understand our fans’ disappointment and frustration,” he’s quoted as saying in one of those enlightening Falcons releases. Got that? Uncle Arthur understands your angst. He’s just not prepared to do anything about it. Also: “I have long believed that continuity in leadership is important in all businesses.” Because, you know, businesses never change underperforming executives, do they? The Falcons haven’t had a winning season since 2017; the calendar is about to turn to 2020. Over five seasons under this admi
  2. Schultz: Arthur Blank should realize Falcons’ problems go deeper than Dan Quinn By Jeff Schultz 1h ago 19 Julio Jones wore a T-shirt with the words, “That’s all Folks!” in Looney Tunes script. Whether he intentionally was sending a message about the state of things can’t be certain, but certainly any suggestions that this Falcons’ season has morphed into some pathetic cartoon would be accurate. Dan Quinn’s employment as coach was extended “a couple of weeks” when owner Arthur Blank said after Sunday’s 27-20 loss to
  3. Not surprised...Also with us playing Green Bay in the home opener, I am sure Odom won't mind sharing our playbook plays with them...
  4. Having his suite on the Falcons side, I am surprised Arthur Blank allowed this to happen since it affects him as well....
  5. Not true...I spoke with the Legends rep way before the stadium was built and he told me they had learned from the mistake they made in San Francisco and planned on having the Falcons sideline away from the direct sun light shining on their faces...
  6. I noticed that and I didn't like it...It does not look right. I don't think they will change it since the broadcast cameras/booth are on the visitor's side...
  7. Mercedes-Benz premium spaces give fans unique experience Shelia M. Poole The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 7:46 p.m Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017 Atlanta Life Share 0 LIFE AMB Sports + Entertainment The stunning ceiling inside the new Delta Sky 360 Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Credit: AMB Sports + Entertainment When it comes to premium spaces in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, there
  8. From AJC... During the Atlanta Falcons win over the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night, former University of Georgia wide receiver Reggie Davis did his best to prove he belongs in the NFL. In the third quarter, Davis caught a pass from quarterback Matt Simms and scored a 48-yard touchdown. The touchdown was called back due to an offensive holding penalty on offensive lineman Eric Saubert, but it doesn’t make Davis’ footwork on the play any less impressive. The Falcons went on to score a field goal on the drive in their 23-20 loss against the Dolphins.
  9. The reason KS was successful in ATL is Matt Ryan and the offense as a whole. He had the same playbook in Houston, Washington and Cleveland but was not as successful nor was he offered a coaching job based on his performance.
  10. Copy of the email and/or the overnight letter that was sent or it didn't happen...
  11. OP you are welcome to use 2 of my first row, 50 yard line club seats for the next pre-season game...
  12. FAQs ABOUT PSLs What are personal seat licenses? One-time fees for the right to buy season tickets in a particular seat. Do the Falcons plan to require PSLs for all season tickets in the new stadium? Yes. What are the prices? So far the Falcons have announced PSL prices only for the 7,700 club seats. Those range from $10,000 to $45,000. The team has said PSL prices for the rest of the 71,500-seat stadium will be set by summer at various levels below $10,000, but hasn’t been more specific. After buying PSLs, how much will fans have to pay for season tickets in the new stadium? The club seats —
  13. Can someone post D. Led's AJC article on PSL update?
  14. I completely agree with you. That would've been the right way to do it.
  15. Dr. Smith, thank you for all the useful information you provided regarding the new stadium. People will eventually find out the information you gave was correct.
  16. Maybe even less for the end zone....Most of the current club seats (between the 15 yard lines) are being relocated to the lower level. The Piedmont Club level -between the 35 yard lines- will only have about 450 seats on each side. The seats on the 35 yard line and lower in the mezzanine level, will no longer be consider Club section. You could potentially upgrade to the 35 yard line. My guess, the PSL for these will run between $ 2,500 and 5,000.
  17. You are right about that...It is a very risky investment...If it comes to that, you will end up losing the money you paid for the PSL.
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